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Re: major educational issuesTo my highly esteem president to be, whom numerous citizens have put much hope and faith for their future live, I would first like to congratulate for your shear effort you have invested in your campaigns. It has come out that you are one of most focussed president of the United States.

I and the others citizens of the state have much to say about you for their future. You have been so much convincing and you have promised us much to us as citizens. This comprises of better health facilities, security improvements, affordable education and many more others. We are therefore very much enthusiastic with the kind of good work you have already demonstrated in the rank of a senator. However, there are a few issues which are arising concerned with the ministry of education which needs your attention as you prepare to come to power in the next few months to come.United States has for a long period supported the education setting in all of its existing individual states. It has vested much interest in promoting educational progressions within its boundaries of the region.

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Furthermore, it has extended the same support to the friendly students in other countries from near and far continents, like Asia and Africa continents. This is very significant step in creating close and better relationship with other states all over the world. This is because there an individual who can claim as an independent one and hence does not need any out assistance. But there is some challenging which remains significant as we continue to extend our benevolence to others. (Anderson, 2005)The challenges here involve the improvement which should be made in our educational systems to cater for our children studies. This remains as one of the major challenge as we have got unequal access to education due to a number of factors. These factors are class sizes, school choice and desegregations.

As we focus to achieve the millennium goals class size have currently seen it as a barrier to achieving the target. Many classes have been reduced to accommodate as few students as twenty. This has altered the number of students who can be enrolled each particular stream of the classes. As a result of this alteration, some students are remaining in their home without any single option to turn to. This is going to increase the number of illiterate people within the states. I therefore urge you to take note on this that the people need to be addressed on a positive manner about this issue.

  The citizens are in needs to have either many more schools to be set put to encounter the increase desire to get their children educated. This is because education is the back bone to success for each and every family. In addition, it will be a significant step to check the high drop out and repetition rates which might have resulted from the quality of teaching.  You should set up qualified teaching staff which will offer quality education with even assessment and accountability. (Petrow, 2007)Apart from the class size issue, the people are complaining on the problem arising due to school admission.

As the head of the states, I do write to plea to for the citizens to find a better solution on the poor present criteria being employed in the admission of students in some school. It has been discovered that the admission criteria being used many ways is discriminating students from particular family back grounds. I therefore suggest that this will be one of the first agenda to be introduced in your opening parliament.

The impact is immeasurable as the current issues address them. (Emanuela, 2006)Thirdly, the eminent issue lies in the desegregation of people. Although people from all parts of the world visit the region of United States, it is vivid that the social interactions have not taken the rightful direction to eliminate the discrimination of people by their skin colour. The settlement in the United States can testify this. People are now settled in different parts according to their races. This is why some of the presidential candidates are destine in making their campaigns in one area than another. The reason is the fact he will be received with much respect and can then attract a greater support team than in the other parts. Moreover, the luxurious schools and colleges as well as resting places are also divided in the same manner.

May this be checked for the betterment of our living and future generations. (Petrow, 2007)It is therefore my wish that this letters will provide you with fundamental information which will enable you focus on solving the above education problems as you come to power.Yours faithfully,(Signature)………… Reference:Anderson, B (2005): improving America’s school quality: Harvard UniversityEmanuela, G. (2006): meeting the challenges of secondary education in America.

Petrow, J. (2007): raising student learning in America in the challenge for 21st century:Washington