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Management Principles in Healthcare

The aspect of healthcare system is indeed important for the social development as such, the community find way to improve and maximize the efficiency and effort in this field for their benefit. For this concern, numerous modern approaches and strategies have been implemented to improve the healthcare system particularly in hospital institutions to address the development of quality and efficiency of their service for the people. Included in these approaches is the modernization of patient’s record system namely the implementation of the electronic health record (EHR) wherein the medical records of patients are recorded and stored in electronic form through the information technology aspect. Ideally, this system will effectively reduce recording cost and storage spaces in healthcare institutions, hasten their service through fast record retrieval and assessment, and efficiency organize record coordination through standardizing the medical record system of the society. Indeed, assimilating the electronic health record system in healthcare institutions is beneficial in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of medical services.

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Assimilating the system of electronic health record in healthcare institutions is not as easy as a single gulp. This aspect takes a process before fully integrating it in the administration system of the institutions wherein the standard procedure of the hospital is gradually modify while familiarizing the hospital’s personnel with this electronic system. This aspect also requires additional investment for the institution namely in the acquisition of electronic equipment such as computers, storage database, network system, and other peripherals which are necessary for the full optimization of the electronic heath record aspect. In the procedural integration, initial records for patients particularly those of emergency cases will be placed in first in written documents. After which, the details in this document will be transferred to the computer database for the hospital records. Likewise, the result of patient’s examination, operation, and other medical treatment will all be added to his or her electronic record for full referencing. For immediate retrieval, the patient’s record will be bookmark either through an assigned patient number, which will be placed in an ID or simply through the patient’s name. This is to efficiently organize the database for easily retrieval for the following checkup, for immediate referencing, and other record purposes. The aspect of electronic health record is also established under a single standard for its coordination in the general healthcare system in between various institutions. Indeed, with the implementation of the electronic health record system, healthcare institutions and facilities can effectively perform quality healthcare services for the people with their faster and more efficient recording system for patient’s record and informations.





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