Losing it In the summary, Harry Beecham, the CEO, has to decide how to deal with Katharina upon reaching Berlin and what should he do about her.Beecham, on some instance, can’t fire Katharina because of the protection she can claim from the Americans Act of 1990, yet, if she ever asks for an accommodation that the company is indebted to give according to the law, but still can’t do the job, and then the company can fire her.In situation like this, a managing director should not just ignore his employee and act without any care because he may not be affected of whatever may happen to her but instead he should act as an individual concern of how his decisions affect other people around him.

Though it may not always be good and even sounds foolish for some, we should use our heart and be kind as these things might happen to anyone. A manager should not fire an employee with such illness even if the act can be made reasonable by law. Instead, he should just convince her to take a medical leave if her presence cannot guarantee the safety of her colleagues and if she could probably give financial trouble to the company.  Beecham should also reassure his employee to get her back to the company after the triumphant treatment and notify her importance to them to eradicate the fear of unemployment in her. He should also make sure that someone is monitoring Katharina condition as she is diagnosing for the illness. When an individual in a grueling situation is treated with care and value, they develop a vast sense of loyalty not only to the company but also to those on the position.

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This action is very helpful to the company’s relationship to its employees.The company should also educate its employees regarding the symptoms of mental illnesses and how to deal with it. They should also conduct depression and stress management seminars which are very useful for surely employees encounter situation that seems unbearable for them. This way they can prevent a situation like the one they’re facing.