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Majority Rule, Minority Rights


Majority are those who belong in big group of people, who mostly have good and high level of living in the society, have good economic standing and have strong connection with the authority. On the contrary, minority is in small group either ethnicity, religion or beliefs that belong to a particular society that is outnumbered by the big group being in the community as a whole. The concepts of majority rule and minority rights are the basis of our free governmental system. We voted for our representative and with the most number of votes will act as the representative for the majority. On the other hand while minority, they still retain their basic rights and expects the majority to illustrate concern for those rights as well. Minority has the right to speak up and heard by the government as part and as a citizen of the society.

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They may not be in the majority; but they have the right to take part on every issue. The framers of the constitution insisted that an oblique democracy would be the best tool to ensure that the will of the people would be carried out and that minority would still maintain their basic right to free speech and assembly throughout the constitution, which is in Bill of Rights especially Amendments I. Article I, II, and III of the constitution; the framers lay out all the duties of legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Each branch has its specific set of obligations. For instance, the judicial interprets law, while the legislative makes the law.  This is an example of the balance power enacted to keep things fair and efficient. Like in majority and minority rule concept that other party cannot act and make decisions without considering the side of the minority.




Civil rights Act of 1957 that was proposed by President Dwight Eisenhower, gives the right of every individual to vote. This was the first civil rights legislation in the U.S. This right gives minority the freedom to cast their voice through choosing the one they preferred to act on their behalf. They are given free fair treatment as the majority experienced in voting and this is now being exercised throughout the country. The concept of majority rule with respect for minority rights plays and important attitude toward government. Because it assures that no political power ever be more superior that the other. It make certain that while the majority has the apparent power the will of the minority will also be measured. Example of this is gun control, while majority has the will to acquire firearms; the law also makes action with respect for the rights of minority to feel safe and free. Another issue is same-sex marriage. Majority feels that same-sex marriages should not be permitted in the United States. Nevertheless in respect to the minority, that same-sex marriages should be legalized. The concept of majority rule with respect to minority rights is to compromise where both party should have an agreement on a particular issue. Without this, our government will have a never-ending battle of opinions on which thing to do or so. Compromise is the only word that led our government on its efficiency today.












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