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Macbeth Media Text Essay, Research Paper


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Media Text In

the scenes taking up to Act 5 scene 8, we see Macduff and his ground forces devising

their manner to Dunsinane, ready to contend Macbeth. On their manner to Dunsinane they

halt at Birnam wood. They cut it down and keep subdivisions above their caputs, so when

Macbeth looks out of the palace it looks like Birnam wood is coming towards the

palace. This is the first of the prognostications? Macbeth shall ne’er beat

be, until Great Birnam wood to high Dunsinane hill Shall come against him? to

come true In

Act 5 scene 8, it opens to the battlefield, in the book. In the picture, Macbeth

is on a balcony in his palace looking down at a crowd of people, who are at that place

to contend him. In the book we may acquire the thought that Macbeth is really angry and is

cheering, but in the picture it is portrayed really good, Macbeth is literally

traveling mad- Macbeth still wants to kill people so why should he decease? ? Why should

I play the Roman sap, and dice of mine ain blade? Whiles I see lives, the

cuts Do better upon them. ? At

this point Macbeth seems undaunted by the first prognostication coming true, and he

still believes in the prognostication that he can non be harmed by any adult male Born of

adult female. There is non a intimation of nervousness shown by Macbeth. When

Macduff and Macbeth begin to contend, Macbeth explains to Macduff that it is non

deserving combat because he can non be harmed by anyone born from adult female and

Macbeth is in a manner touting about it. That is until, Macduff tells Macbeth how

he was born prematurely and was delivered through a cesarean delivery, so Macduff was

non considered to be born of adult female. On hearing this Macbeth is stunned and it

is like a bomb has been dropped, it is a really intense minute, possibly the most

intense minute throughout the whole of the drama and I think Shakespeare did a

superb occupation in portraying this across to the audience. It is non merely because

Macbeth has found out the truth about Macduff, but he has besides realised that

the enchantresss had merely been playing with his head the whole clip and he has

realised what they have done to his life. This is really dramatic and we can

about experience the silence that comes after Macduff tells Macbeth. After

this Macbeth is disheartened and refuses to contend, until Macduff calls him a

coward and tells him he will be the spectacle of the age? Then output thee,

coward And unrecorded to be the show and regard O? Thursday? time. ? At

this, Macbeth changes his head? Yet I will seek the last? . The

stoping of the scene is non really dramatic, we are merely told that Macbeth is

slain, Shakespeare did non desire to do the killing any more dramatic, I

suppose because it is already a dramatic scene and he does non

demand to underscore

on the violent death of Macbeth. In

the book, Act 5 scene 8 is a dramatic scene, but we have to utilize our

imaginativeness, whereas in the picture we have a clearer image of what happened,

although it is somewhat different to the book. The accomplished

signifier of Macbeth that I watched was the Polanski movie. It was rather similar to

the book, and it was directed in close mention to the book. In the

picture, from the really start of the scene we can see Macbeth shouting and

shouting at the crowd, demoing his lunacy. When

Macduff enters there is complete silence, I think this is appropriate and

Shakespeare would hold approved of this, as it is the meeting of the two

challengers. After

a brief conversation they begin to contend. Macbeth has the chance to kill

Macduff but feels a pang of guilt? my psyche is excessively much charged with blood of

thine already? . I think this is a unusual turn because I thought Macbeth would

hold killed Macduff at the first chance he got, it would non hold been in

co-ordinance with the prognostications though. ? When they start contending Macbeth Tells

Macduff about the prognostication that? none of adult female born Shall injury Macbeth? . When Macduff

answers we see the fright in Macbeths face, and we see the flashbacks from the

clip when Macbeth was with the enchantresss and the phantoms were revealed to him,

this is rather good because in the book we have to utilize our imaginativeness for this.


this Macbeth doesn? t show much fright but in the book it is portrayed that

Macbeth is really afraid, whereas in the picture, he starts to contend once more more

rapidly, and does non demo fright. During the battle we can see that Macbeth and

Macduff are equally matched. As they

are contending Macbeth holds on to his Crown, as if it was the exclusive finding

of his being male monarch. Then

during a tense minute Macduff puts his blade under Macbeths arm through to his

thorax. Then there is a dramatic minute with chilling, eerie music as Macbeth

staggers up the stairss to the balcony and as Macduff goes of after him and chops

Macbeths caput of. ? Macbeths caput is so mounted on a pole and

carried around like in the 3rd prognostication. I think

this scene was acted out good and it was directed really good, there were good

particular effects used and it turned out to be really realistic. I liked this scene

and I think that it is better in the accomplished signifier, due to the particular effects

used. ? Macbeths caput is so mounted on a pole and

held above the crowds. I think it made a more dramatic stoping to the scene and I

believe it was appropriate for the picture, as you would hold had to hold a vivid

imaginativeness to conceive of something like that from reading it in the book. ? ? ?