Managing and DesignSteve Jobs has been noted as 2007’s most powerful businessman among 25 other personalities under the same list of people in power. Commerce and technology has long been controlling the human society in terms of growth and social development. In this case, people such as Steve Jobs have the strongest control over the said aspects of improvement in the society.

Jobs founded the design approach used by the Apple computers and co-founded the company itself as well. His fine approach in using his own initiative in making the computers user friendly and appreciative of what the consumers value most, has placed Apple Computers at the top list of the computer industries around the world. Understandably, his personal design of the said gadget made it more acceptable for the worldwide consumers. He was definitely able to attract the people’s interest in the approach that he has used to manifest the values of the company’s clients.In terms of monetary management on the financial assets of the organization, Jobs has been much effective in implementing effective procedures that are designed to help the company balance the outgoing expense with that of the incoming proceeds of the operations of the organization. Undoubtedly, the efficiency of the procedures that he used directly manifested the status of Apple computers in the industry throughout the years.

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His effective approach in using the possible resources available for the betterment of the quality of the products has made Apple computers one of the most sought after computer products in the world today. Different regions from different countries attest to the fact that Apple computers hold much quality in their products that they are given at least the highest regard by huge companies for operational procedures operated by computers.Through the experiential background of Steve Jobs, it could be noted how management and design gets hand in hand together to establish a company’s reputation. Design could actually pertain to both the organizational structure of the company or the ways by which they are able to come up with credible products that are to be served to the society, whilst, management stands as the commanding process by which the whole organizational operation would be much depending upon. Undeniably, the efficient tie up of the said systems of business operation may place a great impact on how a business organization is supposed to grow in whichever industry it is most likely tied up to.The constant ability of the head of organizations to take full charge of the managing operations as well as with the design decisions shall be the basic foundation of any growing company.

Most often than not, the instances by which the need for the said elements of organizational success arises is when the company is facing massive market competition. As a business entity is placed by its administration in front of the international competition of business ventures, the challenge of increasing its competence and its credibility in the global market is indeed a huge dare to take into consideration. This is the reason why the integration of both design and management altogether is being aimed constantly by several business administrations around the world. Like Steve Jobs, they too believe that through the application of the said elements, their organizations are sure to take huge steps of advancement in the future.  References:Caddes, Carolyn (1986). Portraits of Success: Impressions of Silicon.Cringely, Robert X (1996). Accidental Empires.

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