Machiavelli Essay, Research PaperMachiavelliThe Prince& # 8220 ; The Prince & # 8221 ; , written by Machiavelli, was a usher for all the swayers of his clip who wanted to go major powers and to happen all the solutions to their political jobs. In his book, Machiavelli mentions a great sum of cardinal points that guide swayers to the route of success. One of the cardinal facets that Machiavelli negotiations about is fate and how it effects the determinations of a swayer. The undermentioned paragraphs will discourse how human personal businesss are governed by destiny, and how destiny can be contested.During Machiavelli & # 8217 ; s clip, it was normally thought that events were ruled by destiny and by God merely. Not merely that, but work forces could make nil to halt or protect themselves from those events. Machiavelli did believe in destiny, but he did non believe in the fact the destiny controlled all events that occurred to mankind.

If that were so so princes would govern by opportunity. This is proven when Machiavelli states & # 8221 ; I am non incognizant that many have held and keep the sentiment that the events are controlled by luck? cause of this, they would reason that there is no point in sudating over things, but that one should subject to the opinions of chance. & # 8221 ; ( Machiavelli, pg.79 ) Machiavelli argued that destiny controlled one half a individual & # 8217 ; s life but the other half was governed by the people themselves. Machiavelli strongly suggests that princes are fortunate when destiny and clip are in harmoniousness with their processs, but things fall apart when things begin to alter and the princes do non try to accommodate to the alterations.

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Machiavelli uses Pope Julius II who was ever unprompted with his bids and succeeded in obtaining what no other Catholic Pope obtained. Theground for this is because times and determinations were invariably altering and he adapted those alterations to his processs. Machiavelli quotes “Pope Julius II was hotheaded in everything ; and he found the clip and fortunes so favourable to his manner of continuing that he ever met with success.” ( Machiavelli. Pg 81. )Machiavelli Concludes that luck is like a adult females, and to maintain her suppressed it is necessary to crush her and battle with her. This is revealed when Machiavelli declares & # 8221 ; ? that it is better to be hotheaded than circumspect ; because luck is a adult females and if she is to be submissive it is necessary to crush and hale her. & # 8221 ; ( Machiavelli.

Pg. 82 )Machiavelli has some really convincing points when it comes to destine and how it could be opposed. I agree with the fact that non all things are caused because of destiny or luck and that people can alter the things if they put their heads to it. However, I disagree when Machiavelli states that its better to be hotheaded than it is to believe calmly about the state of affairs. I strongly believe that if determinations are to be made, they should be made with utmost cautiousness and non in a headlong mode. Particularly if a swayer is covering with political relations and issues that would impact a state.

Furthermore, I find a major defect in Machiavelli & # 8217 ; s comparing with destiny and adult females. Think of the relationship between a adult male and a adult female as a prince & # 8217 ; s relationship with himself and the thrown. If a adult male treats a adult female with love, attention, and is non rash with his determinations so they could stop up holding a long lasting relationship. However, if a adult male decides to make something with out calmly believing about the effects, like holding an matter, so he can free the relationship.