The intent and aim of this study is to look into the concern and direction schemes of Singapore Airlines. Thing that I will be looking into would be the different challenges and menaces that Singapore Airline face and besides I will be sharing on how and what sort of scheme they used to last and be on top of the competition. I will be utilizing SWOT analysis to analyse Singapore Airlines schemes, to give an in-depth apprehension on what are the conducive factors that helps or cripples the company.Singapore Airlines was found in 1947 with Malaysian Airlines ( known as Malayan at that clip ) , it was a joint venture between the Malaysia and Singapore authorities, puting their service chiefly in the South East Asia part. Singapore Airlines is considered one of the universe ‘s best air hoses going up to 93 finishs and 38 states.

After Singapore Separated from Malaysia in 1965 and both authoritiess coincide to put up different air hoses. Therefore, Singapore Airlines was born in 1972.Different from most other air hoses, Singapore Airlines was at a disadvantage place as compared to them. What causes this is because it is due to that Singapore Airline is non given the pick of domestic paths to function, as Singapore itself it excessively little, so Singapore Airlines is force to vie with international air hoses for paths the minute it starts its concern. The things to vie for are like acquiring entree to terminuss, procuring flights slots and set downing rights, and besides seeking to pull in a new client base.

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Not like most state-owned entities, Singapore Airlines was force into to monolithic competition from the start of its concern. Using this as motivational factor, it led and brings Singapore Airlines competitory spirit to an uncomparable degree and besides the dedication to do a good stigmatization of Singapore Airline be better than every service sector. These factors have stayed within the company moving as the nucleus and since so, it has shown to function the air hose really good, leting them to get the better of any challenges.

It was shown that Singapore Airlines earned a net income of $ 253 million in April to June 2010. This was a complete alteration of $ 560 million from the loss of $ 307 million recorded in the same one-fourth a twelvemonth ago. [ 1 ]

Schemes Singapore Airlines used to accomplish success

Service Schemes

Singapore Airlines is known as one of the greatest and popular trade names in the international concern universe. Singapore Airlines is besides good respected as an air hose that capable of supplying one of the best flight services in the universe.

They are non merely good known for its trade name but besides on its service quality, crushing other celebrated air hoses such as Fly Emirates, Qantas and British AirlinesThe first facet that I would portion on is about the service procedure. This is a factor which has ever has been showing at its best by the full cabin crew for the riders up till nowadays. The service is being personified in the Singapore miss figure, which is the air air hostess of the air hose.

The Singapore miss consistent ocular advertisement mottos applied to word pictures of air hostesss of Singapore Airlines dressed in typical our Malay cultural costume sarong Kebaya. This has been stand foring as the icon of the service warrant and the exciting and unforgettable flight experience.Second, what contributes to the Singapore air hoses glorification is their scheme where they are ever maintaining the advanced border peculiarly on the in-flight services. The Singapore air hoses is the first air hoses that brings in the personal system of the amusement system and picture on-demand for every place.

It is called the Krisworld. Apart from that, they are besides the first air hoses who introduce the place constellation that brings maximal comfort to the riders. Recently, they besides introduce the first suite category in the commercial air hoses which is the A380, a category that designed precisely as the five leading hotel room, completed with the private compartment which besides brings the comfort degree even higher.Third, Singapore air hoses systematically use new aeroplanes for one intent.

It is to enable a lower cost of operational as it is cheaper and more efficient to keep younger aeroplanes as compared to older aeroplanes. This helps in cutting down the cost for Singapore air hoses in the fiscal facet.Using those three schemes point, the first-class service, the continuity invention, and the engineering high quality, this is why Singapore Airlines is ever staying as one of the best air hoses.

Human Resource Management and Marketing Schemes

The Singapore air hoses make usage of a Human resource direction policy where productiveness is closely related with motivational policies for employees to supply better service and productiveness. It is to state that higher income specific are more likely than lower income peculiar to describe them at higher sense of satisfaction. This pattern is found in Singapore air hoses where human resource direction in Singapore air hoses attacks sing public presentation direction as to farther better the peculiar public presentation through measuring past public presentation and honoring them in strictly fiscal footings.

