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Man And The Ozone Essay, Research Paper

Man and the Ozone

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Ozone is possibly one of the singularly most of import molecules there is. No, non because adult male came from ozone, but because it forms a protective bed above the Earth in it & # 8217 ; s stratosphere which allowed for the growing of life upon land. Before we had an ozone bed, the beams of the Sun struck the Earth unimpeded, bombarding it with the deathly UV radiation which prohibited any opportunity of life on Earth. However, there was life in the oceans, works life in peculiar. This works life may look unimportant, particularly since it is algae that is being given the limelight. The algae in the ocean produces O gas ( O2 ) , which would lift through the H2O and up into the & # 8220 ; air & # 8221 ; , there it would be struck by the UV radiation, which changed the O2 into O3, which is ozone. This ozone gas has the alone ability to barricade out the huge bulk of sunshine & # 8217 ; s harmful UV radiation. This afforded for the growing of life on the Earth & # 8217 ; s surface. Despite the ozone bed, which helps barricade UV visible radiation and its radiation, some still gets through and can impact us. First it causes a nice looking sunburn, or a painful tan, nevertheless, deeper than that, it is bringing havoc upon the tegument cells, though this harm is cumulative, and is non seeable for along clip, it does great injury. In fact, ultraviolet radiation is the figure one cause of tegument malignant neoplastic disease, and its happening is still lifting.

This rise in instances of tegument malignant neoplastic disease could be linked to a dramatic alteration in the ambiance & # 8211 ; the loss of ozone. Over the past decennaries, scientists have begun to analyze the ambiance and the ozone bed. They have noticed a pronounced decrease in the sum of ozone that is protecting the Earth from the Sun & # 8217 ; s harmful UV beams. Before, the sum of ozone in the ambiance was kept in cheque by methane gas released from the most mundane of things ( like white ants ) . This methane gas would interrupt down little sums of ozone to maintain it from acquiring to thick, and barricading excessively much of the Sun visible radiation, or from doing harm to the animate beings on land. However, as the scientists & # 8217 ; work has shown, this delicate balance has been disrupted by the pollution produced by adult male. There are many factors that contribute to the pollution that is destructing the ambiance, like the by-products from major industries and fabrication, of which 1000000s of dozenss are released into the atmosphere annually. But the most unsafe pollutant comes form smaller, yet more legion points: air conditioning units, deep-freezes, iceboxs, aerosol spray tins, and Styrofoam merchandises. The one thing which all of theses points have in common is Chloro-Fluorocarbons or CFC & # 8217 ; degree Celsiuss.

CFC & # 8217 ; s are used in all of those merchandises because they are really stable, and non-reactive. That is, they are non flammable, and they will non respond with other chemicals. Because they are so stable, CFC & # 8217 ; s are non really biodegradable, and therefore hold a long clip to acquire into the ambiance and destruct ozone molecules. Once CFC & # 8217 ; s make the ambiance, they come in contact with ultraviolet radiation that breaks them down and change over them into Chlorine atoms, which in bend react with the ozone molecules. It is estimated that each Chlorine atom is responsible for the devastation of 100,000 molecules of ozone. That is 300,000 O atoms for each atom of Chlorine. This devastation of ozone is most obvious in the North and south poles of the Earth, where there

has been an estimated 30-40 % lessening in ozone degrees, and a 100 % addition in Chlorine degrees. Part of this is due to the alone winter-vortex that is caused by polar air currents in the winter, which efficaciously keep polar air from being recirculated. This air is subsequently released, and goes over Australia and New Zealand, which so experience their highest one-year degrees of UV radiation.

So why should we be worried about this tendency? Well, it is estimated that for every 1 % bead in ozone degrees there is 10,000 more instances of tegument malignant neoplastic disease developed in the U.S. entirely. This is genuinely a really dearly-won consequence, non merely monetarily, but besides on peoples emotions and quality of life.

So what is being done to rectify this state of affairs? For one thing, there was a international acme in 1987 which the major universe leaders promised to cut CFC production 50 % by 1990. Use of CFC & # 8217 ; s has doubled alternatively. More late, the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) has passed several agreements which serve to restrict the figure of CFC & # 8217 ; s allowed to be produced by assorted industries yearly. If they go over this bound, so they are capable to assorted punishments and mulcts. In add-on, there have been several vehicle emanations opinions passed which demand lower emanations evaluation for all newer vehicles.

Although these limitations are a good thought, it still won & # 8217 ; t needfully cut back on the sum of CFC & # 8217 ; s in the ambiance. The underlying job is the monolithic sum of autos being used, and that figure is increasing daily. Even with the emanation guidelines, the sheer volume of autos in usage overpowers all the safe operating degrees.

The lone manner to restrict the figure of vehicles in usage is to advance a cheap mass theodolite option. I would suggest that local authoritiess set ordinances based on province or national guidelines, that would coerce commuters to utilize the mass theodolite system a certain figure of times annually or seasonally.

An illustration of this program would be as follows: the metropolis of San Antonio passes an regulation which states that all working citizens which commute to work, must utilize the mass theodolite system X figure of yearss per twelvemonth. Each working citizen is so issued an electronic ID card that will advise a cardinal computing machine as to when the commuter uses the mass theodolite system. To implement the usage, there could be set punishments for failure to follow, or even & # 8220 ; wagess & # 8221 ; for taking an active portion in the pollution control. For a penalty, there could be a mulct of 500 dollars ( or more depending on required theodolite usage ) . As a wages nevertheless, there could be a minor revenue enhancement refund, or free mass theodolite base on balls ( for menus ) given to those which use the theodolite system more than the sum of times required by the metropolis regulation.

In decision, ozone is a really necessary and good constituent of our ambiance, which servers to barricade the harmful UV radiation generated by the Sun. This shield, nevertheless, is being destroyed at an accelerated rate by pollutants released as a consequence of adult male. Mankind needs to restrict the sum of pollutants, CFC & # 8217 ; s in peculiar, which it produces in order to protect that which has been protecting us for all of our history.


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