Executive Summary:This is a report that forms part of my application for the position of a supervisor in the production department in my organization.  My current position has been a promotion from a senior worker in the organization.

  Having worked with the organization for ten years, I have a bountiful knowledge and experience of what the organization needs to achieve its goal.  This report is therefore, a detailed explanation of the functional capacity and outlay of my supervisory activities in my department.In my report, I will elaborate the modalities that I will employ to improve the productivity capacity within the department with the subject of departmental production resource outlay been the greatest factor of consideration.With the concept of job satisfaction by my workers in mind, I will establish an instrument that caters for this variable as recognition of its important stakeholder-ship of the workers state of productivity and the related output of the human capital employment.  In all capacity, the report will be to evaluate the most optimal supervisory manner that will develop cordial relation between my workers which forms the basis for high performance in the production capacity of my department.In my report, I will analyze the different performance indicators and how possible to improve any case of poor performance.  Either with the understanding of the importance of employees’ performances and the relative production capacity so will include the best possible way to manage the workers and the possible services that the department should employ to ensure an improved performance.

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After a long service to my department and a highly developed knowledge about its productive capacity, I will develop some thoroughly researched findings relating to the requirements of the workers in this department for a high production capacity.Either, within the report will be conclusion to the respective findings about the work relation to my employees and my department requirements.  A set of recommendation on the possible ways to improve the productive capacity of the department will be analyzed.  These recommendations will be the possible measures that the organization as a whole should take to achieve such improved production.

Introduction:With the current expanding nature of the demand for products from our organization, there has been the need for an improved production capacity to cater for this product.  To achieve this there is the importance of applying numerous workplace orientations to ensure meet this.  Despite this high demand, the production capacity of my production department has been faced with inefficiency in production with lack of resource optimization.

  Recently, it had almost been faced with production failure with low quantity and quality production capacities.All through the department has been faced with either supervisor and workers conflict about many interpersonal conflicts between the workers.  A close scrutiny of the internal control system has revealed that the previous management system of the department had lacked proper control of the workers.  Such poor control has been seen from lack of proper administration jurisdiction to the workers.

  Poor working conditions with less incentive for possible job satisfaction hence low productivity have coupled this problem.  (Davenport, 1999, p.68)For the department to embrace any development there has to be a well set regulations that define the production system, in terms of its nature and capacity in relation to the work force so employed in services to the production. My report is subordinate to the above inefficiencies and its instrumentation is geared towards the highest production capacity by it and employees job satisfaction.Purpose of the report:With my current appointment as the supervisor in the production department of my organization I have researched on the weaknesses and potentiality of the production systems.  With this research my report forms an investigation and study of some of the department’s workers related variables that perhaps needs to be monitored for highest performances.  The purpose of the report forms my related areas of support and improvement to the department.Firstly, the report will be to investigate the productive resource capacity of the department and the possible way of allocating the different resources to my six worked consisting four experienced staff and two junior staff.

  It will elaborate the most possible way to allocate the worker between my staff and the resources available.  This will be in relation to their experience and professional competence.  It is a remedy to the previous administration of the department where their had been no optimality in such allocation.  This is an investigation report investing whether more optimal allocation in the resources and the workers would improve the productive capacity of the department. (Anglund, 2000, p99)The purpose of the report will either be to elaborate on the worker performance in relation to different production variables which may be employed to investigate worker performance improvement and the areas to be considered. This report will be a statement of the various areas to be investigated and put into place in improving worker performance.  This comes after my broad knowledge that I have acquired through experience in relation to workers and my department production capacity. With this knowledge therefore the report will be elaboration of the features to consider in relation to the improved performance.

  In this report, I will not look down such areas like; how I intend to manage the performance of the staff, defining outstanding performance standards, the importance of using performance indicators and performance documentation and their reviews.Its my understanding of the importance of improving the performance levels of my workers.  With this, the report will give an outlay of investigated support services that if I apply would improve the workers production performance.  Having realized the conflict that have risen in the past regarding un recommended terminations of workers and the resultant consequences to the department, I have seen that, its important to use a formal methodology of terminating my workers from their jobs. (Sparrow, Brister, Harris, 2004, p.47)Due to the challenges that the organization have from some factors impending the organization regulations, there is the importance of understanding the risk variable and it should be applied to cater for any external shocks.  This report will be an analysis of how to deal with any external shocks.

Findings:Having worked in the organization for the past period, I have noticed many issues that need to be addressed upon the use of some structural adjustment to solve them. I) estimating resources for the purpose of planningFirstly, their have been sub-optimal allocation of the resources in the department. The machinery system has not been under maximum allocation, where there has been incapacity in use for the production process. The department has lacked a proper outlay of role-play by each work which has resulted to the problem of inconveniences between themselves. Either, material usage in the system has involved a lot of wastage with a lot of scraps.

