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America has gone through high and lows as a state. but overall we overcome and grow and use our history to determine out hereafter. When John F. Kennedy died. Lyndon B.

Johnson took over as president and was at first liked and favored that he came back for a existent term after the term he took over after JFK died. He so changed. and brought many Americans to contend in Vietnam and give their lives for a Vietnamese war. and was greatly looked down upon for this. Lyndon B. Johnson politically and socially with his Great Society and changed during his clip as President of the United States of America. During the class of 1965.

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Lyndon Johnson set the phase for three old ages of statute law that completed the societal transmutation of the United States which begun thirty-three old ages earlier with Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. At the same clip. he turned a North versus South and civil war in Vietnam into an American war that had gone on for seven old ages and ended in a failure for Americans. Some people argue that Johnson’s biggest error was non seeking to win the war by doing the war bigger. Many people besides argued that the Great Society’s statute law produced chiefly waste. every bit good as fraud and maltreatment. Others say that LBJ’s function in acquiring statute law passed was merely reflecting his accomplishment of Senate political relations.

Johnson escalated American engagement in the Vietnam War. from 16. 000 American advisers or soldiers in 1963 to 550.

000 combat military personnels in early 1968. As he changed the sum of combat military personnels. American casualties ascended greatly and the peace procedure started to travel downward. The engagement stimulated a big angry antiwar motion based particularly on university campuses in the U. S. and abroad. Summer public violences broke out in most major metropoliss after 1965. and offense rates soared.

as his oppositions raised demands for “law and order” policies. The Democratic Party split in multiple groups that would feud against each other. and after Johnson did really ill in the 1968 New Hampshire primary. he ended his command for reelection. as he saw that he wouldn’t win if he tried. Republican Richard Nixon was elected to win him as the following President of the United States. Historians argue that his presidential term marked the extremum of modern liberalism in the United States after the New Deal epoch.

Johnson is ranked favourably by some historiographers because of his domestic policies. Johnson was non unfavourable to greater US military engagement. but he was merely cognizant that it would non be good liked by all people of America.He gave his support to Operation Plan 34B.

What this meant was that he would hold to directing Asiatic soldier of fortunes in to North Vietnam to transport out Acts of the Apostless of sabotage. As portion of an review. the USS Maddox was sent in to the Gulf of Tonkin to inspect North Vietnamese naval defences. The result of this was the onslaught on the ‘Maddox’ by three North Vietnamese gunman boats. Johnson was given the ground he needed to order bombing foraies on North Vietnam. As president and commander-in-chief he would hold been seen as a weak leader if he had done nil to counter this merely as both his Head of Staff and he. himself. had bargained on.

On national telecasting Johnson told the US populace “Repeated Acts of the Apostless of force against the armed forces of the United States must be met non merely with watchful defence. but with a positive answer. That answer is being given as I speak tonight. ” Johnson was liked. and received much support for his actions that he chose to make. and this is why he was liked at first and was reelected to Presidency.

Congress gave Johnson near adequate entire support for his actions. The senate supported him 88 to 2 and House of Representatives supported him 416 to 0.They besides authorized him to take whatever steps he deemed necessary against North Vietnam. In the months that came before or proceeded the 1964 presidential election. Johnson was mocked or blamed by the Republican campaigner. Barry Goldwater. for being excessively soft in his attack to North Vietnamese military. In response to these remarks by Barry Goldwater.

Johnson told the populace that he was non prepared to direct US parade 1000s of stat mis overseas to make what the South Vietnamese Army should be making this whole clip which was to protecting their ain people. Johnson won the 1964 election by a landslide. Among the huge array of measures that he got passed were wellness aid for the aged and the hapless and steps to protect the environment.

addition assistance to instruction. prohibit favoritism in lodging. and protect consumer. Johnson hoped to coerce the North Vietnamese and their Viet Cong Alliess to give up. while at the same clip avoid pulling China or the Soviet Union into the combat.He had sent 550.

000 U. S. troops to South Vietnam by 1967.

a huge addition from the 16. 000 that had been at that place when he succeeded to the presidential term in November 1963. His failure to candidly discourse how severely the war was traveling and to uncover the true costs of the struggle led to a credibleness spread with electors. He besides severely underestimated the finding of the enemy to win. The Great Society did do some historic accomplishments.

such as supplying the aged with wellness insurance through Medicare. supplying the money to trip economic development in the South. and widening civil and voting rights to African-Americans. But the impulse behind Johnson’s plans stalled under the weight of the war’s unpopularity and cost. In the terminal.

his overreaching in Vietnam and in the domestic sphere were seen by Americans as huge and expensive errors. Amid lifting antiwar protests and rebellions in his party. Johnson did non seek re-election in 1968.These determinations helped to alter the manner American society was. He changed as his presidential term has gone on.

and he shaped his policy and changed it much during his presidential term. He was greatly favored at foremost but so easy diminished on popularity by the clip it came to the 1968 presidential term. I think that he shouldn’t of sent as many military personnels to Vietnam as he did because he made many people lose their lives and made it excessively much of a undertaking that we didn’t even truly of all time win.