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Pull offing A Bar With Spreadsheets Essay, Research Paper

My undertaking will be

based on the College Coffee Bar. I will be planing and building a

spreadsheet that shall help the proprietor or director of the concern. The

spreadsheet should let users to hive away informations such as, points being sold, selling

and purchasing costs. It should besides do it easy to cipher net incomes and losingss

over a period of clip. At the minute the company enter their informations by manus as

they do non hold a computing machine. They store these written files in a big cabinet,

which take up big sum of infinite. The company besides find it difficult to turn up

specific files/records. As these are written on paper, they can be easy

damaged or lost, and can be hard to transport from topographic point to topographic point. What I

am be aftering to make should be a extremist betterment in contemplation with the

currant method they are utilizing. Here are my undertakings and subtasks in order of which I will finish them: & # 216 ;

To make this I shall hold to make a data gaining control sheet. I

believe the easiest and most dependable beginnings of deriving this information

required is to interview Elain Ridgeway and Mrs Sawford who both organise

providing for school tiffins and particular events such as concerts. & # 216 ;

To do this successful I will foremost hold to happen out what

concerns are presently utilizing so I know what I have to better, I will besides be

able to inquire their positions and what they think it should include. Therefore so

utilizing their input I should be able to plan a spreadsheet that it caters for

as many of their demands as possible. & # 216 ;

Design several layouts for my concluding spreadsheet utilizing the

positions of possible users and take the most appropriate. & # 216 ; Then utilizing

that templet make a to the full functional spreadsheet that is utile, and

well better than what they are presently utilizing. & # 216 ; Test it

and if necessary make alterations to better the quality. & # 216 ; Then I

will hold to do two user ushers, the first demoing how I made the programme

and the 2nd being instructions on use and how to work out often

happening jobs. After looking at my returned informations gaining control forms the most popular thoughts

mentioned for betterment were ; automatic updating of record, to be able to

locate certain records, to hive away big files, simple screen layout, to

high spot errors and demands to be able to be recalled at a ulterior day of the month. Most of

these undertakings are package and hardware based so I will hold to seek certain

package plans and produced a minimum specification for the Personal computer to see if

they can be done. This applies to all the of the followers: 1. First I

will hold to guarantee there is adequate memory. This shouldn? T be a really large

job as there will be enough of infinite available. Microsoft Word, excel

should non be a job when it comes to infinite. I will hold at least 30 records

to hive away on this spreadsheet. 2.

If my spreadsheet would be able to automatically update a

record when a individual piece of informations is changed, it must be able to utilize expressions.

These are really utile as they save clip by ciphering Numberss immediately, and

when a cell changes it will update consequently. 3.

To be able to turn up certain records of informations it must hold a

hunt installation or to be able to filtrate informations that doesn? t tantrum into a certain

group. 4.

Any programme every bit long as it is saved can be recalled at a

subsequently day of the month. I would propose that it

should be saved on the hardrive so it can

be used on that computing machine, and my consequences besides showed it would be utile if it

could be opened on a different computing machine, hence doing floppy discs

indispensable. This concluding undertaking is completed by me as it is how I

choose to plan it: 5.

The screen layout must be easy to construe, so to make this I

will foremost utilize a clear and easy legible text, and besides if I use colorss it

must be easy to separate between them and they must be explained likely by

utilizing a key. Another of import characteristic is to take an appropriate layout so

scrolling up and down is at a minimum but besides the text is non to little. My spreadsheet must besides hold the undermentioned columns ( likely more! ! ) : ?

Item- to name all the points stocked by the saloon?

Buying cost- so net income can be calculated?

Selling cost- so net income can be calculated?

Amount sold- so net income can be cipher?

Money spent- to demo proprietor how much he has to pay?

Money made- to demo how much he has money worth of merchandises

he has sold?


lost- shows proprietor what stock is selling good and what isn? T, hence leting

him to make up one’s mind if it is deserving purchasing?

Entire profit- to demo proprietor how much he has made on all the

points put together. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? DESIGN SPECIFICATIONMy

spreadsheet demands to: & # 220 ; Contain 30

records or more & # 220 ; Simple

screen layout & # 220 ; Be easy to

interpret & # 220 ; Be able to

usage expression & # 220 ; Needs a

big sum of memory & # 220 ; Be able to

save and recover information at a ulterior day of the month & # 220 ; Be able to

edit/ change the information in a record & # 220 ; Have a

hunt or filter installation & # 220 ; Have a

user usher ; to assist new users problem shoot & # 220 ; Have

another user usher ; to demo how it was made incase of necessary duplicate? I will

necessitate the undermentioned hardwareto complete these undertakings: V

VDU & # 8211 ; So I will be able to look at

the information in the computing machine I have entered and utilize the Windows Icons Menus

and Pointers. V

KEYBOARD? So I will be able to come in the

characters via key strokes and alteration instance rapidly. V

MOUSE? To do traveling from plans

and choosing options much quicker and easier. V

DESKTOP? The shop of the CPU ( cardinal

treating unit ) , endorsing shop, plans, files, and paperss etc. ? V

Printer? to publish out paperss. V

FLOPPY DISKS? To salvage work and to guarantee

paperss can be transported from place and school. I will

besides need the undermentioned package to finish these undertakings: V

WORD ( below ) ? to word procedure paperss. V

This besides uses Windows, Icons, Menus, and Arrows to help in doing

the wanted layout, and on the whole has the same installations. Although it is

used for spreadsheets. EXCEL

( below ) – to make spreadsheets. V

COREL PRINT HOUSE ( below ) – for cartridge holder

humanistic disciplines and assorted other things that will better my presentation. Corel print house allows me to make text paperss

and has a great choice of superb originative thoughts every bit good as

clipart. ? ? V

MICROSOFT PUBLISHER ( below ) – another

interesting programme for desktop publication? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Microsoft Publisher is a bundle, which allows vast

creativeness, i.e. surround art, clipart, data format, and besides has other utile

characteristics. ?