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Male/Female serial killings

There is a divine commandment from God; “Do not kill”. But still people do kill. Why? This is a question that has puzzled many yet they have not been able to get a satisfying answer to this daring question.

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I am going to conduct a scholarly exploratory survey and critically analyze killings in the following context;

Male/female killers

Distinguishing characteristic between these killers and others, benefits of studying the behavior of male/female killers

Then I will clear the misconception about these killers that is portrayed in movies, television and other media services

Individual characteristics of these killers

What draws them together

Advantages and disadvantages of group killing over individual killing

Correlation between individual and group killing and also between male/female killers with other types of killers.

I will answer some commonly asked questions about murder;

Why do they do what they do?

What is their motivation?

What need do they have that if fulfilled through murder

What attracts them to their prey?

What trigger them to become killers and then kill recurrently?

How do they continue to live in the society even after committing such a crime?

Finally I will look at the conclusion that I will draw out of the study/analysis. There will be proposal of actions that can be taken to change such a people from future commitment of the same crimes.

Male/female killers:

There are many types of killers in the contemporary world. There are different combinations of killers depending on the motive of killing. I am going to dwell on the male/female killers. The findings of Antony Rogers, in his journal ‘Human Psychology in Relation to Crime’ stated that’

“Human beings are driven by animal propensity when they do what pleases them most. Id takes preference and reason is usually benumbed. They desire to benefit with an increasing marginal utility on benefit even when that benefit accrue out of the hard sweat of others.”

He continues to say the following concerning the selection of a crime-mate;

“Man has a desire and appetite to love and to be loved, to have a confidence in the world who he can share pains and hopes with. He is a social animal and always wants to associate himself with others in his actions, may it d good or evil, he often chooses a partner. But amazingly many are of the opposite sex yet there has never been a sufficient reason given why they choose so”

This psychologist is trying to show the essence of team killers; how they chose their mates but do not actually give us a satisfactory answer why such a choice is made.

C. J. Brusel of the London Law Court wrote in is book about crime that many killers seem to have every ‘god’ reason why they kill. Killings at home, in the work place, in the office and in the society seem to be done out of very good reasons, he says.

But many male/female killings regard the feelings as the major justification of murder may it be suicide or just murder. Couples kill because they either feel that their emotional well being is endangered or their physical possessions are in danger or if they wish to acquire something which seems they it can only be acquired through eliminating somebody.

Distinguishing characteristics:

Any secret action done if is to be revealed has to be done so to a person who is so close, a confidence who is dearly trusted; this I in fact one reason why most male/female killers prefer their lovers as their killing mates. Killers who couple or team up in pairs and do what sober people cannot do have the following distinguishing characteristics;

I have found out these couple killers have a ken and deep interest in the issue that leads to their killing. For example a person who wants to jeopardize a marriage my end up being killed by those he is opposing if the feeling of these two people is really deep. many court have decide or heard such cases where either a son kills his parents or the daughter kills her parents just because they refused or barred her/him from marrying a certain person. Many of these killings are found to be done collectively, that is both the man and woman take an active part in the killings.

It has also been scholarly proved that many individuals in such teams have at one time in their life experienced hardships, witnessed killings or been threatened or been subjects of murder. Therefore there must be an antecedent characteristic that will trigger them to be murders. Alternatively they may have been brought up in a style that taught them that life is a fight where that winner takes all. Thus they will use all means even if it is the crude way of murder to ensure that they get their ways through.

Some however, according to Kelly W., is that they act under the influence of drugs or some external stimulants that lenders their thinking hampered and improper. They will therefore kill in order to get what they want if getting it diplomatically fails. For example robbers who want money or a business man/woman who feels that his business has been threatened by competitor. It may also be out of love either between themselves or the object both of them have an interest in for example drugs. They will eliminate the holder so that they can get the object which will satisfy their sensual or emotional indulgence.

