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HER plan must include: identification of needs or gaps, identification of key stakeholders and specialists, current status of human resources, recruitment and selection processes, and recommendations for improvements. Site institute Edition Page 1 of 15 co intents Introduction Business profile: Report Recommendations Appendix Position Descriptions Policies The purpose of this document is to talk about the existing HER policies and procedures, to help identify the current and future needs and to see the key a ease of Human Resources that need to be developed.

Fountain Art is an established company employing over sixty people, and has branches in most Australian capitals and some regional centers. The company y has grown from a small family concern operating a suburban factory, too diverse business with a head office, factory and warehouse. Fountain Art is a wholly Australian owned company. It produces fountains, ponds and garden pots and ornaments for domestic, commercial and report clients.

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It continues to expand to meet the demands of its clients and has recently launched a new promotional range of antique fountains. Fountain Art’s commitment to quality is seen in the display gardens at its Parameter head office. Innovative design is supported by sound practical experience in installation and a comprehensive service section.