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As an old, lonely Sheppard who lost his wife and child to have such passion changing a dry, monotonous desert into forest with tranquil ambience must be really tough. Although he is lonely, he is sure of himself and confident of his self-assessment. For a person to have that kind of infatuation towards a job that won’t give him any benefit in return is really hard to exist in this world. His determination is shown when he even being picky to choose the acorn.

He examined them closely one after the other, separating the good ones from the bad ones. The narrator offered himself to help out but declined. He even told him that was his business. We can see that he really cares to perform that noble job. Furthermore, he spent half of his life being a humble servant to the isolated desert and willing to get rid of his sheep because the sheep is putting in danger to the plantation.

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Being all enthusiastic planting those trees, he does not care about what is happening around him; even the wars. His work pays off when the region becomes a lively, peaceful place. The ancient river flows again, water beneath the earth, the neighborhoods is not like they used to be anymore. It’s a rebirth. However, although he is the man behind the tremendous change, no knows it’s him. He does not care about that as long as he help the country’s deprivation of green; which makes him the unsung hero.