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Many policy stairss have been taken sing the foreign workers being employed in Malaysia, for supervising their employment in sectors of the economic system confronting the demand for them, and to maintaining illegal foreign workers from interrupting in. These include the “ Foreign Worker Rationalization Program ” for assisting adjust illegal workers, some amendments to the Immigration Act, 1977 every bit good as adding an one-year levy on foreign labourers. Malayan governments besides signed many Memorandums of Understanding with the assorted labour exporting states for pull offing legal enlisting of foreign workers. For the clip being Malaysia ‘s list of states which become the beginning of these foreign workers include the underdeveloped states like Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar.Possible recruiters for foreign workers include export-oriented makers, who manufacture with the mark of supplying about 50 per-cent of their green goods for export market. Manufacturers with concerns focused on house servants besides can engage foreign workers, but after carry throughing certain conditions.

Foreign workers are free to happen in a assortment of industries in the services sector, like wash and cleansing, charity houses, hotels, golf nines, resorts and the similar.TheA Malaysia My Second HomeA plan, which is besides celebrated as the MM2H, is an strategy introduced by the Government ofA MalaysiaA for providing to the placementA of internationalA people. Its purpose is to set for the aliens to populate in Malaysia on long-stayA visasA amounting for up to ten old ages. There are some fiscal and medical conditions that the appliers must run into in order to be eligible as meriting to be considered for this plan. Once successful, the aliens are given the freedom of come ining and go forthing Malaya with about no limitations on their stay and motions. Not merely this, there are other inducements meant to do their stay in Malaysia more comfy, though changing limitations may be applicable.TalentCorp, another smart plan from the Malayan governments is aimed to maintain making new enterprises which will pull universe ‘s top endowment inwards, in order to provide the gifted work force demands of the economic system ‘s cardinal sectors.

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This is meant for the eventual uplifting of the Malayan economic system. For Malaya to go a finish for top endowment, TalentCorp will drive enterprises based on three Strategic Pushs: that are optimizing endowment in Malaysia, pulling and easing the entrance planetary endowment, and making webs of the top endowment. TalentCorp ‘s range and enterprises will transition over the period boulder clay 2020.Phase one, covering TalentCorp ‘s get downing to 2015, focuses on driving catalytic endowment intercessions and polishing policies to turn to immediate critical accomplishments spreads and endowment deficits. For the following stage ( 2016 – 2020 ) , a greater accent is planned for operationalizing the intercessions as they become institutionalized. This will intend working towards a greater incorporate attack of national endowment direction to be adopted in the state.In malice of the tight in-migration control and policies foreign immigrants make up a big portion of the work force in Malaysia. There is much more foreign unskilled labor work force than there are extremely skilled professional exiles ‘ in Malaysia.

Consequently, the authorities of this state has planned to cut down the figure of low-skilled foreign workers by about ten to twenty per-cent as this seems must in order to go a comfortable economic system nearest in the hereafter.In doing it easier to come in Malaysia lawfully, the authorities besides tries to do it harder to come in Malaysia illicitly. Some stairss include increasing the figure and frequence of boundary line patrols, penalizing employers who employ irregular migrators, ticketing and penalizing irregular migrators, confining them under opprobrious conditions in detainment cantonments and behaving them. In the procedure, victims of forced migration such as refugees and trafficked victims, face a destiny similar to or worse than that experienced by irregular economic migrators.

Deductions of foreign immigrant workers on the economic system in Malaysia ; In what ways has it contributed to the growing of the Malayan economic system, how is the presence of foreign immigrant workers seen as an chance for the recipient state ( Malaysia ) , what are the jobs Malaysia is confronting due to the presence of the big foreign immigrant work force in the state ( menace ) .

It is undeniable that foreign workers have contributed to the economic growing of the state, in peculiar by relieving labour deficits in selected sectors of the economic system. However, their presence has besides put emphasis on public comfortss and services, such as the proviso of public services, wellness and instruction installations. Remittances by foreign workers have besides increased steadily every bit reflected in the escape of the current transportations in the state ‘s balance of payments.

Exiles, who are mostly professionals and extremely skilled workers, history for approximately 3 % of the foreign workers in the state. The bulk of them are employed in the fabrication, crude oil, building and services sectors, such as wellness, instruction and ICT related industries. Presently, there are about 700 exiles employed in the Multimedia Super Corridor. Of this sum, 70 % of them are package developers, system analysts, web interior decorators and system applied scientists. Another 20 % clasp higher direction stations while the balances are employed as support staff.

As at July 2004, there are 711 exiles employed in public infirmaries, consisting 478 medical officers and 233 medical specializers. These extremely skilled professionals play an priceless function in heightening national productiveness and fight. They bring with them knowledge, skill and experience which synergise with local endowments and enrich the Malayan labor force.


The hiring of foreign workers contributed positively to Malaysia ‘s economic development. However, their presence is frequently accompanied by a figure of negative effects. As pointed out by many, employment of such workers leads to a loss in gross through their remittals, holds mechanization and mechanization, suppresses local wage, imposes a heavy toll on societal comfortss and societal services, reintroduces diseases one time under control in Malaysia, a menace to security, etc.

These jobs have their roots in the spread outing immigrant population particularly the illegals among them.

The Expanding Immigrant Population

In the Population Census 1991, aliens account for 4.4 % of the Malayan population of over 18.3 million. By 2000, the foreign population increased to over 1.384 million or 5.9 % . The author believes that nose count figures on foreign subjects are understated as it is good known that, many of the illegals shacking in the state at the clip of the nose count, refrained from numbering for fright of being identified and deported.

Foreign subjects are spread out unevenly between the assorted provinces in Malaysia with the smallest figure in Perlis and the largest in Sabah. In 1991, approximately 57.7 % of all aliens in Malaysia were found in Sabah, and in 2000, while the figure remains high the per centum had declined to 44.4 % organizing approximately 24 % of the province population. Of the component provinces in the Peninsula, Selangor has the highest figure in 2000, followed by Johor and the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. In Sarawak, the foreign population appears to hold expanded about four times from around 18,000 in 1991 to over 62,000 in 2000.

Illegal Immigrants

In general, apart from tourers who are in Malaysia on short-run footing, foreign subjects in Malaysia can be grouped into several classs – the foreign workers ( unskilled/ semi-skilled foreign workers and the exiles ) ; the refuge searchers and refugees ; pupils and illegal immigrants. In general discourse illegal immigrants are a generic term to mention to assorted classs of foreigners who have committed legal misdemeanors such as:Undocumented foreigners who have entered the state without proper travel paperss and outside authorised port of entry, Contract defaulters – foreign workers who have changed their work and employers,Over-stayers, who may or non be in the work force,Visa maltreaters, such as those come ining Malaysia on pupil or tourer visas engaged in employment,