  At many times, the machinery system has been under no production hence low and lack of optimal production.  On investigation there has been lack of proper coordination and supervisory services to the workers in the department.  Elsewhere, there has been poor resource inventory to analyze the production capacity by the resources for any possible optimal resource allocation.  This problem can be solved through a proper analysis and evaluation on the department resource capacity to ensure that, work is allocated to the workers in terms of their experience and professional competences.  Either the department is lacking some of the modern highly productive and efficiency resource system.  This provision remains an important tool for the department.

(Briscoe, Schuler, 2004, p.93)MII)Managing staff performanceIn all respects, workers performance has been overlooked. With this, the productivity of the workers has never been monitored.  Such a problem is seen as the response reason behind low production, high wastages in production and the conflicting enterprises between the workers.III) Monitoring performanceIf the above problem is to be finished, workers should complete performance contract requirement whose intention would be to guide workers in regard to what they should do.

IV) Use of performance indicatorsEither, different indicators should be put in place to measure this, such as productivity in terms of quality and quantity of products.  Either, workers behaviour at work should be monitored in terms of response to meeting time deadline, follow-up to supervisory regulations and general adherence to professional ethics and indicator conclusions drawn time after another. V) Performance documentation.In the past performance documentation was too inefficient and short lived even with their little improvement.  This is a   draw back and performance indicators should be pronounced and reviewed for implementation in all cases. Such performance indicator should be adequately documented for analysis and comparison of performance between workers.

  A challenge of performance should be then addressed between different workers. (Budhwar, Debrah, 2001, p.142)VI) Dealing with poor behaviourAbove all investigations show that, their have been no regulations regarding poor performance.  Such has even led to relaxity among the workers.  However for any possible improvement, regulation relating to penalties and observations by the poor performing workers should be put into place.VII) Managing staff performanceI will establish a structure whereby, poor performances will be dealt with and mainly through supervisory network.  Workers will be supervised for any possible improvement in their productive capacity.

(Sundem, Stratton, 2006, p. 70)VIII) Provision of formal and informal feedbackIn the former administration, there   was a deficiency in the formal and informal feedback to the workers about their performance.  This was draw back and that the workers could not weigh nor realize their weakness.  If they are to improve, they should be given feedback about their performance.  This is one area of my supervisory where periodic feedback perhaps on monthly based will be given to the workers.

IX) Undertaking of risk analysisProduction system is been faced with a lot of risks where, external shocks have forced it not to meet its goals.  There have been periodic shortages in products supply and workers malfunctions.  However the previous administration could not administer the risk requirement. It is important for every project to allocate a risk variable. (Warner, 2001, p. 107)X) Support services to workersThere has been little concern to deal with service support to improving performance.  This has been demoralizing the workers hence a poor productivity.

Incentives will be provided to the workers above improving the current poor working condition and possibly administer a required scheme in their rumination.XI) Dealing with terminationIn the past administration job termination by workers has been inefficient in its administration.  A lot of conflict has been drawn due to irregularities in termination of work without proper cordial administrative protocols. Such abrupt termination has led to draw back in the productive systems of the organization. The organization has lost its workers through the challenge of workers turnover.  However investigations have revealed that the poor working conditions have contributed to this.  This aspect needs to be advised and proper protocols put into place.  In my administration any termination will be formal where the worker will be supposed to give a notice to the management before termination (Bjerker, 1999, p.

68)Conclusion:In the above findings the previous administration is highly inefficiency in many areas of it administration.  These are administration inefficiencies that act to lower the productive capacity of the organization.All through, the administration has failed to realize the relationship between the performance of the worker and the relative level of production. It has failed to use desirable labour efficient methodologies and has as a result faced with low production.

It has failed to incorporate good worker strategies that would lead to an improved production.RecommendationTo achieve an improvement I will institute various tools aimed at improving the current states of the departmentFirstly I will establish the level of our resources and plan on how to allocate them efficiently between the workers for optimal regulation.  My greater concentration will be on the performance of the workers where I will revise their work standards managing their performance on the different performance indicators and always ensures monitor to their performance.Either incentive will be provided to ensure a higher support for their services.

  In understanding the importance of performances indictors, I will highly use documentation for filing such indicators between different workers and periodically give feedback both formal and informal about their performance.Having understood the impact of risk, will ensure a risk allowance in all my supervisory activities to ensure no problem in relation to failed performance.  I will formulate cordial arrangements deal with any possible terminations by the workers     Reference:Anglund,S (2002) Small Business Policy and  the American Creed. Westport, CT, Praeger.Bjerker, B (1999) Business Leadership and Culture ;  National Management styles in Global Economy. Cheltenham, England; Edward EglarBodhwar, P & Debrah, Y (2001) Human resource Management in Developing Countries, London: Routledge.Briscoe, D & Schuler, R (2004) International Human Resource Management; Policies & nPracices for the Global Enterprises.

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