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Management in business is all about trying to solve business problems creatively. It is all about directing the employees in an organization so that the goals are met. This is where the resources available in an organization are manipulated. These resources include the natural resources, technological resources, financial resources, and the human resources. This paper is dealing with management principles in Delta Company.

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International business

Delta Company is highly involved in international businesses. This is in line with various peace missions all over the world. It plays a big role in acting as a source for qualified personnel in countries that need back up in terms of security. Research shows that this Company has decided to go global in its provision of services. Its help is very evident in African countries that have a deficit in qualified personnel in the security department. (David, 1989)

Social, legal and ethical responsibilities

There are various social legal and ethical responsibilities in Delta Company. The legal responsibilities include UCMJ. This is the Uniform Code of Military Justice. It is a legal requirement according to the federal law that employees in Delta Company have to have Uniform Code that is different from what the ordinary citizens wear. Research reveals that Delta Company is sometimes faced with problems. These problems usually require decisions to be carried out ethically. Situations usually arise which call for implementation of ethical standards. In this issue there is always universalism and relativism. There are different conceptions of rights that govern universalism. Ethical decision making in Delta Company is done consistently by managers under universalism. In relativism, the local norms are considered in making the decisions ethically. Ethical decision making involves transparency in making the decisions. This is being transparent mostly to the people that are affected by the decision. Analysis shows that this has been implemented in this Company. (Armstrong, 2006)

It is good to consider the effects of making the decision. What are the harmful effects? Managers in Delta Company normally consider how they can avoid such effects. For decision making to be ethical, it has to be fair. This is in relation to everyone that is affected by it. So they consider whether the decision made fair, if it is transparent, fair and it has no harmful effect then it is quite ethical

General planning and strategic planning

This is the process of developing the company’s mission and defining specific methods of accomplishing it. It can be on a broader or narrow perspective depending on the scope of the goal. Planning comes in a number of ways since all sectors in any other business require some form of planning in order to stick to what has been planned.  First, there is financial planning which entails the budgeting allocations for all the programs being undertaken within the company. Sponsorship is part of financial planning in that money is needed each year to cater for the teams and individual players being sponsored by companies. (Thomson, 2004)

Evaluation of Delta Company shows that strategic planning is carried out therein. It also includes the setting and monitoring the financial spending of the Company in view of auditing any misappropriation of funds. Provision of benefits, compensations and salaries are also taken care of at this stage. The human resource management in Delta Company ensures that there is policy formulation therein. This is critical in this Company as policy formulation governs the occurrence of all the other activities in the army. Local policy development, creation and implementation come hand in hand with policy planning. Human resource planning in Delta Company is handled by the managers as a very crucial endeavor to achieving the best from employees.  Planning its recruitment, hiring, evaluating, training and maintaining the calibers of the workers in Delta Company   is important ensuring that skilled workers are employed in organization.

Organization structure and chart

Chain of command in Delta Company















Work teams utilization

There is utilization of work teams in Delta Company is carried out at all the levels of the workforce. This is especially carried out when there are new recruits for then they can easily learn from each other. Research shows that work teams utilization is done at all the levels including lieutenant, sergeant and the Brigadier levels of workforce. This helps the Company to provide quality services. ( Burnes, 2004)

Organizing work and synergism

The human resource managers in Delta Company are responsible for organizing work and synergism therein. This has been effectively carried out and it has played a big role in making this Company very successful.

Operating management and plans

Operating management is carried out in this Company on a daily basis. Planning is majorly carried out at the beginning of every financial year. This are implemented at every step carried out in the Company activities.


Staffing is very critical in Delta Company. This is because job responsibilities related to army need very qualified personnel. Selecting right employees for available jobs entails the capability to evaluate the skills and competency requirements needed by the job position and comparing them with the ones available on the labor market.

Beardwell and Holden (pp 92-97) states that, staffing is important as it is a way in which a company ensures that it obtains the right human resource for specific job. Employee staffing falls in the broader perspective of human resource.

Employee staffing is very important in Delta Company. This involves various activities like making advertisements and carrying out interviews. All these are interrelated activities that are carried out in Delta Company. Management and staffing activities help in ensuring that employees with right or desired skills are recruited. The employees have also to be in the right numbers desired by the organization. Employee staffing aims at ensuring that employees are at the right place at the right time. Management in this company is concerned with ensuring that employees perform their best. Best recruitment processes insure that the organizations get the best staff that can improve and add value to the company. The human resource management in this Company normally undertakes the following recruitment strategies to ensure best selection. (Rampton, 2003)

Competency framework

Competency involves having a measurable pattern of abilities, behaviors; skills and knowledge that one needs to have in order to perform a task. Competencies normally form the foundation of ensuring effective performance in any position in an organization. This always involves values that have to be demonstrated by employees.

