Mac Book AirAdvertising can have tremendous positive impact on sales if done effectively. Advertising is not successful till the time it does not appeal to the target market, which in this case is the student community. In order to make the Mac Book Air appeal to the students, one has to understand the attitude and mental makeup of the students. Two main concepts that can be used as a basis of further advertising are1. The Fat versus Thin Concept2. The Sophisticated versus Unsophisticated ConceptThese two concepts have always been used in advertisements successfully.

The first idea of fat and thin can be used to demonstrate the fact that ‘fat’ is not as desirable as ‘thin’. Pictures comparing a fat person and a thin person can be shown. Below that, pictures of a bulky laptop and Mac Book Air can be shown.

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An example of those types of pictures is shown.The pictures need to be accompanied with captions, like “It’s your choice…”Similarly, the second idea of sophisticated versus unsophisticated can be well exploited in a video that shows a person getting a complex while comparing his laptop to his friend’s Mac Book Air. The person need not even utter any words to express his feelings- the expression on his face should say it all.

The video could also show the person’s laptop covered by creepers and have the caption “Time to wake up to technology…”Once the content of the advertisement has been decided, the next area of concern would be the placement of those advertisements. The content could vary depending on the medium of advertisement. Potential areas where an advertisement could be placed are:1.

Television – television can be used as a medium for advertising the Mac Book Air for the simple reason that TV has wide reaching effects. Videos like the one discussed above can be used.2. Internet – the power of the internet has to be unleashed. Sites that students frequent need to be identified.

For instance, a site that most students have their email accounts on can be identified and advertised on. A small link could lead the person to the Apple website. However, the link placed by itself can miss the eye and will be ineffective. So, it needs to be accompanied by a picture or a video or an animated advertisement in Flash.3.

Coupon Booklets- Coupons could be given out in the areas around study centers. Coupons could also be sent out by mail. These coupons could be accompanied by a small booklet that describes the features of the laptop in easy, simple and clear way. These coupons could be individual coupons as in coupons pertaining solely to the laptop.4.

Mixed bag- This means that a mixed bag of coupons could be circulated. Instead of it being a discount off the laptop only, it could be a combination of coupons like a discount off the laptop as well as a certain percentage off the purchase made at a book store. Movie tickets could also be included.5.

Public transport-Public transport is a good way of having mobile advertisement. If the advertisement is on the exterior of a bus, may people will see it. The buses that ply in and around colleges, universities, etc should be targeted. Similarly if the advertisement is on the inside of the bus, not too many people will see it, but those who will, will get a good insight into the product.5. Food Joints- Advertising at food joints around study campuses is a big area that needs to be exploited. This is because students come to the joints either to eat or to relax. Either way they spend time there.

Advertisements can be printed on disposable tablemats and laid on the tables. The students can look at them while they wait for their order to be ready. If it is an eating joint that has takeout food, the disposable cups can be used for advertising purposes.6. Sponsoring- A number of events can be sponsored, like an essay writing competition, a caption contest, etc. The outcome would be that not only will sponsoring an event give Mac Book Air some publicity, but will also become a bone of contention for the competing individuals. While the winner gets the prize which could be anything ranging from a free Mac Book Air to a  50% discount coupon for one, there will be many others who had dreamed(while competing) of owning it , who would like to actually go ahead and realize their dream.7.

Sidewalk art- This is a trend that is catching up. Sidewalk art around college campuses could serve the purpose of advertising very well. A picture is shown below.

7. Additional services- The number of services offered with the Mac Book Air laptop could be extended specifically for the student community  for a longer duration of time. For instance, the Windows Vista edition that comes with most laptops is a free trial version that is valid for a limited time of say 60 days.

In case of the Mac, this time frame could be extended to cover a period of 3 months or so.8. Warranty concerns- These concerns warrant concern and hence need to be addressed effectively. A good way of advertising would be to announce the fact that the manufacturer’s warranty on a Mac book Air is for two years or so, double that of the warranty offered by most brands. A caption of “Be with you forever” can give the desired effect. It can increase the customer’s confidence in the product as well as the price that is being paid for it. As Warner and Buchanan state, the value of a product has to be reinforced.In order to improve the state of Mac resellers, emphasis has to be laid on a number of factors.

1.      Number and location- The number of Mac reseller stores has to be increased so as it to make the product available to a wider customer base.  The more central their location is, keeping a student campus in mind, the better it is. They should not be located towards undeveloped parts of the city which is out of the way altogether.2.      .

Salesperson selection- Salespersons or associates that are available for helping the customers need to be selected carefully. They should be friendly, helpful and should not lack in knowledge about the products. Having an ignorant person handling customer’s questions can leave many of teh customers disgruntled and unsatisfied.3.      Financial services- Better installment plans could be introduced so that the customer feels that the laptop is affordable.

Further, money-back plans or rebates could be offered.4.      Store specials- A sample of the product could be placed in a booth for people to sit and work on it to get a proper feel of it. This would allow the potential customer to examine the product peacefully and well.

5.      Sweepstakes- Sweepstakes interest people. People buying a Mac Book Air or people buying other Apple products could be entered into a sweepstakes.Works CitedRosefsky, Robert S., Personal Finance, New York, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 2001Warner, Charles and Buchman, Joseph “Media Selling: Broadcast, Cable Print, and Interactive “, Iowa, Iowa State Press, 2003Pictures from