Last updated: August 12, 2019
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Public RelationsA chance to offer an interview with a leading or a popular tv show is an opportunity for great communicators to shape public opinion on a given subject.  As the in charge of public relations for an attorney that represent a suspected terrorist, I would view the chance to appear in 60 minutes there is an opportunity to put the record straight as far as the reputation of the organization I represent is concerned.   It is true that terrorism is a serious crime receiving a lot of public attention.  For me this translates into a big audience and opportunity to defend my client on accusations linking the organization to terrorism.Effective communication calls for one to take time in researching the relevant questions that they come up during the interview (Orourke, 91).  Although having the right answers is key to achieving effectiveness in communicating, if one presents the correct answers but fails to choose the right method of communication, such communication may not be termed as effective since it becomes impossible to fulfill the communication needs of the audience.

  Therefore it is imperative for one to decide in advance things such as the method of communication such as whether any non verbal communication will be required and if so how much of it.Other external factors such as tone or the voice, mode of dressing as well as facial expression are very important.  An effective communicator must be in control of the interview and this  calls for one to practice self control given when faced with tough questions.   One can only remain in control if self restrained is practiced and a rehearsal before the actual interview could be the secret to conducting a successful interview session.                ReferencesJames S.Orourke, IV.Analysis Approach 3rd edition 

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