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Major and Career

The profession of teaching is one that fascinates a lot of people. It entails a lot of hard work, patience, and constant learning. A person who wants to enter the teaching profession should be responsible and open to new ideas, suggestions, and changes. Becoming a teacher does not end after the degree is received. New lessons are learned everyday, be it from a textbook, new researches, or the students themselves.

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At times, the realization of wanting to practice this career comes from nowhere. Many times though, outside factors play a great role when a student decides to take up education. A student might have been influenced by a certain professor. The challenges and benefits can make a person decide to teach education. There are also those who love working with kids and the thought of being a part of the development of a child is enough to become a teacher.

There are a lot of work associated to this profession including teacher assistants, education administrators, and professors or teachers. A teacher can also major in adult literacy and remedial and self-enrichment education, postsecondary education, preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle and secondary education, or self-enrichment education. I personally prefer to practice teaching in the elementary department because I want to be a part of the growing years of these children. I believe that this is the stage where I can make an impact to them and help them become better persons and citizens of the country. “The importance of primary education and its enhanced image has become more firmly established” over the past centuries due to the broad range of ideas and topics it tackles (Richards & Taylor, 1998, p. 14).

As stated earlier, this profession offers a variety of jobs to choose from. One example of this is to become an Education Administrator, Principal or Director. Activities for the school, university, or day care centers are being managed by these people, and they are also involved in instructional leadership (Career Overview, “Education Administration, Director, and Principal Careers, Jobs, and Employment”). Because a person who has taken up education as a degree is already related to this job, he or she only needs to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree
for a career in education administration. There will be an increase in the demand for education administration since this is one of the few professions that will not go anywhere. As well, the employment projections through the year 2012 show that the market for education administrators is growing faster (Career Overview, “Education Administration, Director, and Principal Careers, Jobs, and Employment”). In 2002, the median salary of an education administration at the elementary and secondary school levels is $71,490 for the whole year (Career Overview, “Education Administration, Director, and Principal Careers, Jobs, and Employment”).

Another career in this profession would be a post secondary teacher. These people make up the faculty of universities and colleges around the world. Those who have doctoral degrees are usually preferred in four year colleges and universities for full time positions but they can also consider those who have masteral degrees or doctoral candidates in other areas or for part-time or temporary positions. Job opportunities for this career would be growing faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2014 (, “Career Information”). This is due to the fact that the number of students going to college are also growing. In May 2004, the median earnings for all postsecondary professors were $51,800 (, “Career Information”).

My top choice for a career in education would be to become an elementary teacher. I think that elementary teachers play a great role in the development and contribute a lot in the learning skills of every child. It might seem a little handful considering the fact that kids are hard to manage, but this obstacle would seem very small compared to the satisfaction of knowing that another human being has learned new things from me. To practice teaching at the elementary level in public school, a licensed is required, while private schools do not require licenses (, “Career Information”). Because this it the basic level of education, the fact that elementary school teachers continues to be in demand is not surprising. In May 2004, the median annual earnings of kindergarten, elementary, middle, and secondary school teachers varied from $41,400 to $45,920 (, “Career Information”).

To become these kinds of teachers, hard work, perseverance, and patience are important. It is not a joke to teach, whatever level a person might be at. As with any other job, passion is needed to succeed. Without this, a person might not see what his or her purpose is. Therefore, an individual should thoroughly think if he or she wants to be engaged in teaching because it is not only his or her future that is at stake but also the future of the children being taught. A teacher should never be selfish and should always be mindful of his or her students.

Why do I want a career in education and teaching? The answer is simple. I want to share my knowledge with these children. I want to become a part of their growing process. I want to contribute to their development and make an impact to their lives. I want these children to realize the importance of education.

Teaching is a very humbling experience. A teacher gives and shares without expecting anything in return from the students. These students come and go to become the most successful people in the world and it is all because of their great teachers and professors. Teachers do not expect their students to come back and recognize what they have done. It is the feeling that a person has succeeded and became the best in what he or she does that matters. This shows that, in a way, teaching is similar to parenting.

In entering this profession, I believe that I should be prepared to handle all kinds of situations. I should be able to know how to impart the message I want to bring to the students. I should learn how to teach effectively where my students can remember what they have been taught. All of these can be acquired through a great teacher and education. With the help of my teachers at this time and the professors that I would be encountering in the future, I will become a great teacher just like them.

I can point out different other reasons why I chose this career but the reason can only be that I have the passion and drive to teach. Although these things are not enough to make me a teacher, they are enough to make me want to become a teacher.


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