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MAGLEV Essay, Research Paper


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Magnetically levitated land transit, or & # 8220 ; magnetic levitation, & # 8221 ; is an advanced manner of

surface high velocity transit whereby a vehicle gliding above a usher path is

suspended, guided, and propelled by magnetic forces. Because they ne’er touch the usher

path doing clash, maglev vehicles can be designed to go at highly high velocities,

500 kilometres per hr ( 300 stat mis per hr ) , or more!

Americans traveled 3.2 trillion rider kilometres ( 2 trillion rider stat mis ) by

auto, truck, coach, and public theodolite, and 9.8 billion rider kilometres ( 6.1 billion

rider stat mis ) on Amtrak. As populations have grown the traditional systems have

become stressed. Congestion on main roads and at airdromes non merely wastes clip and fuel

and increases pollution, but constrains mobility to the extent that economic growing and

productiveness are adversely affected.

Increased demand. Between 1980 and 1990, with deregulating and consumer

demand for fast inner-city travel taking to take down air hose menus, commercial air traffic has

increased by 56 per centum. Adding to the congestion and hold is increased commuter and

regional air traffic. Those short distance flights take valuable set downing slots that could be

used for larger planes on more profitable, longer flights. With the magnetic levitation vehicles the

shorter trips excepting entree clip can be cut a batch. With a survey of 16 major corridors of

travel, less than 300 stat mis in length, they studied how good the magnetic levitation vehicles could assist,

and in 10 out of the 16 the clip could be cut at least somewhat. Besides the cost of a magnetic levitation

trip will be less so that even with the longer trips where the magnetic levitation vehicles don & # 8217 ; t have the

clip advantage they will hold the cost advantage.

Because land is dearly-won and scarce, adding more main road lanes and constructing new

airdromes in or near our larger metropoliss is going progressively hard. For illustration, adding

new main road capacity in urban countries typically costs more than $ 15 million per land stat mi,

and a new Denver airdrome is estimated to be $ 3 to 4 billion.

Current transit engineerings are petroleum dependant, accounting for 64

per centum of entire crude oil

usage. Without transit options that cut down crude oil

dependence, transit related crude oil usage is expected to stay high & # 8211 ; 36 per centum

above our ain US crude oil production, so we will hold to acquire the oil from other

states which will raise revenue enhancements on oil imports, perchance making national security


High velocity land transit systems are capable of nearing the velocity of

aeroplane flight while offering some of the flexibleness of the car, such systems can

provide added capacity in dense corridors around the universe. Because of its really high

velocity, it will be more likely to pull average distance air travellers and main road drivers

than high velocity rail.

Electrically powered, magnetic levitation will be virtually independent of crude oil based fuels

diminishing our demand for foreign oil merchandises. Maglev webs will assist diminish air

pollution and decrease US dependance on foreign oil. Besides, maglev systems will complement

bing transit systems-by decreasing the air traffic, main road traffic go forthing the

excess paths free for concerns to utilize.

The American authorities has already put one million millions of dollars into the magnetic levitation

undertakings and paradigms. I believe that we should merely travel in front and pass a small spot more

and work with the states like Japan and Germany and construct a magnetic levitation conveyance device

for America. I believe with the programs to run magnetic levitation paths along to a great extent traveled

main roads and along extremely traveled air corridors. This will cut back the congestion of the

airdromes doing less of them to be made at a big cost to America.

One of the jobs that we found was a low frequence busyness caused by the

maglev vehicles running along the paths. Which has non been proven. It is describes by

the listeners near the paths in New Mexico as a low frequence busyness that annoys them late

at dark when the air is still. Another is the cost many people think there is no ground to

pass so much money on something that may non even take off in the American public nut

at that place have been unpublished studies of people inquiring if they would exchange to maglev

transit if I was easier and will be less than conventional travel methods that we

hold today.