The following competency framework is normally implemented in Delta Company when carrying out staffing process.


This study field is concerned with psychological and educational measurement. This normally includes personality traits, attitudes abilities and knowledge. In Delta Company, the management ensures that the differences between individuals or job applicants in this case are evaluated. This study is also carried out between groups of individuals.  There are two major tasks that are carried out in psychometrics. In the first task there is laying down procedures for measurement. In this task there is the construction of instruments that are used in the measurement procedures. In the second task there is refinement and development of various approaches which are normally used in the measurement. (Rampton, 2003)

Employee and managers development

Employee and management development is an issue that is taken which much seriousness in this Company. This is normally carried out in a continuous manner so that employees and management keep on improving the quality of work. This is done so that they keep abreast with the changing technology, environment and values. This is carried out in this Company as a long term venture.

Motivating employees

Motivation is believed to bring a positive perspective to the employees on their position in an organization. It also creates the influence to change, and build employees self-esteem and capacity to work. A critical analysis of Delta Company shows that the management team has the responsibility of motivating workers.  In a situation where the organizational structure is experiencing changes, the management normally comes up with a plan that will define the environmental factors that will be able to bring an atmosphere of integrity, honesty, and confidence to the employees in this Company.

Under motivation we see that Delta Company supports its employees’ performance in the organization. The company’s success is based on the skills and knowledge of its employees who normally work as a team; these employees are normally given fair wages depending on the fulfillment of their work. The company motivates its employees by providing a safe working environment through which they are enabled to reach their highest performing potentials. Despite the amount of work an employee does he is normally regarded as a major contributor in the daily business activities of the market.

The company has a number of workforces who normally carry out various tasks. All the employees no matter their level play an important role in bringing the business to a success. (Thomson, 2004)

The Delta Company has an objective of creating unity and trust among the people in the company whereby, the company aims at developing a sense of community dedication to the company. The company is still striving to create a strong relationship among its employees by encouraging them to participate and involve themselves in all business activities of the company. This is normally done by having a self directed team who meet on a regular basis to discuss, solve problems in the company’s business activities and also appreciating each others contributions, implementing an increased communication system in the organization this system includes team member forums, advisory groups and open book, open door and open people practices. The company also encourages gain sharing and other members’ incentive programs and also creating the commitment of making the employees work to be enjoyable by the combination of work and play and also through a friendly competition so as to improve its services to the public.

The presence of a continuous learning opportunities about the company’s’ value, services and the working skills, with a provision of an equal employment opportunity and promotions within the company is said to be the main motivating factors of the Delta Company.

The employee recognition, which is basically an instrument that strengthens and compensates the most significant production that the employees have created for the organization is regarded as another factor for motivation in Delta Company,

The management in Delta Company recognizes that poor motivation may lead to a change in the organizations’ performance; therefore the manager has adopted a policy for managing changes within the organization which is said to be motivating to the employees since it is used as an entry to achievement. (Hilltop, 1994)

Leadership and management

Leadership is all about influencing other people in the organization to accomplish a task. It involves directing an organization in that it becomes more coherent and cohesive. Leadership style can therefore be defined as approach for providing direction. It includes motivation. There are various leadership styles that are very evident in Delta Company. They include authoritarian or autocratic, participative or democratic, delegative or free reign.  Leadership is a very important aspect in Delta Company organization. This is because it greatly determines the success therein. Sometimes authoritarian leadership is practiced in Delta Company. This normally involves the management telling the employees what needs to be done and how the task should be done. The human resource manager in this Company asserts that this leadership style is very effective when employees are still new in an organization and they have no experience. In participative leadership, employees or other stakeholders are incorporated in the decision making process. According to the human resource manager in this Company, this approach is very effective and makes employees to feel important. In delegative style of leadership, the management in Delta Company entrusts decision making to employees. This is effective when employees have experience and are qualified. Good leadership always incorporates some authoritarian, participative and delegative style of leadership.

Leadership is the ability of an individual to influence, motivate or enable a group towards the effectiveness and achievement of goals. This can involve a small group or a large organization where people to guided are too many. Leadership usually affects effectiveness of the costs, revenue collection, service delivery, satisfaction, returns expected and motivation in work place. (Maund, 2001)

Managing conflict and stress

There is good management of conflict and stress in Delta Company. Conflicts in any organization are inevitable. In Delta Company conflicts are managed through communication. The Company has made communication channels very open. There is the up-down and the down –up communication that is present. The human resource managers solve the internal conflicts between employees in this Company. Stress is managed by engaging in recreational activities like sports.