The most of import and different taging scheme exploited by Singapore Airlines is based on their quality of image and service of Singapore miss. The Singapore Girl is indispensable portion of this trade name image. One of the Singapore Girl nucleus value is holding the mentality of accessible client orientated staff presenting better quality of client service. This has become the most of import competitory advantage for Singapore Airlines, because Singapore Girls can be considered as the frontline behind the success of the accomplishment. In order to retain its clients, staff preparations and development plans have been implied to the employees. To guarantee the professional service amongst employees, they besides have to go to linguistic communication classs and attitudinal programmes. Global clients are high due to the consciousness of the Singapore Girl image.

The effectual selling scheme helped Singapore air hoses to cut down their cost force per unit areas in order for them to vie in the air hose industry through value adding targeted market division. Using the Singapore Girl as an icon for Singapore air hoses has boost Singapore Airlines competitory place in the industry.

Competitive challenges faced by the Singapore air hose

Airline industry has seen many alterations and competition are stronger and fiercer than of all time. Ranging from concern and economic category flights to low-priced flights and the coupled with economic downswing, the competition between the air hose industry is unusually high. Some of the low-priced flights operators such as Ryanair, an Irish low-priced air hose, are more flexible in reacting to increase the cost force per unit area on profitableness which set a menace to Singapore air hose operations and turning.Singapore air hoses acted to these force per unit areas and therefore invested in newer engineering in order to command its cost degrees while seeking to avoid giving client service quality in accomplishing profitableness. One concern caused at this phase in sing altering the consumer behavior and attitudes towards winging in Singapore Airlines are related to what extent Singapore Airlines will be able to continue and heighten its trade name image of client service.

Continuous cost force per unit area such as increased in fuel monetary values every bit good as operational costs related to enhanced security will go on to be a challenge for Singapore air hoses in continuing profitableness in viing with budget operators. If budget operators to day of the month hold been either locally or regionally based should operators like Ryanair by spread outing to supply international journeys, this will make immense menace to Singapore air hoses in footings of competition for long-haul riders.Due to the economic downswing, consumers are tilting towards the country of low pricing of low-priced flights.

Some noteworthy rivals that Singapore Airlines are confronting would be Cathay Pacific, Ryanair and the Malaysian Airlines.

How did Singapore air hose outstand their rivals?

Singapore air hoses increased its web via code-sharing with members of Star confederation selling partnership including Lufthansa and united air hoses. Code-sharing allows air hoses to sell tickets on one another ‘s flight and this will offer service to extra finishs.

Leading Alliance:

Partnership with star confederation allows Singapore air hose to develop and better operations, facilitates and procedures and able to supply entree to new capablenesss every bit good as new cognition and new engineerings. The major air hose portion of star confederation selling partnership which includes Lufthansa, united air hoses, Thai air passages and Singapore air hoses.

These legal understanding linkages are designed to run into the different demands for spread outing worldwide through selling linkages, without geting the costs involved in major fleet investings.

Cargo confederation with Lufthansa:

Partnership between Scandinavian Airlines ‘s lading, Lufthansa and Singapore Airlines where this operation marketed under the trade name name ‘WOW ‘ . Expands are made including the bearer ‘s services every bit good as information engineering and lading handling. This confederation will assist both air hoses to spread out their market to even wider country over the universe where they did non hold it earlier on.

Cost Decrease

Singapore air hose has been seeing an increasing of its net income by get downing new confederations with more other air hoses. SIA has benefited in three ways. The first would be the success of acquiring the economic systems of graduated table through the joint operations of air and land services.

Second, range which is through increased range and efficient connexions and in conclusion, the increased in traffic denseness through web enlargement and extra traffic provender.

Problems Singapore air hose might confront in the hereafter

Singapore air hoses have an confederation with united air hoses where it is now runing under bankruptcy protection. This confederation may confront troubles in the hereafter and besides have a decrease in the market portion in the US sector. If something happen to the confederation, it will impact Singapore air hose greatly.

And there will besides be bigger bearers that will be developing from each group of confederations. Large giants of the air hose industry are uniting and this will shortly go a menace to other air hoses.

