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The name of the company is Ad Expert. Co because we specialize in every single kind of advertisement. The main reason why we chose education as our topic is mainly because the education system in Malaysia has changed a lot since before we gained independence until today. Basically, in this video, we will show you on how it was back then compared to the modern era which we are living in now. A lot has changed simply because Malaysia has emerged as a develop country. Based on the summary from the article, independence day is a popular celebration in many countries.

Usually, the holiday commemorates the date on which the country threw off an occupier and declared a new and free nation. Independence day is celebrated with a variety of festivities, traditions and customs, depending on the country you are in. An independent nation is a state that does not owe allegiance in any way to any other state. It is free to do all the things that independent states can do. It can conduct business and international trade, it can declare war and conclude peace, make its own laws and have its own government.

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We still need to achieve a lot but we cannot say that we are not independent. Based on the interview that we have done with two Malaysians, we can summarize that not all Malaysians know the true meaning of independence. Despite me having to interview a younger generation today, I can see that they don’t value the true meaning of independence meaning that they don’t take Independence Day seriously. This might be because they were not there during the time whereby our leaders were actually struggling and fighting for independence for a better and brighter future for our country.

This issue should be taken seriously as the future of our country depends on the younger generation today. We should also be aware of all current issues today, so that our country will not be invaded by other countries in the future. As for my interview with the older generation, I was touched by their story whereby they were actually fighting to live throughout those days. There was not enough food for them to survive and diseases were spreading like all over. Perhaps, this was what made them value the true meaning of independence compared to our generation today.

In an interview with my grandmother, she also said that those days were like a nightmare to her and that she would never want to go through those days ever again. Meanwhile, in an interview with the non Malaysians, what I can summarize is that they really care about their independence day. For an example, we interviewed a friend from South Africa, he told us that back in his country, they would really fight for independence and that when the day comes to celebrate it, everyone would actually march throughout the whole city. This is in accordance with the fight, Nelson Mandela had to gave freedom to the black people.