AltaMed Health Services Corporation is a non-profitable health care   corporation that is committed to the boosting, admission and provision of eminent health care to the medically disadvantaged population in Latino and the diverse ethnic population of Southern California.

AltaMed’s corporation offices are located at 500 Citadel Drive, Suite 490, Los Angeles, California. Over the last 35 years.Interview with a health administrator AltaMed is headed by a president and CEO by the name Castulo de la Rocha. He is a worked as head of community health for over 27 years now and has seen the corporation rise to its present position of the most remarkable non profit provider of comprehensive , high quality, health and human services within the vicinity.

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During the interview the following crucial information was gathered.Coordination of activities both internal and external services is conducted by a team of people who form an advisory committee. The members through the guidance, and moderation of the president of AltaMed, carry out their respective assignments and then through board meetings discuss, plan, implement and evaluate the various activities and programs of the corporation. Opportunities for coordination are identified through joint, intense discussions by the committee members on issues that are of importance and compromising the health of the under insured people in the designated regions. They are maintained and sustained by constant monitoring of the health implications of the citizens.Key players in the organization; the organization has a team that serves as the advisory committee. This team is very important in giving guidelines, coordination and management of this very successful organization.

The committee consists of 8 members all coming from both government and non-governmental bodies within the health department. They all have different important roles to play in ensuring the success of AltaMed Corporation. Their key roles in facilitating the success and operations of the corporation are noted here below.Joan Barlow: She works at Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as a production coordinator in the organizations communication department. At AltaMed, she is assigned the responsibility of the production and management of print materials. These are the operational documents, core Foundation publications, and conference and research reports. Her experience as brand marketer helps her in the development and operationalizing the organizations designs and advertisements. Ca`stulo de la Rocha; He is the president as well as the CED of AltaMed corporation.

As port of his duties, he directs the employees and also coordinates the various programs offered here. His commitment to the provision of accessible and affordable services has made him recognized nationally. Pamela S. Dickson Is a program senior officer at the Robert wood Johnson Foundation. In addition, she is the person in charge of increasing availability and superior health care at AltaMed. As part of her duty, she supervises the health care projects.

Deeana Jang is also a member of the committee. She holds the post of Senior Civil Rights Analyst in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Her main responsibilities at AltaMed are the advancement of access of health and social services by immigrants. Edward L. Martinez is currently the Assistant Vice President of the National Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems (NAPH) in Washington DC. At AltaMed, he is charged with the duty of designing strategies for minimizing and eradicating disparities and cultural practices in health care.

Also in the committee is Hugo Morales the Executive Director of Radio Bilingüe, Inc. He is the person in charge of preparing and presenting Spanish talk show on behalf of AltaMed Health services. Paul M. Schyvehas has been the Senior Vice President of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. He however works with key professionals in boosting the improvement of health care ethical issues. (Ca`stulo de la Rocha, 2007).

Processes put in place to ensure coordination of activities at AltaMed Health Services Organization. Ssanctioning clients, participants, patients and staff to support strong and healthy communities, promote AltaMed staff to vigorously participate in civic actions that promote adult education ,scrutinize public policy and campaign for views adopted by the Board of Directors of AltaMed, Work with other community and health care institutes to encourage wellness for individuals, their children and families.Conflict resolution; As non-profit organization, AltaMed is constantly in conflict with commercial providers of health care normally on ethical issues; compromise of the population’s health and the intensive health awareness campaigns conducts by AltaMed Corporation. Such conflicts are resolved through peaceful discussions between organizations, compromise or even arbitration by a third party depending on the nature of the conflict (Kaplan, David 2001). As my recommendation, providers of communal health care especially commercial ones should priorities the health of the people. The coordination, decision making, productivity and efficiency of the organization is commendable and guided by insights from management scholars. It is no wonder that AltaMed is a renowned and efficient corporation.

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