Last updated: July 16, 2019
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The word radical as defined by the freedictionary.

com as favoring or effecting fundamental or revolutionary changes in current practices, conditions, and institutions, or departing markedly from the usual or customary, extreme. And the word nationalism is defined as The belief that nations will benefit from acting independently rather than collectively, emphasizing national rather than international goals.   Mahatma Gandhi “ The Man of the Millennium” and India’s “Father of the Nation”,  gave India a part of the world.

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Because of his great influence he was able to move other people’s belief and was able to lave a great impact in the lives of many people if not the whole world. He did not just write about his views and his opinions about certain issues that concern him and the people around him, but he lived the his life the way he wanted it to be. He was a radical but he stirred and awakened the emotions of his people through his ideals and his stand as an individual.His uneventful experiences when he was in South Africa where he experienced racism and prejudice was an eye opener for  him, he questioned his’ people’s status and his own place in the society.    It was a realization that to have equal standing in the society an individual should show one’s capability and one’s that that one could somehow give something and could offer something to be someone and to accept the responsibilities that associate this equality in the society. It may sound very simple and very basic but this kind of idealism holds a very complex and vital point in one’s position in the society. He was very effective in the call for this equality in the society for he was doing the proper way and he served as the example for people to follow and people to look upon. He lived a very noble life, there was no room for inconsistencies in his life for he was a real person in what he says and  what he do.

He was very effective because the people during that time found and have opened their eyes to the truth and have also awakened in themselves the ideas and the passion of Gandhi.Gandhi emphasized the need for social reform before demanding independence. Of course it was a really realistic move for Gandhi, because he saw that through social reform people will be able to slowly try to live with out the outsiders or the foreign rulers. Through this Gandhi was able to stir and have awakened the self-reliance of the people and their capacity to stand for themselves and function as independents rather than dependency to outsiders.“If we take care of today, God will take care of the morrow” – Mahatma Gandhi.“ A nation that is capable of limitless sacrifice is capable of rising to limitless heights. The purer the sacrifice, the quicker the progress”- Mahatma Gandhi.

These were the words that he used to encourage and cause the people to move on and make reforms and support his cause and follow him.His move did not only empowered the poor, the farmers, the abused, the restless but also the women during his time. Men and women have worked hand in hand to help each other and encourage each other to attain their goals and reap good and positive results which what both parties needed and eventually empower other people in their society.  Gandhi was even instrumental to empower a great heroine and other great women revolutionaries .

It was a move that have called for everyone to rise up peacefully and demand for the reforms which would be very beneficial to all of the Indian population and the world as a whole. He brought about lots of change which caused them to experience something new and something wonderful that they were not realized they were capable of achieving without out the leadership of Gandhi.It is time that we realize that it is not India that Gandhi have influenced but the whole world with his way of life. He dedicated his life to know the truth and have made everything possible to learn from his mistakes, “God is truth”.Another way of life is nonviolence, per abhor violence and was saddened with the deaths that have caused people from wanting to get the freedom and the reform that they wanted to achieve.Though he stayed away from his family he still practiced vegetarianism and have vowed to his mother that he will still do so even when he is already in foreign lands, a promise he kept and which made him more connected to his religion as a Hindu.

When he was in South Africa re renounced the western lifestyle and remained simple in his ways for it is through simplicity that he was able to connect and be able to serve his people and be able to keep in mind the responsibilities that was in store for him in the future.He also showed his great faith in God and his religion and believed all religions are all equal and rejected all efforts to convert him to a different religion.He was a person worthy of all the good things that he has to offer as an inspiration to his people as a  role model.He lived his life and sacrificed so mush so that he may reach his goals and to touch other peoples lives and to be effective inspiration. He have attained great heights and have empowered people to achieve and have given them the picture of the whole truth that if they just unite and just do their part in this endeavor they will achieve their goals and they will reap good results from their sacrifices. His wise words have served people to discover many things that they were not aware they were capable of doing and there were capable of having and impact and  to experience change that will benefit lots and lots of people and thus will bring about improvement and happiness among the people that Gandhi gave his life.

Gandhi’s life was a legacy, a legacy that will last until the end of the time and the days are over in this world for we have ben tuaght and have ben enlightened through his life, a life of love, truth, simplicity and a life of service. On these days the new generation it is very hard to find a person like Mahatma Gandhi, nothing will ever come close to him for he is one and no one can match the efforsts and the sacrifices he has made for his people and for the whole world.