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Affiliation  programs have  been  rooted  everywhere  in  web  world. In  almost  10 of  100 pages  you  visit  on  internet  includes  affiliation  programs  and  links. This  can  be  helpful in  creating  a  system  on  the  net  world. A  system  which  is  beneficiary  in  lot  many  ways. The  main  concept  of  affiliation  programs  is  to make  out  profit  through  your  own  skills  and  speculations. There  are  almost  innumerable  websites  on the net  which  runs  such  affiliation  programs.

Lets  take  an  example  of  few  commercial  websites  runs  on  affiliation  programs.


Summary  of  commercial  sites ( Affiliate Programs )

Lets  take  example  of  few  commercial  websites. 1) : Upside wireless inc. is  a  leading  North  American  company  that  specializes  in  providing  global  mobile messaging  services  and  applications  for  consumer  and  enterprise  markets. Founded  over 6  years  ago Upside  identified  a  gap  in  the  marketplace  for  solutions  that  facilitate  transfer  of  information  between  various  information  systems  within  enterprises,  with their  mobile  employees,  customers  and  partners  using  mass  market  devices –  mobile  phones. Upside  is  the  telecommunications  provider  with  the  widest  network  coverage  and  the  ability  to  deliver  text messages  to  and  from  almost  any  mobile  phone  on  the  Planet. Upside  serves  over  20,000  individual  customers’  messaging  needs  and  also  provides  mobile  messaging  and  integration  services  to  organizations  such  as  Microsoft,  Apple,  New York Times,  Message  Labs  and  Coca  Cola.

2) : Click2Sell offers  money  making  opportunity  with   free  online  affiliate  program  network.  Merchants  –  add  your  products  to  our  marketplace  and  start  selling. Run  affiliate  program  and  accept  payments  instantly. Promote  your  products  online  and  develop  your  online  business. Affiliates –  work  at  home  and  earn  money  online  promoting  great  products. Track  keywords  and  find  out  why  buyers  buy  your  promoted  product. Track every  aspect  of  your  campaign  with  powerful  buyer  tracking  system.

3) :  Established  in  2006, Canep  Media  is  a  young  network  pursuing  to  provide  top  of  the  line  advertising  services  to  publishers  and  advertisers. Canep  Media  is  led  by  a  strong  management  team  with  combined  experience  in  online  advertising  of  over  twenty  years. Canep  Media’s  mission  is  to  connect  advertisers  and  publishers  in  a  manner  ensuring  both  of  their  success. Advertisers  are  exposed  to  an  audience  that  they  wish  to  target  while  publishers  capitalize  on  their  inventory. Canep  Media  offers  publishers  and  advertisers  something  that  most  of  today’s  large  networks  cannot,  attention. Friendly  and effective  account  managers  and customer  support  representatives  combined  with  industry  leading  technology  makes  Canep  Media  an  effective  solution  to  both  sides  of  the  advertising  equation.


Performance  Rankings  of  Search  Engines

Lets  take  a  topic  called  ‘mass  media’. Searching this  topic  in  different  search  engine sites  namely  Yahoo !, Hotmail & MSN. We  evaluated  their  performance. As below.

We  rank  the  3  search  engines in  the order  following :

1)Google : Is a specified & quickest search engine. Well  organized  and  point  block search.

2)MSN: It is good search engine. A  content  supplier  of  information  &  links.

3)Yahoo!: Although  good  but  lags  behind  from  the  latter  two  in  performance  &  speed  of  searching  a  topic  related  links. The  auto  complete  tool  bar  is  linked  inside  the  search  bar itself. Which  is  one  of  the  best  feature  of  the Yahoo search  engine.