MAJOREQUIPMENTS1) CONTROL PANEL  USE DIGITAL ANDSEPARATE CONTROL PANEL               FIGURE 1 ·        Usedigital control panel because it automatically calculate the mAs.·        Use aseparate control panel to prevent x-ray being released in the wrong roombecause in case of an emergency mistake is easily done due to the chaoticsituation.·        Radiographersalso can work faster because they can make projection without waiting another roomuse the control panel to settle their projection ·        Thecontrol panel should also have a telecom to facilitate the instructions to thepatient when the door is closed.  2)GENERATOR USE FALLING-LOAD GENERATOR ·        UseFalling-Load Generator because it usually are specially designed high-frequencygenerators.

They begin the exposure with high amperage and then allowing it tofall during exposure. It also permit greater use of the acceptable tube limits.·        A fallingload generator also utilizes the tube’s loading potential to a much greaterextent than the constant-potential generator.  23) ANODE USE ROTATING ANODE X-RAY TUBE                                 Figure 2·        Inthe case of a rotating anode tube, the heat of the incoming cathode beam isscatter evenly across the entire surface of the anode as it rotates.

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Thisenables radiographers use rotating anode to perform longer scans and at higherdoses·        Ifradiographer intend to perform longer scans like run-offs or cross laterals, orscans requiring higher dose for larger patients, radiographer will be sending alot more electricity into the cathode and a lot more heat to the anode. In thissituation, the superior heat dispersal of the rotating anode will serve well. 4) COLLIMATOR·        Must usecollimator to permits an infinite number of field sizes. It also providing alight source for radiographer  as an aidin properly placing the tube and central ray.·        with thecollimator image quality can be improved and patients dose can be minimized                                           i.           Must haveshutters to regulate the field size.

Bottom shutters reduce penumbra alongperiphery of beam because of their greater distance from the focal spot. Uppershutters of collimater help in reducing the amount of off-focus radiationreaching the image receptor by absorbing this radiation before it exits thetube.                                          ii.           Collimatormust have laser line to center the tube with the center of bucky35) PROTECTIVE HOUSING·        Composedof cast steel and is capable of absorbing most of the unwanted photons.

·        Linedwith lead for additional absorption at the cathode end.·        Havewindow to permit unrestricted exit for the useful photons from the envelopewindow. 6) RADIOGRAPIC TUBESTAND OVERHEAD TUBESTAND                                  Figure 3·        Mustprovide high performance, versatility and durability when performing varioustypes of examinations·        Mustfreestanding, overhead tube version must have horizontal and vertical movements·        Have anelectromagnetic locking and dual rope counterbalancing system for preciseexposure positioning, maximum stability and safety for both the radiographerand the patient.·        Have”easy-glide” design. With minimal effort, radiographers can easily position thetubestand .

   47) TABLE BUCKY·        Heavy-duty, compact, space-saving design provides exceptionalversatility and allows for installations in small x-ray rooms·        Thetabletop material  low absorption reducesexposure dose rate while the small skin-film distance permits precise lowmagnification film studies.·        Havestandard side rails support a wide variety of accessories.·        The largetable, easy-to-clean tabletop and supports up to 500 lbs (230 kg) while precisionbearing system ensures effortless patient positioning.                               i.           cansupport overweight patients                             ii.

           fastercleaning after checking on bleeding, vomiting or accidentally releasing filthpatient                           iii.           facilitatingthe radiographer to positioning the patient 8) ERECT BUCKY·        Must madeout ferrous metal or non ferrous alloy to reduces the effect of scatteredradiation from reaching the receptor ( filteration)·        Vibrategrid inside the bucky to avoid the presence of grid lines on the image.