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 IntroductionAs the acting human resource manager I had to set direction in an effort to oversee effective leadership and worker performance was maintained through participating in making the correct decisions. I prioritised main issues affecting management and operations in the company, so that these issues could be resolved. As such I helped in planning, organizing, leading and controlling/coordinating all the operations and structures of the organization to make these priorities a success (McNamamara 2007). This is virtually in principal to my position as the acting human resource manager. I comprehensively laid bare my strategic plans on a time frame which I saw could fit implementation and effectively resolve the issues.Issues and the timeframe I set to resolve themPriority order·         Friday 22nd February at 4 pm-Monday February 26th- Resolve the harassment case at Central Area store. Seek a distinctive and conclusive decision to stop the harassment and reinstate confidence, morale and performance in the staff.

·         Tuesday 4th March 2008: 230pm- Attend and participate fully in the training of all the 22 area managers on performance management. Prepare a document that will identify key points that help in assessment of the impact of effective performance management systems on staff retention and morale.·         Wednesday 5th March 9:00 am, commence recruitment/interview of new warehouse manager   Conduct and make a conclusive performance management outlay document that the area managersIssue 1Brief description: The Area Manager from the Central region has today received a grievance from a member of their store staff. Within it they make specific allegations of harassment and bullying from their Store Manager.Department/Area: Central RegionDate : A copy faxed to the HR Department on Friday 22nd February at 4pm.Additional Comments: The Area Manager (Paul Cave) has only been in post for 1 week and has yet to visit the store in question Friday 22nd February at 4 pm-Monday February 26thStrategic action to address the issueEvaluated the complaints of the staff at Central Area store and the performance of the store manager and fired himI assessed the complains as well as  both the performance of the store manager and his record in terms of his leadership, relationship and overall effect of his character and contribution to the workforce based on Robbins (1990) human resources concepts.My conclusion was that, the complain was legitimate and was taking toll on our productivity in that area.

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The morale, strategic plans programme and overall productivity has gone down the harassment became apparent. After a critical evaluation of their performance in the recent weeks based on a human resource legislation perspective, I observed the productivity had significantly gone down. The human resource legislative principles stipulate that, as a company we have a responsibility to attract, motivate, and retaining employees. Based on this perspective I made a radical decision to safeguard the interests of our employees was inevitable based on a human resource management principle. I conceptualised elements of corporate growth through seeing our workers as the basis of our success.

As the person solely responsible to foresee consistent effectiveness and service delivery (Price Water House coopers 2007)A possible crisis would have triggered serious financial problems, including underperformance, declining earnings, and liquidity and cash-flow blockages. It could have also unleashed a host of challenges like: lack of confidence and pressure from stakeholders, suppliers and customers; demoralisation of staff; and reputation damage. I have hitherto combined financial accounting skills with investigative rigor, industry knowledge, and the most advanced forensic technologies available that region store and found out business disruptions, financial loss, and reputation damage due to this store manager outward behaviour.As such I had to relieve Central Area store manager his duties. I followed principles and made logical decisions which hardly would compromise our productivity, reputation and competency as a company.Monday February 26th 2 pmI arranged a meeting with the store manager and informed him of my decision. I gave him all manner of cooperation so that he can receive his dues according to the company and other legal recommendations in principal.

On his exit the store manager understood why he was fired and was content to continue having positive feeling toward our company (Makin, Cary, Cooper & Cox, 1996). The store manager had prior to his employment received our employee requirement guidelines which clearly articulate our expectations and the grounds for which we terminate the employee services. These guidelines will be useful in defending our company against wrongful termination litigation if the subject opts to contest the decision. I had prior to presentation of the termination letter consulted our company lawyer intensively; he gave my report on the store manager a clean bill of health.26TH FebruaryAppointment of the deputy store manager as acting store manager in Central Area region to replace fired store managerThere were instant implications on this decision on the Central Area; a huge responsibility to the staff had to take up the store manager workload and incorporate it into their schedule until a replacement can be found to fill the vacancy (PWC 2007).

I understood when making the decision that, firing will create anxiety at Central Area, even if the store manager was unpopular. The employees looked up at me to set the tone and lead them through the change. In response, I swiftly moved in to lessen their anxieties by affirming their performance and reinforcing their job security. On Tuesday 26th of February I replaced the store manager with his assistant who is a professional with good qualities without any adjustments apart from a pay riseAppraisal techniques and performance management training instructionsBrief description: All 22 Area Managers are scheduled to attend a training session that is being delivered by the HR Department.

All team members have been heavily involved in the design and content. Focusing on the issue of performance management, the aim of the session is to assess the impact of effective performance management systems on staff retention and morale.Department/Area: All Area ManagersDate received: Training to be delivered on Tuesday 4th March 2008.An evaluation of this training session will need to be conducted. Unfortunately, no documentation is available.

Preparation of appropriate evaluation form to issue to all Area Managers after they have attended this training eventTuesday 4th March 2008: 230pmAll 22 Area Managers attended a training session, this session was being delivered by the HR Department and all team members were heavily involved in the design and content. Focusing on the issue of performance management, the aim of the session was to assess the impact of effective performance management systems on staff retention and morale. This approach is based on performance appraisal as a contributor to employee motivation, development, and human resources planning.Appraisal training for area managersOur 22 area managers needed relevant training on performance management. I prepared a paper on performance management which sensitising the managers on evaluating and appraising performance of our employees. Appraisals have shown consistent increase in confidence and productivity in employees (McNair 2001). I made several key points clear to the managers so that when our managers are in their areas of jurisdiction can effectively manage the performance of our employees. key points that will help in assessment of the impact of effective performance management systems on staff retention and morale·         How efficient is the structure for communications with employees so that we can understand employee needs and help in the management of the employee.

