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Information and knowledge are everywhere in the world of  multiple competition. Language , data base management system, associated corroborative and group support software network. A system  is   a set of interrelated parts that operate together to perform a specific function Communication is the the exchange of ideas between individuals in a corporation or different organizations through channels of communications. Corporate information systems are computer based information systems used to manage the flow of data and information in an organization.

Corporate hardware and software are IT products used within a registered company.( World Bank Group 2002, pg 82 ). Communication hardware and software are the tools that are used in communication system of a business. These include computers, satellites,Internet web,radio, database documentaries and others.

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According to small business ACT, U.S,a small business concern is one that is independently owned and operated and which is not dominant in its field of operationalize medium size business of big scale in size as compared to small scale business firm.


The Information and technology(IT) person has the responsibility of running the management of the Information system of the business. One of the major requirements of knowledge management is the ability to locate the knowledge and present in a best way. The challenge to IT is to get the information to the right person at the right time.

Achieving  the numerical data and information sources is a serious challenge for the development of  knowledge management system (KMS). Evaluating information asset is a major undertaking, since these information assets include data base, documents, policies and procedures are stored in electronic forms. The need for a directory of information assets is imperative. Understanding the interactions between hardware and software is important to perform in many systems  found in data communication like routers.

Responsibilities that traditionally were programmed in software , are being transferred to intelligent devices, it becomes increasingly important to capture in performance models, (Bondewijn R. et al, computer performance evaluation, modeling techniques and tools).

Interaction between hardware and software sources are important to performance of many systems for example in data communications where logical vices are processors.

The IT person should do much research on the new technologies in the information and communication field, since the sector has been in full vibrant to new inventions and innovations. This can be achieved through the use of Internet as a research tool or satellite technology.

The IT person therefore, can easily keep him/herself informed through effective communication hardware and software systems and thorough research on new inventions. Their performance (of communication software and hardware) should be  periodically checked to ensure efficiency in operationalized management.

Any person can be kept informed through these instruments of information and communication system. You can therefore confidently answer your boss without hesitation on a point, if you have carried out efficient evaluation research on the performance of the information system.

In conclusion, the IT person has to have knowledge on the operation and interaction between the communication hardware and software. To augment on that,the IT person should carry out evaluation on communication hardware and software to be on vintage point on current information in the system, and a thorough research on current market situation on new inventions and innovations in the media technology is vital

However, it is costly in terms of money,personnel and time to carry out effective evaluation on the performance and interaction of communication software and hardware. The responsibility lies in the hands of the whole management to facilitate effective communication in the organization. No one person can be responsible for effective management of information system.




















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