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Management Education: Its Impact to Students and The Organizations it Caters toEvery company that is created has a main purpose and objective that must be done as it is the purpose of its conception. Since the date of its formulation, this certain company is already considered as an entity that must perform its own work process and business cycle to transform its resources into its desired output. Though many companies are created for the purpose of its profit, still other companies are not aligning to this specification that they only adhere to their own motives and purpose.

Whatever purpose a company has, it must always has the very basic resources to fuel its operation similarly with a human being who needed nourishment to fuel his or her activities thus producing its desired outcome. Two of the most basic resources of a company are its financial capital and its human resources and this two often reciprocate each other in terms of value. However for non-profit companies, acquiring human resources often becomes a challenge due to the expense that it will bring in because of which, financial specification must be met to address this need.

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For this kind of company, its human resource policies must be adjusted and formulated to address this kind of challenge of balancing the demand of human resources and their non-profit status.From the discussions noted above, it could be noted that handling training for human resource managers that are to handle professional activities in the future is not a simple task to accept. Undoubtedly, the importance of the major elements making up the management education program actually increases the capability of the individuals involved in the training in facing the different challenges of the situation of the profession of managing people within organizations.References:Armstrong, Michael (2006). A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice, 10th edition, London: Kogan Page. ISBN 0-7494-4631-5.

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