Lack of clear ends and aims

Singapore Airlines might besides confront the job of holding a spouse who deficiency of clear ends and nonsubjective. It had faced similar jobs with the American bearer delta and Swiss air, therefore had to go forth the tri confederation.

Reasons for such failure are chiefly is because of different aims, inability to portion hazard and deficiency of trust towards the different companies.

SWOT analysis of Singapore Airlines



Singapore air hose is good known for its stigmatization from all over the universe. Singapore air hose is the 1 that has the most net income internationally. It is the strong trade name direction that driven chiefly by its top direction.

Singapore air hoses trade name is alone in the manner that the council chamber takes committedness of leading of the trade name scheme unlike many other air hoses. The Singapore Airlines keeps heightening invention as an of import portion of the trade name, and the atmosphere and experience are cardinal factors of their success today.

Quality of service:

The quality of service of Singapore air hose plays a really important portion in the strength of the company. Behind the professional public presentation of cabin crews, Singapore air hose gives their full cabin crew rapid preparations to keep their high quality of service. They invariably educate their cabin crew including Singapore miss, in order to carry through the universe category air hoses service standard.

This is why Singapore air hoses is ever at the top at client satisfaction study about in-flight service observed by the independent establishment.


Heavy, ongoing investings and high costs.

Singapore air hoses has dedicated itself strongly to positioning branding name and quality of services, and in order to keep the high criterion, it is of a high fiscal costs. By buying of new and immature aircrafts, it proves to hold a bigger fleet infinite and therefore will make a high parking and care cost. All these outgo will be a failing in down times.


The enlargement into cardinal air power markets has provide Singapore air hose to interrupt through its limited infinite as compared to before, and this will increase market portions worldwide. Alliances, code-sharing with other air power company increases Singapore air hoses chance to supply better services and besides to cut costs.


After terrorist onslaught on September 2001 in united province, it has been confronted with a enormous diminution in international touristry. The air hose industry became more competitory in Asiatic part as there are more than 30 state operate around thousand of air hose company. Singapore air hose is one of the operating Asiatic part every bit good as in Europe and American part. This has affected the travel denseness for Singapore air hoses.The eruption of H1N1 is besides a immense menace to Singapore air hose as people are in fright of going abroad due to the infection rate and extremely contagious nature of the virus.

And to add on to the bad intelligence and bad luck, one for our Singapore air hose flight attendings is besides first cabin crew to be contracted with H1N1. This has enormously affected the air hose.

Analysis of SWOT

Opportunities of Singapore air hoses can assist to get the better of their failings. Their failings is chiefly high costs and heavy, ongoing investings. By holding the chance to partnership with other companies this aid to cut cost. Alliances, code-sharing with other air power company increases Singapore air hoses chance to supply better services and besides to cut costs. Singapore air hoses menace can besides be overcome by the company strength which is quality of service and stigmatization.

The competitory advantage of Singapore air hose has achieved sustainable competitory advantage. Singapore air hoses have systematically outdo its rivals since the clip it was born, and still retaining high criterion and services for clients.The major factor of Singapore air hoses competitory success that it managed to drive skillfully between poles that most companies think of as different.

This includes presenting best service in a cost-efficient manner, at cost degrees lower that they are comparable to budget air hoses in the universe.

Recommendation/conclusion for the study

What recommendations I have for Singapore air hoses are as the followers.I think that Singapore can do usage of the most figure of benefits by the bing confederations and every bit lending to the spouses by services or other benefits. If non, Singapore air hoses can besides prefer to hold fewer partnership in the industry and add more to the finish, more aircrafts and client service which will do them prolong their place of being the best. I believe that they should go on working on its stigmatization and supplying first-class service which is meant to keep client satisfactory degree, and go on holding strong work force at the disbursal of costs.They should keep what they are now like their stigmatization name and quality of service and if they were to exchanging to different market, this would supply hazardous consequences if their scheme fails.

This will turn out fatal to the company as there are besides other companies that are besides have established their names in the market. Through researching on Singapore air hoses, it seems to me that the nucleus of their success in the close hereafter would be dependent on their innovativeness, this is because it has come to a point where all the air hose are supplying about the same thing. Thingss like engineering can be easy obtain by any other different companies.