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Write a report that tells what a management information system is. Be sure to mention who uses the information that is supplied and tell how the information is used.Be sure to use APA style writing. Spell check and proofread your postings before posting. Please provide at least 3-5 paragraphs. A management information system (MIS) is defined as a organized arrangement of hardware, software, processes, communication networks, data resources, etc, that is able to receive data, process it, store it and disseminate information as and when required.

  It has become a concept since the last 20 years and is increasingly being utilized by organizations throughout the world.  A MIS device would help the organization to make decisions and also ensure that the operational processes are functioning properly.  Mainly the computer handles the information in the MIS (Kumar, 2007 & Carey, 1998).

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An MIS device would help the organization to meet with its objectives.  As a lot of time can actually be spent on entering the data, processing it and communicating it to others in a manual manner, an MIS would complete all these tasks within a short period of time.  This ensures that the efficiency of the organization improves (Kumar, 2007 & Carey, 1998).The information supplied by the MIS is utilized by several personnel including the managers, administrators, planners, supervisors, data entry staff, network administrators, quality control personnel, operations personnel, marketing personnel, etc.  The information from the management information system is utilized for several purposes and processes including monitoring, planning, implementation, evaluation, motivating, strategic planning, controlling, etc (Kumar, 2007 & Carey, 1998).The information in the MIS can be captured, stored, accessed, modified, etc.  MIS system can be made to comply with the data protection statues required by the law.

  The MIS can also provide reports and summaries that may be required from time to time by the stakeholders.  It would be recording the outcomes and can help in advertisement and marketing of the products of the organization.  MIS can also help to reduce the rate of errors and improve the satisfaction levels of the clients (NIACE, 2007 & Carey, 1998). References:Carey, J. (1998). Human Factors in Management Information Systems. Intellect Books.Kumar, N.

& Mittal, T. (2007). Management Information System. Anmol.NIACE (2007). MIS (Management Information Systems).

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