It has always been found out tat team killers don’t continue boned together for ever. They will at one time distrust one another and attempt to kill each other. This is also a very distinguishing characteristic in team killing.

Benefits of the study:

In the contemporary world we are living in, the lives of many are in danger of being killed any time. Even the most innocent person does not know what is hidden it the darkness of tomorrow. The lives of people cannot therefore continue being left in the hand of murders, it is important to study their killing trends, styles, patterns, chains, links and attachments so that when a killing has been committed, the right suspects can be apprehended for interrogation. It in fact makes it easy to track killers unlike when no clue is available as to who might have killed.

Many of the common killings witnessed in the society are either classified as brutal, cold blood, merciful or ruthless. It has been found out that many of the killings that involve male/female are usually merciful. Thus if a person’s dies in a mysterious way or disappears and is later found dead, the police, using information gathered concerning the way the murder way conducte3d are able to hasten their investigation and find out who killed

Future killing can also be prevented if the society if the people are made aware of the probable circumstances that my lead to such killings, for example an argument over some sensitive issues, insulting somebody or threatening the life of another. If such situations can be avoided, them the number and cases of such killing will be eliminated or minimized in the society.

The study also help people in the society to study the growth behavior of the societal members and determine how their future lives may be. For example a young kid who goes on killing pets at home may develop that fear-immune and may turn out to be a good killer when he grows up. A person once in life convicted of murder if prone to repeat the same. Thus the study is a powerful tool of determining the behavior of different individuals in the society.

Clearance of the concepts portrayed in movies and other media:

Man/woman killers as portrayed in many movies and television programs are very different from the real world scenario. It is difficult to find a good crime partner in life and especially a female partner in a killing plan. Many usually turn out to be betrayers or will end up revealing the grave secrets that they are ender and ought to keep even to the point of death. Many women almost 90% fear blood unlike men whose 40% are fearful of human blood. Therefore even if many cases reveal that a male/female combination is common and the best, yes it is, but it is difficult to find a mate in such an affair.

It should also be clear that many of the killers don’t continue in the relationship even if they were killing for the survival of the relationship. They will at one time as I have annotated in my analysis from time to time try to eliminate one other. Movies have always presented the picture that killer; having accomplished their missions will live ‘happily thereafter’. This is wrong and the truth is that life is not always the same after killing as a couple, distrust will crop up and hatred may sprout.

Individual characteristics of the group members:

There are usually unique characteristics that these individual exhibits that enable them to operate the way they do in the society. Morton Alliar, a Psychologist at Bridgestone College had the following to say about society, murder and crime.

“People are created differently, some are quick to act to temper or when provoked, some are docile and the thought of harming even an insect has never crossed their minds, some are living under the supreme reign of id while others are rational and considerate. Some take life for granted others are very serious and they consider life as sacred no matter in what nature and cannot dare kill. Some killers prefer one method of killing others use another, other consider these things ethical and acceptable while other deny them. That is life”

Thus Morton is trying to highlight that may killers exhibit a character trait of a person driven by id and selfishness, people who are merciless and ready to execute life in order to get their will fulfilled. Many of them don’t have a since f religion in their blood and if they do, they stand boldly denting the very foundation of their religion. Many are also under the influence of drugs, may it be alcohol, marijuana, et cetera.

Killers don’t usually value life whether it is their own lives or the lives of others. The degree of animal propensity in them is so high that they feel as if they are the only ones who desire and should get whatever they want without question. It is really a bad habit, a bad reasoning and a poor self concept.

What draws these people together?

No individuals are attracted to come together for the sole purpose of killing. There must be some other reasons or agenda that will have brought them together before they decide to kill. They must also have been together for sometime before the issue leading to murde4r arises. Therefore it is wrong to assume that people will come together, especially strangers and plan to kill just like that, and especially the case of male/female relationships. However, there must be a correlation between couples who end up uniting and consequently killing another. That is birds of the same feathers flock together even before they get prey to feed on.

