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Management Homeland Security

To my fellowmen,

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Remembering Hurricane Katrina and as the scientists discovered the upcoming phenomena  of climate change, together with the continuous threats of terrorism, it is the initiative of the Nation to conduct measurements to ensure the safety and security of the people against the natural and man-made disasters.

President W. Bush, in his letter to the Americans dated October 5, 2007, stressed that amidst the slight calmness we experience as of now, we are not yet safe. As we got over the major attacks of the anti-government groups particularly on September 11 at the World Trade Center, the government is not yet convinced that the terrorist groups will stop from initiating means of mass destruction.

To apply the lessons from the natural and man-made disasters, the Department of Homeland Security has developed a branch in every city for the applications of the strategy of the government  to save lives against the natural disasters and emergencies.

In line with this, I present to you myself as the elected Emergency Management Coordinator by the Homeland Security department. I am here to hear your concerns regarding the safety and security of the city’s natural resources, geography and the community. And as the Coordinator of the Emergency Management, I am tasked to secure the effectivity of our team in serving the city and the efficiency of the mission that we have pledged to deliver.

As the Emergency Management Coordinator, I am also held responsible in implementing ways to solve a crisis during emergencies and to set guidelines, rules and regulations on how my fellow citizens should act during occurences of natural and man-made disasters. In line with this, I shall be held accountable for the performance of team and how they are able to deliver these services and responsibilities to the public.

Consequently, the Department of Police, Bureau of Fire Protection, hospitals, and other related departments and agencies are being called to act as partners and allies in undertaking these tasks. Their cooperation and active participation in this assignment is relevant and highly needed if we are to ensure the success of the team.

In this regard, I ask for the full support from you –  my fellowmen, as well as my co-government workers in the city – to work cooperatively with our team for the success of this project. I guarantee you that we will work to the best of our efforts on the implementation of this mission.

I, in behalf of my Emergency Mangement Team, appreciate your cooperation and hope for the unity of all the members of this society.

May God bless our beloved city.

Thank you.







2. The outcome of emergency management is entirely under my responsibilty. I acknowledge that there are existing certain misunderstandings among different departments and other relevant entities for this mission. Each of these departments and groups have their own claims and dispositions on certain matters. Considering the relevant importance of the role that they play in this project, these disagreements should be settled. I shall request the heads of the Department of Police and the Bureau of Fire, and the owners of the hospitals, to set a meeting and have all the issues settled in order to ensure the smooth undertaking of the tasks necessary to fulfill our job.

I shall ask the heads of the police and fire department to submit their reports indicating their implementation program and procedures dealing with public safety and security. In addition, they must be able to clearly emphasize the relationship of the two departments – whether they are working cooperatively to cater each of the department’s needs. On the other hand, I shall also investigate further on the effectiveness of the service delivery within the hospitals. It is of great importance to know their procedures of admitting patients in times of emergencies.

These departments and groups are part of the mission and of the team, hence, I must make an effort to unite these people and lure them into working harmoniously with each other.  Any misunderstandings and unsettled issues between these groups shall hinder the growth of the team and will possibly make the implementation of our duties less effective. Thus, any issues have to be settled and proper recommedations and solutions must be enforced.

After evaluating their working procedures, attitudes and settling all the issues, as the new Emergency Management Coordinator, I shall properly introduce them to their new responsibilities, tasks, and the roles they are ought to play in the new department. This shall include the scope of the responsibilites and the importance of the role that they have before assuming these responsibilities. Proper orientation to their new task is a very delicate part before undertaking those responsibilities as their understanding of the task will serve as their moral ground and basis for their performance. And at the end of each term, each deapartment head will be required to submit a report which summarizes the performance and effectivity of their team.


3.) The Department of Homeland Security, in pursuit of public awareness has made advisories and evaluation on how their department manages problems on safety and security issues in the nation. However, as the new coordinator of the Emergency Management, I shall look at the issues from a different perspective. Though I do not want to imply ineffectivity on the part of the DHS, propaganda is indeed part of the system, hence, we shall not rely too much on their reports.

DHS was created as a response of the U.S Federal government to the September 11 attack, which led to the deats of thousands of people, damage of properties which has shaken the financial market and businesses in the world. However, not long after its inception, the department has already received negative feedbacks. DHS lacked focus and had a gravely disorganized staff. In an article written by Washington Post Staff Writers Susan Glasser and Michael Grunwald, they said that the DHS already had a haphazard design of organization, warfare that is bureaucratic, and promises that are unfulfilled. In addition, their response to the disaster brought by Hurricane Katrina was such a slogan and not a mission – a project of words, rather than actions.

The success of DHS in their task is also in question. Though they were able to come up with strict security measures and disrupted another terrorist attack, they still cannot confirm the involvement of Osama Bin Laden, hence give way to his capture. Personally, I believe that their duty is stretched not only to maintain the current security status in America, but also to eliminate all the security threats by tracking the real culprits behind these mishaps.


4.) Terrorism and the possible presence of weapons of mass destruction are really threating issues in the field of emergency management. Terrorist attacks are the first to be put on hand. These kinds of attacks are feared by most of the people because of their nature to be not mindful of the probable victims.

However, as an emergency manager coordinator, my primary concern is to ensure the effectiveness of emergency measures coping with natural or man-made disasters. This includes proper appropriation for the supply of medicines, availability of hospital services and presence of a medical team that can be called anytime at occurences of emergencies.

Consequently, threats of terrorism and presence of weapons of mass destruction are police and military concerns. These two entities should be the one responsible for providing the people with the most level of security possible, while on the other hand, the emergency team serves as an ally in creating a contingency plan in times when nation’s security is most pressed out.









5.) In managing the community, I think city and municipality governments are more effective in handling homeland security. City and municipal government can focus more on their areas and they are more knwoledgeable to the needs of the people within their communities.

Another reason for such is that, the State government has been handling bigger problems concerning the Nation as a whole. It takes care of the problems concerning the country’s economy, security, politics among many others. Hence, since their focus is more diluted and their responsibility is wider than that of the governments in the city and municipal level, they will be more inept to attend to the issues in random places. Consequently, the provincial and regional government are also less competent in handling local security. Pprovincial and regional government are only dependent to reports from the local governments, hence this kind of hierarchal procedure may only impede the development of useful laws and processes within local governments.

On the other hand, smaller authority entities like local community or village officers do not hold the entire authority to enforce or formulate new policies. They are still dependent to higher government bodies for approval and budget constraints.

Thus, the city and municipal government are the most appropriate in defining security procedures within their borders. They are the most aware of the local situation, they know the problems that most of their consituents face, and their proximity in the area renders them the capability to assess the needs of the people within their community. Therefore, for security homeland issues, they are the most reliable and most capable of catering to the needs of the people.





















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