Management project needs toaccommodate for complexity, how organized the work and learning, the practicemanagement and its evolution taking to the projects even to the host organization(Artto et al.

,2011). It is important to understand that the project managershave to work for corporate strategy through projects ( Loch & Kavadias,2011). It seems to be a general challenge to a company the gap between strategyand its performance. (Lockwood & Walton, 2008).As Lockwood (2010) note, anorganization needs to empowered the creativity and strategy to enable theevolution of its culture.

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With the business goals, dealing to differentopportunities, unmet client needs and emerging ideas the design strategy shouldresonate (Stone , 2010). Strategic design has to be manage; it wont justhappen  (Lockwood and Walton, 2008). Interms of employing design to the business and its process, the attitude of thetop management plays the major role (Kootstra, 2009). Such businesses orcompanies probably use design in most successful and broadest manner to performthe important role for its corporate culture. Design activities and businessstrategies viewed as the collaboration of design strategy (Stone, 2010 , Canadaet. al.,2008). To perform trial-and-error learning and to make comparison ofexperiments are the two approaches to be identified in making design strategy(Loch et al.

,2006, Loch Kavadias, 2011)  Pandianand Narendran (2015), stated that proper mixture of stake towards businessbetween the owners and the creditors have to be made in which the future cashflow can be avoid to improve the financial stability of a company. The companyshould identify the weaknesses of an investment with regards to capital inorder to a company to increase its financial performance because it is theindicator to management’s decisions (Prateempkanth, 2011). One of the mostimportant factor is managing money for financial capability and to make endsmeet and to keep track of expenses (Atkinson, McKay, Kempson and Collard,2006). In building business, first thing to do is to secure the customer base.Without having to pay for space, it can put together a fairly extensiveadvertising campaign (Beattie, 2015).

 An effective manager does not forcethe employees to work, because it can breed resentment and disloyalty. Beingtoo favorable to employees can lead to bad habits and laziness (Demers, 2016).      Emerson (2014),stated that proper financial management is needed for the success anddevelopment of the business including expulsion through franchising.