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Malayan building industry sector covers the facets of the planning, design, preservation, destruction and mending assorted types of edifices and all types of mechanical and civil technology works other field work involved ( Ofori, 1990 ) . Economic building industry is different from other industrial merchandises because it is considered alone and a really of import plus. It encompasses big Economicss can non be separated and are really expensive. It is really different in footings of the sale and purchase of edifices and other points. Malaysia is a developing state to rapid economic development. Therefore, the building industry plays an of import function in recognizing the aspirations of the people every bit good as meeting basic needs. This is because the part of the national economic system about to 6 per centum in the end product analysis of the gross National Product ( KDNK ) . The building industry is an of import economic system in the direction and activities either in the private and authorities sector.

The building merchandises provide the necessary public substructure and private physical constructions for many productive activities such as services, commercialism, public-service corporations and other industries. The industry is non merely of import for its finished merchandise, but it besides employs a big figure of people ( straight and indirectly ) and hence has an consequence on the economic system of a country/region during the existent building procedure. Economic growing is the addition in the sum of the goods and services produced by an economic system over clip. It is conventionally measured as the per centum rate of addition in existent gross domestic merchandise, or existent gross National Product ( KDNK ) .

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In Malaysia, the building industry is one of the first sectors of the national economic system. During the epoch of increased economic development in Malaysia ‘s development, its part to gross domestic merchandise ( GDP ) is in the scope of 3-6 per centum per twelvemonth. For eight old ages from 1989 -1996 twelvemonth, the building industry has recorded double-digit growing rates. The development of the building industry is straight relative to the national economic system. This is due to the building of the undertaking or activity involves high costs. Must necessitate the good economic conditions and stable to be able to hold the capital or hard currency flow sufficient to establish all these building undertakings. This can be demonstrated by looking at the growing of the building industry and a good stable state in tahun1990 has achieved the highest growing of 19.1 per cent, while growing during recessions in 1998 besides was 23.0 per centum.

Construction industry to accomplish the best public presentation in 1995 with the transportation of the belongings growing of new and bing edifices by 15.8 per centum and 34.1 per centum. For the lodging constituent, reassign growing ( new and bing ) is to make 11.7 per centum, which exceeded 150,000 units with sum more than RM15.8 Billion. Help for purchasers are besides available. Loans offered by the banking system by every bit much as 18.1 % or RM5.1 billion to RM33.1 billion as at end-1995.

From a survey of the National Bank, offering single loans approved by Bankss increased by 38.1 % . From this value of 51.9 % for medium-cost houses, 36.1 % and 12 % higher cost to lower cost. For non-residential constituents, the figure of loans approved by Bankss amounted to RM40.2 billion. Entire transportation of commercial edifices grew by 10.1 % to RM6.9 billion.

In the 1998 recession, the building industry where the growing of -23 % compared to 9.5 % recorded in 1997. Decrease in the value of the transportation of 28 % – 34.8 % was recorded. Comparing the public presentation of the building industry in 1995 and 1998 has shown a close nexus between the public presentations of the building industry to the national economic system. The research rhythm analysis and merchandise demand is needed to enable us to cognize in greater item about the nature of the industry and enable a more effectual investing.

The building industry has attracted research workers, but most surveies have been done on the building industry is revolves around the survey of engineering as design analysis. The deficiency of surveies that touch on merchandise demand and the development of the building industry. This is likely one of the causes surplus in end product growing falling edifice and building industry is worse than the national economic system when the economic downswing. Analysis of merchandise demand and the relationship between economic growing and the building industry have seen. This will non merely show the workability of a edifice on the demand side but besides allows estimations are made about the development of the building industry based on current economic conditions and economic rhythms related to the building industry for the past. Research examines the development of the Construction Industry and correlativity with end product constituents such as commercial, residential and civil technology to be carried out.

As the building industry affecting investings or high cost and different constituents, is frequently associated with the petition end product. Analysis of demand for each type of merchandise development is really of import to cognize the extent of the economic influence on the development of the building industry in Malaysia. Analysis of the tendencies in the building industry and its relationship with the demand for its merchandises to be made. This will give a clear image of the development of the building industry in the past, but besides to gauge its hereafter. Close relationship between the building industry and economic growing of a state is frequently referred to. Instability of the building industry in Malaysia led people to worry about doing an investing. A elaborate analysis is made to analyze the development of the building industry in Malaysia to systematic planning and readying in progress can be done to get the better of the job of the building industry during the recession. As the building industry as a major economic sector in Malaysia, a elaborate survey should be made so that its development tendencies can be identified. This survey is expected to be a mention in planning and investing sectors of the building industry in the hereafter by taking into history alterations in the size or demand that may happen. Surveies should concentrate on a elaborate analysis of the form of industrial development

Malayan building and edifice industry relationships in our economic system. The building industry besides stimulate the economic system. The rapid development of the building industry will excite conveyance, sale and purchase of works, edifice stuffs and others. It besides offers a batch of occupation chances and this led to the betterment of purchases indirectly contribute to the national economic system. This shows the relationship of the economic system and the building industry is a bipartisan street. Because of this relationship, the World Bank ( 1984 ) has acknowledged the building activity is economic stimulation. Study in the Construction Industry more focussed on the micro facets of the industry.

This includes the survey of stuffs, undertaking direction and so on. More clearly or more surveies focused on stuffs research, engineering and direction facets. Because the building industry is supported by a figure of of import constituents, the constituents of the survey. This constituent is besides necessary to analyse the extent to which these constituents play a function in the building of economic rhythms or more accurately the influence of the constituents in the building of the economic rhythm. What is the function of lodging and how does it impact the industry requires an analysis of the lodging in Malaysia and its part to the building industry. What contributed to the building industry? Housing is a major sub-sector of the building industry. This is because the sector histories for about 35-40 % of the gross domestic merchandise each twelvemonth of building. Hence the development of the sector