·         Ho do we show and produce notable satisfaction and encouragement documentation to the employee who has been trying to perform well so as to improve performance?·         How collectively can we depict the company appreciation and interest on employee growth and performance so that we can be able to retain ambitious, capable employees so as to lock out competitors from bidding for them?·         How can we involve employees so as to propel growth?  The following list guides the area mangers on comprehensively understanding our appraisals and performance management (Quick 1983). The list consists of key elements of proper evaluation of performance. Proper evaluation procedure·         How are we to monitor and control our operations?·         Who shall evaluate our performance?·         The considered output and achievements and the levels they are identified and measured·         Is the company output compared with input and what does it reflect?·         Is our performance compared with other companies w results?·         How conclusions from performance evaluation are used to improve strategic and operational management and staff performance?·         The characteristics of the leadership and management style applied to our company·         ?How do we empower our staff, improve participation and consultation?·         ?What impact has this style on the motivation and behaviour of our professional staff?·         Do we have a system of planning that can be defined as strategic?·         What has been the real impact of strategic planning on our development and performance? Issue 31st March Saturday 8:00 am 2008 Department/Area: Head Office – Warehouse.

Brief description: The advert for an additional Warehouse Manager has been placed in the local newspaper and specialist magazines. The closing date is Friday 29th February 2008.Department/Area: Head Office – WarehouseDate received: Advert placed on Friday 15th February 2008. Closing date for applications is Friday 29th February 2008.There is no documentation or other arrangements that have yet been made in relation to this vacancy. The existing Warehouse Manager is fairly new to the recruitment process and has asked to meet with me on Monday 3rd March 2008 at 11.00am so as to provide an agenda for this meeting which identifies the key action points and steps in the recruitment and selection process etc.

 After meeting at 11 am, we came to a conclusion on the recruitment and the criteria to interview he applicants. Over the afternoon, I instructed the Warehouse manager to instruct the immediate e-mailing of the six applicants inviting them for an interview as well as making calls to their cell phones about the same. This was successfully done and at 3pm, each of the short listed applicants had been called and instructed to avail himself for the interview on 5th of March at 9 am.I advised the manager on the basic requirements and the appropriate procedure to follow during the interview and the training of the qualifier. Below are the key subjects I sensitized the manager on.Recruitment of an additional Warehouse managerThe increased market share of the company has increased our customers and subsequently forced adjustments on warehouse management. (Gordon, 1996)I set guidelines which would foresee a successful recruitment process.

It onset with an interview and a recruitment procedure which was based on the following principles as belowRecruitmentThe Warehouse manager should be a qualified, experienced and well trained personality. He will be working with the existing Warehouse manager to improve the capacity of our warehouse department.I looked for Qualities and skills (based on the argument of (James B.

W 1994) to get the right candidateA team playerCommunication skills and persuasivenessWillingness to take ownership and responsibility of customers accountsResults orientedAbility to work under minimum supervisionEducationMust be a holder of business administration degree from a recognized UniversityMust have a degree in sales and market from a recognized UniversityA holder of a diploma in accountsExperience (James B. W 1994)Relevant expediency in management and warehouse management.Minimum 5 years experience in a dynamic company as store-warehouse keeperMinimum 3yr experience in book keeping9:30am Monday 5th March 2008I conducted an Interview and I based my objective on expediencyI set 3 questions which I saw as enough to measure the ability of each interviewee in decision making·         What would you do If the warehouse caught fire?·         What would be your reaction to massive sales in your department?·         What do you think of Donald Trump?To measure if they were aptly informed, I set 3 questions about issues related to business·         What do you think of business in Iraqi?·         What is your take in the Japanese chauvinism in business?·         Name 3 countries which are easy for women to do business?I was seeking someone who would make radical and rationale decisions in a short notice so I set a question which would draw out this kind of personality in the interviewee’s·         What would you do if you were a multinational non governmental organization with a lot of money meant to build capacity in an impoverished African community?2:30 pm Monday 5th 2008And the last interviewee left, my panel constituted three of us, the Ware house manager, the operations manager and me.

We reached a decision that one of the interviewee’s Eunice Brodhead was the most qualified for the post. She satisfied our judgement and we immediately called her, instructing her to appear the following day to commence training and taking up her role.SourcesMcNamamara (2007) Overview of Leadership in Organizations: Authenticity Consulting, LLC; p 35(Makin, Cary, Cooper& Cox 1996): Organizations and the Psychological Contract; McGraw-Hill pp-130-376(Harris 1996): Managing People at Work: Concepts and Cases in Interpersonal Behaviour`: Wiley/ Hamilton pp 73-231Gordon L P (1996): Experiment-Research methodology in marketing.

Types and Applications; Quorum Books, Westport CT  p 88James B. W 1994: Personality traits in professional services marketing; Qourum Books, Westport CT, P 9-11Norton P 2006: The Manager’s Guide to Competitive Marketing Strategies: Thorogood, London, p-12Wright, C., Mechling, G. (2002), “The importance of operations management problems in service organizations”, pp.77-87(McNair 2001): It’s Ok to Ask ‘Em to Work : Macmillan; pp 70=122(Price Water House Coopers 2007): 1983)- Managing People at Work: Desk Guide:;