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There are several ethical issues facing the manager in the case study managing up and across. The first issue the manager faces is being honest and truthful to Jessica in regards to her behavior and attitude she displays in the office and to inner employees. As a manager it is your responsibility to know the working environment being provided to your employees and customer. Bruce has a responsibility to the company to complete and fulfill the job hired for, by allowing any employee to bring a hostile environment in the work place.

Bruce is also facing the issue of having a relationship in the work place and allowing the relationship impact the way he manages his team. The fact he has engaged in a relationship with his co-worker brings in the ethical issue of fairness to his employees. The fact the Jessica is not doing her fair share of work in the company and her partner is doing both their jobs, it is Bruce’s job to address this issue. In addressing this issue this would make things fair to everyone on the team. If I was the manager in this case study there is several things I would do to handle the ethical dilemma now facing Bruce.

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For instance the first thing I would do is hold a meeting with Jessica discussing her behavior and rude attitude she has been displaying to everyone. I would then give her the chance to make changes with the understanding there had to be immediate changes. I cannot allow a personal relationship interfere with my profession. Last thing I would do is terminate the relationship we started. I do not want my employees to feel they cannot talk to me because of a relationship I am involved in.