IntroductionAn independent investor, as a better job of investing on her/his own, without paying all financial bills on the expenses of the business, and the expansion of the business field.

The investor is smart as any advisor and can trade on line and be in control of his/her financial destiny. In an independent investor usually boost a person to more than a goal an investor can predict, because as an independence investor you have to work hard to your level best without interruption from any authority or individual regulation to the limitation of your work performance. Therefore, the emotion of investing: fear and greed’s can wreak havoc on the portfolios of even the most disciplined independent investor. Most investor also needs more education and training to weigh risks and make wise investment choices. As an independent investor don’t let some of things to be missing on your investment process because this things can degrade your investment goals, therefore don’t risk on tolerance and time horizons. Some independent investors ask themselves is it best using of any time to invest on your own? Yes, because it is better to spend this times on your profession to make more money, and spend less time each day studying charts and research in your computer a more time with your family.Most of Americans independent investors invest in mutual funds; this is good to invest in some fund as far as you studied the reputable sources of the company. This mutual fund companies can help the independent investor to be stable financially in the future.

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It is advice able that before starting with the fee issues with mutual funds, it is important to recognize that there are some fine mutual funds that have demonstrated consistent performance and has a solid management over period of time and has a consistent value-oriented philosophy and record and offers quality service.Working in (USVP) companyUS venture partners is a company which deals with investment interest includes components such as life sciences, software, devices, and systems, whereby the current area of focus includes software as a service, semi conducts, wireless data, networking solution for storages, the internet version 2.0, new drugs with profound social benefits and biomedical devices. The company history is that it has a span of four generations of high technology venture investing, where the gender perspective on business cycles, is market trend. The company has more than 100 years of experiences whereby it has fully operational experience in continent and also on global recognized.

The company’s goals are to help entrepreneur build great companies. It delivers quarter-to-quarter financial performance and establishes sustainable leadership in its market segment. The company believes on honesty and integrity, teamwork, the disruption power of innovation, discipline execution and frugality. (Investment Company institutes US. 2004).

ConclusionYesil as an independent investor should be focused on improving its financial affairs by having her own financial planner because she is so dependent and free to make choices and has much potential time to weigh regulation risks against the performance on her investment. Yesil should remain into her own investment company, because as investor she will control all her financial benefits, while in venture partner company she will not enjoy any financial up come because all, the financial should be handled by the company so that for the company to invest, is only that Yesil will enjoy small benefits and allowance of the job but she will not grow on financially category. Yesil as to realize that to be independent investor, she has all the opportunity to fulfill her goals, if she put more time on his investment Therefore, Yesil has to continue with her investment company and prosper with focus of enhancing her companies target. The USVP is a company that also invests from other small firms and helping that small entrepreneur to grow in financial. Yesil should invest into her own investment company so as to grow financially and fulfill its personal goals.                    ReferenceInvestment Company institutes US.

(2004). Mutual fund fact book. Investment co Inst.