A Difficult Decision 2 Abstract This Essay will discuss, the history and all research I did online and in different books about Alzheimer’s Disease. Plus some facts that I have recently found on new Drugs and Nano Bio-Technology. Also a new Article that supports a theory of mine that I have had for years. The most difficult decision that I ever had to, was to except that my dad had Alzheimer’s and put him in a Nursing Home. A Difficult Decision 3 Making the Most Difficult Decision of My Life This started back the fall of 1996, I started noticing dad forgetting a lot of simple things and getting upset & argue about them too.

He thought people were moving things on him to make him go crazy. In fact he actually put them there and forgot he had done it himself. My wife and I worked in a Nursing Home, she was full time and I was part time. So We were able to pick up on the symptoms, quicker than everyone else did. Still didn’t make it easier, cause my dad and I were very close, as close as a Father and son could be. I was the only child that he was able to raise from a gleam in his eye to adulthood. So there was a lot jealously between my brothers and sister, and my friends too, cause they thought I had the cool dad.

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They wished their dads did stuff with them, like my dad did with me. When, we came to the conclusion, that he had the early signs or symptoms of Alzheimer’s. I started to do a lot research on “A. D” , both online articles and different books too. The first book I bought was Alzheimer’s & Dementia for dummies. It had a lot helpful information in it, like the all the signs for each stage of “A. D”. What I liked the most about the book, was that it explained everything about it. In words that anyone could understand and not a lot of big science medical words.

That you’re going, what in the world does that mean . While doing some research for this essay, to update my facts that I have on it. I found article On Bloomberg. com / Alzheimer’s – disease, that backed a theory of mine, with actual facts. I was so excited , to see this, because I was told in my early research on “A. D”, that the doctor I asked the question. Could “A. D” be passed on down from through DNA from a Mother or Father to their children. The time I asked question, there wasn’t a lot research on that, and the Doctor said he didn’t think there was any connection.

My reasoning for this, was my grandma, my dad’s mom, died from it, back when she died from it, was called Dementia. Also as all of his brother and sisters have died from it, except one A Difficult Decision 4 sister, my Aunt Gertie, she died fairly young of a massive heart attack. So that’s why I thought it can be passed from one generation to another. Most people now days, either have a family member or knows someone with a family member that has it. Taking several years, for me to accept that yes he really does have it.

Always just hoping that he was a little forgetful, due to his age. Here are the stages and symptoms of it , so who ever reads this essay, they will be to pick up on a family member that may starts showing signs of “ A. D”. Mild/Early, Duration 2 to 4 years: frequent recent memory loss, especially with recent conversations and events. Repeating questions, problems with expressing and understanding language. Mild problems with writing and using objects become difficult. Depression and apathy can occur with mood swings. Needing reminders for daily routines and a hard time driving.

Moderate/Middle, Duration 2 to 10 years: Can no longer cover up problems, with memory loss, can’t recognize some friends and family members. Rambling speech and a lot of confusion with events, time, and time. Problems sleeping and changes in mood, which can be aggravated stress or change. Needing structure, reminders, and assistances with daily actives. Severe/Late, Duration 1 to3+ years: Confused about the past and present. Loss the ability to remember, communicate, or process information. Unable to take of their self, Falls possible and immobility likely. Problems with swallowing, incontinence, and illness.

Extreme problems with mood, behavior, hallucinations, and delirium. In this stage they will need around the clock intensive support and care. Up until September of 2007, between my wife Kaye, my mom and I, we kept him at their, house. While my mom was at work, we would go check on him , to make sure, everything was alright and made sure he took all of his pills, and ate a good meal. As his mood swings got more violent, I had to remove all of his guns from the house, in fear he A Difficult Decision 5 would shoot someone, especially my mom, when he would go into one of his fits of rage over something simple.

We even had to disable his truck , and hide or take his keys too. One the scariest moments for me was, I just got to work, sitting out in my truck relaxing. I saw my dad drive by, several times, so I waited until he drove by again , and stopped him. I asked what he was doing, he was looking for the local lawn mower shop. I told him to wait, and ran inside and told my boss what was going on, my boss told me, don’t worry about anything except getting my dad home safely. So I had him follow me to the lawn mower shop then straight home.

I had a seriously hard time that night trying to get my work done, kept thinking what he done, and he could of got in a accident as well. What led up to the final decision, to put him in a Nursing Home, was my mom, couldn’t take the abuse any longer, when he would go into one of his rages. Found out later mom had been putting up with it, for some time. That day I will never forget, because we had to trick him into staying at the Nursing Home. We told him that they wanted to run some tests and he was staying with his best friend Wayne Brooks, that was already there with the same Disease.

Before we could leave, they had to give him a shot, to relax him, and while one of the nurses, distracted him. We had to slip out the door, like teenager’s slipping out to go do something with their friends. When we got to my mom’s Explorer and got down the street, I starting crying too, because I lied to my dad, about putting him in there, but I knew in the long run, its was the best for him and everyone else. Last weekend Kaye and I went up to see him, and he knew who I was, but had no idea, who Kaye was.

She cried about it later, because He gave her away at our Wedding, and that was about 20 years ago, plus seeing him very weak, and having to walk with walker, about made me cry too. A Difficult Decision 6 Hopefully when I get that old, they will have a cure for it, because I have read they have several new medicines, that look very promising , and their working with Nano Bio-Technology, That helps regenerate nerve cells. I know it’s way too late for my dad, sad to say. But hopefully they will be able to save or slow the effect of it, so family members can have longer good quality time with the love ones that have Alzheimer’s Disease.

In closing, I think Alzheimer’s, is worst way to die, not only for the one that has it, for all the friends and family too. I truly hate this Disease ! Because it took The Man, The Father, and my Fishing, Hunting, & Beer drinking Buddy away from ME ! This essay has been the hardest one I ever had to write, cause several times I had stop and wipe the tears from my eyes, keep thinking about how my dad use to be, and the way he is now. I hope you all learned something, and I pray that you never have to go through some of the stuff I have gone through, to bring you this essay.