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Lost Names

The book I chose for this essay is Lost Names by Richard Kim. The book is basically set in the time of Japanese occupation wherein the Japanese tried to force Koreans into replacing their names with Japanese ones.

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I think another thing that the author wants to say through the book is how a family copes during those times. That in times of trouble, a family sticks together, protects and defends their own. Readers might feel a sense of loyalty and nationalism because the family in the story, though did not directly fought the Japanese, they made it clear that they were ready to fight back if any of them were harmed.

The author of the book, Richard Kim lived through the Japanese Pacific War. Although his family was part of the upper middle class of that time, his own father was sent to detention camp. According to the author, although everything in the book had happened, he denies that it is autobiographical because the interpretation of the events that actually happened was different from the character’s point of view, the emotions and the psychological state of mind. I think that the author’s intention was really to let the readers go inside the mind of the boy, to tell how things really happened during the war. The book could be a credible historical source not only because events in the book actually happened but how the character the boy shared his thoughts as he lived through those times. The boy wanted to tell the readers how he remembered the events of the Japanese occupation through his own thoughts and vivid memories of events that happened to his own family.






















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