Last updated: May 25, 2019
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Our company is currently offering an excellent opportunity to invest in a private equity venture that centers on motion picture story rights. This is a tremendous opportunity to return huge returns because this particular type of film investment is removed from the volatile financial gamble found in film production investments.

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The reason that investing in a private equity fund that deals with story rights is a safe and sound investment is because unlike other film investments, the film does not need to make a great return at the box office in order for the investor to make a huge, windfall profit? “How can this be” is a question many potential investors ask and it is a fair question that finds its answer in a brief understanding of how story development financing works.

Essentially, the investment capital is used to purchase the rights to a novel, a life story, etc and then our company shops the rights to the major film studios. When the studios purchase the rights from us, our investors reap the profits of the sale of those rights. The actual production of the film is not the primary responsibility of our company and investor money is not placed in this realm.

Since the costs of operating a story rights venture are relatively low, this is an equity investment that can prove significantly profitable. As such, we implore all potential investors to give our equity fund serious consideration.