Managing change

Organization change can occur in various ways in an organization. There are instances when the overall strategy in the organization has to be changed. There are other times when the nature of the organization is also changed. All these things go through various stages. It doe not just occur suddenly mostly it goes through various processes. Organizational change always brings about positive development.

Though there are institutions that teach business very few give knowledge on how organizations can be analyzed such that change is made. Organizational change in Delta Company is normally initiated by various people. These people include the change agents, management, leaders or even employees therein. The management in this Company normally encourages even the junior employees to give in their views about changes that need to be made in the organization. This is important and such people usually give invaluable information. (Thomson, 2004)

Various changes in Delta Company have been initiated in order to improve its service delivery. This includes changes in management and also the organization structure. Change in management in this Company was initiated by carrying out thorough planning and responsive implementation. Most of all, consultation was done involving the people who were to be affected by the planned changes. The manager in this Company asserts that -if change is forced to the people usually it brings problems. Change has to be realistic, attainable and measurable, these factors are important especially when considering personal change in management. It has been observed that people change their ways because of being given statistics that change their way of thinking rather than the truth in the content.

Beardwell (1997)asserts that -human being are habitual creatures who will resist change even if it is good, a person don’t like changing the way he has been operating, this resistance is shown both in personal life and at place of work. Thus, as stated above it is a true person will require analysis of the issue to make him change. If the analysis shows that the project if implemented will be successful then it is bound to get acknowledgement from the workers than if when the analysis shows that it may fail. Despite the fact that the, truth of the matter may be different.

It has been noted that in Delta Company, the work force can only embrace change, when they have a figure showing how work will be made easier and the reduction in efforts that will occur. The change that will have to occur in improving customer service and quality has to be analyzed and compared. It is also important to show, the impact it will have on the work force pertaining their status, job description and employment duties. The management in Delta Company normally examines the barriers of success in relation to the change. Even if the proposed change is good, technical and financial to the top management, yet, it brings complication to the employees in this Company, it is normally rejected.

Employees always need to feel that they are part of a process. In Delta Company, the management ensures that employees are consulted and their suggestions sought. In initiating the change, they ensure that it agrees with them, and that they understand the need of having the change. If this is not implemented, then the change will be resisted. This goes along way to prove that change has to be integrated with the concerned party for it to effective.


Controlling is simply following up on plans to ensure proper implementation. This means that planning and controlling are closely related. There are four functions of management namely; planning, organizing, directing and controlling respectively. Planning precedes all the other functions. In management activities’ functional chain, controlling acts as the final link. The management cycle is never complete without controlling executed.

Controlling is practiced in Delta Company. The management therein ensures that performance standards of employees in this Company are set.  Mechanisms to monitor employee’s activities have been put in place in this Company. There is also the application of the corrective action therein therefore increasing effectiveness. The chief of general staff in this Company normally observes what is happening in the organization and compares with what was initially planned to happen. If what is happening is not as per what was supposed to happen then corrective action is taken such that those below standard required standard attain this standard.

When there is delegation of activities by the chief of general staff to employees like 2nd lieutenant, brigadier and major general then the control facilitation quite effective. He can then ascertain whether the ideas are being implemented or not. Timely feedback on what the employees are doing is important to the chief of general staff because he is always accountable on matters concerning performance of the employees. In this case, effective internal control in an organization is a fundamental responsibility of the organization’s management. The resources should be used effectively and efficiently in achieving the results. The resources are used without mismanagement and with very little wastage to achieve the planned results. (Beardwell, and Holden, 1997)

For instance total revenues and expenditures usually accounted for. Control is never effective if it doesn’t give feedback to the organizations management. When controls are too many they may be ineffective. Control in Delta Company helps it to comply with laws and regulations like meeting standards in quality. It ensures that financial reporting is reliable and helps operations be efficient

Appraising and rewarding

In this Company the recognition structure is made simple, instant, and effectively supportive to the employees and the organization at large. Under this, the management team ensures that a principle for performance is established, involving the rewardable behavior of the employees, thus all of them are entitled to the recognition by the employer. This recognition structure normally supplies the employees with specific information about the behavior they are being rewarded for. The company’s management team states that, any employee who performs at a specified level will receive a reward. Basically recognition occurs hand in hand with performance of the employees, thus it reinforces the employees’ encouragement. (Rampton, 2003)

Operations control

Operations control is carried out in Delta Company in relation to assignments that need to be carried out. The chief commander is in charge of all the operation control that take place in the Company. This involves having an overall control of what needs to be done at what time and where. This helps the Company to ensure that it serves the customers well.


The management principles in Delta Company are worth praise. It is ensured that human resource functions are carried out effectively and this has played a big role to the overall success of this Company. This includes motivation of employees, controlling, rewarding, leadership and management and managing change etc.


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