Last updated: April 11, 2019
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 Pauline’s thinking when she concluded that Mrs. Lavarez was an arthropod was applying her new knowledge of Miss Lori input to the children. Pauline begins to use symbols that represents objects.

The concept of Piaget theory was Preoperative Theory.In early age in this stage she also personifies objects. She is now better able to think about things and events that aren’t immediately present. Oriented to present, she has difficulty conceptualizing time. Her thinking is influenced by fantasy, the way she like things to be imagine. She assumes that others see situations from her viewpoint.

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Takes in information and then changes it in her mind to fit her idea.Lori taught the concept by giving visuals to the children. She conceptualize the children by giving examples and showing the children the difference of the arthropods. Lori can teach into account the children vivid fantasies and develop the sense of time in analyzing the topic. By using neutral words, body outlines and equipment a child to touch longer and gives them an active role in learning.

Lori address Pauline’s misconception by visualizing and giving her a chance to touch Mrs. Lavarez and touches the arthropods also. Lori can address the misconception more effectively by giving more examples to the children and gives time to the children to analyze the problem that was ask.Lori’s effectiveness in her lesson was very good because she made the children think easier about the topic and gives visuals that the children can see very well. She can done more effective in her topic if she gives time the children to think and gives more examples to the children and then can ask the question so the children will visualize clearly the topic and can answer her question well.Lori’s applied her characteristics of the model because her student was well in answering her questions. Even though Pauline was not sure in her answer but answer it again with the correct answer Lori’s lesson was delivered and answered correctly by her students.

Children have little capacity forinternal motivation and in Lori’s motivation, she guided and reinforced constantly.;;;She used of incentives based on principles that learning occurs efficiency when her students felt of satisfaction to their learnings.                                                                                                                                 The effectiveness of Lori’s lesson of motivation to the students is visualizing it and giving models or examples to the students so they will visual clearly the topic that it discussing. By this the students will be learning easily and can absorb the learnings in giving some visualize and models and improve the teaching of a teacher.Action Research, as i learned is to have to identify the questions so the students would not be hard to input the topic and can answer easily.

The research findings will lead to action, such as keeping or changing a teaching strategy. And clearly give the students a specific topic that can relate the student in learning a specific topic.   Research Action  is to potential to generate genuine and sustained improvements of teaching.

Exploring and testing new methods and materials to improve the teaching and to give the student more efficient way to easily absorb the topic. Action research is used for various purposes: school based curriculum development, professional development, systems planning, school restructuring, andas an evaluative tool.Reviewing the literature a background information on your question, but a brief review of secondary sources is adequate for these purposes. Plan a research strategy. Collect data is how to start with data that you already have. Analyze the date first and taking actions to based on the result. The research findings should inform the teaching decisions new strategy increases student learning, it should continue to use it in that teaching context.