Last updated: June 12, 2019
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I am working for a government company at the moment and my best asset is my four years of professional work which was spent two (2) years in a bank headquarters managing risks and customers money and two (2) more years to a state petroleum company in which I had a broad experience in cash management.  My equivalent of ten (10) years professional experience in my field is very diverse and interesting of which I would like to share these expertise I acquired with the future classmates and professors that I would meet in your business school Integrated MAcc MBA program.

I am a project oriented person and has the ability to finish on time even on big and complicated projects.  I owe it to my inherent capability of thinking analytically.  I could say that  my success has something to do with my capacity to invent or create original ideas.  I have been awarded in 2004 by Bank Asya on this aspect.

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My fruitful work experiences paved the way to lead many projects.  It is wisdom and my aspirations which fuel me to reach my goal and at the same time learn from experiences on how to improve my organization and technical skill. I also developed my understanding to reached out to the many points of view of other people. These strenghts that I made mention can still be polished and improved upon attending to your program.

My weakness lies on my lack of intuitiveness in which made me decide to go for further studies.  Besides, I would like to gain further confidence in improving my skills on audit and assurance and have it perfected by your training.  I believe your school would radically improve my capacity to anticipate or foresee problems of the future.  Impatience is also a trait I think I must irradicate or may be something I could put into good use.

With all of the above, I am deeply convince that I will advance to a greater knowledge with your integrated business management course in Master in Accountancy.  The learning I will gain from your school will surely aide my next business decision to a success and mutual effectiveness.

Given my background and pertinent papers forwarded to your office, I am optimistic of having admitted to the course.  Thank you very much.


Respectfully yours,