Advantages and disadvantages of team killing over individual killing:

It might not be right in the sense or ordinary people to speak about the advantage of killing. It is better to talk about the benefits murders/killers of killing as a team rather than killing alone. Some of these reasons that they justify are as follows;

Two minds are better than one. This is a common saying and I bet it is also accepted by killers. There are any ways of killing. When two minds come together, they are able to improvise or formulate the best way to eliminate somebody with minimum suspension. They will as much as possible avoids being tracked and therefore they need the intelligence of more than just one mind.

They are able to improvise better escape methods. While one is ding the killing, the other can be watching for any approaching danger and is able to take the necessary measure to ensure that they are not caught.

Sometimes killers project that they are going to meet some sort of resistance. It is difficult for just one person to manage killing a resisting group. Therefore a man or woman will fell secure and more confident if he has somebody by his side to rescue him when he is subdued

More courage is gathered through the encouragements of the partner or couple. He/she is able to dispel fear and instill a heart so courageous unlike when one is acting alone.

The following are the disadvantages of killing as a couple or a group.

A secret done by more than one person is no longer a secret; it is prone to be opened up to other people in the course of life. This therefore has made solitary killing preferable to group killing-to safeguard privacy and secrecy.

Many of the couple who kill jointly as I have said in the past pages is prone to break up. They will at one time try to eliminate one another r if a sense of suspicion arises and therefore it is very advantageous to act alone when doing such a sin

Moves by two people may not be as perfect as a move by an individual. Therefore killers in group may miss their target, they may be arrested if one of them errs, or they my not execute their plans as planned. They will start pointing fingers at one another and this will trouble the whole saga

All in all is that both team and individual killings having a correlation? The murder in both cases is usually for a reason usually one which posses a threat to the emotional of physical well being of the persons involved in the saga.

Many of them do them kind of killing new can call hit and run. They will always try to eliminate anybody who moves closer to them in the investigation of killers. That is why many investigators are usually killed mysteriously or they disappear and later are found dead in a mysterious way.

Some killers exercise mercy killing whereas others are brutal and cold blood murders. The can use different methods just like and other incident focused towards asking life, they can use guns, they can hack to death, they can use poison, the y can hire assassins and other many methods which may seem best for them after brainstorming among themselves.

Concerning the questions raised in the study about killing, here are answers:

·         Many killers are motivated to kill by material rewards or money

·         They are naturally merciless and senseless.

·         They are driven by id

·         They may be attracted to their prey by money, fame, or if the pray is ‘poking’ his nose into their affairs.

·         Killing blood or habits may be genetically inherited.

·         Killing habits may be out of antecedent characteristics for example if a child witnesses his parents being killed or one of the parents killing the other in the sight of the child.

Killers are just normal human being, however some of them may be having mental problems. They should not be discriminated against because some really have a good reason of killing- they were safeguarding their fife or interest, or example if a killer kills somebody who had planned to come and kill him. They however exhibit e very unique characteristic that enables them to live in the society been after having committed a grievous sin a killing a person. These qualities are:

·         They usually have hard hearts ‘hearts made of stone’

·         They are very secretive. They keep secrets even the ones they should share with those who are close to them.

·         They have low opinion about life

·         They have no sense or religion or mercy in them.

·         Usually have low level of education and jobless

·         Many are psychologically unstable.

Bibliography of the person in context:

Mary Keller was born in 1950. She was brought up by a step mother after her mother died in a robbery incident. The step mother mistreated and made her life miserable. When she was in class 7 her step mother killed her farther after a quarrel ensued between the two. She dropped out of school and later in life met ken who proposed marriage to her. The step mother objected and the two planned and killed the woman. They got married and later Mary killed her husband after her kept on calling her a murderer. Mary was so disturbed that she wrote a small book called “My Life an Empty Shell”. She gave her life to the police after revealing all that happened but in 1979, before her trial, she committed suicide.


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