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Manatees Essay, Research Paper

In 1493, when Columbus sailed to the Americas for his 2nd journey, he and his crewmans were the first Europeans to descry the contemporary Trichechus manatuss. Because of their amazingly humanlike appearance these ancient crewmans went place stating narratives of mermaids.

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When the Spanish came over they hunted and ate these monolithic animals. Since the early 1900 & # 8217 ; s the Trichechus manatus population has dwindled badly. Finally states and smaller organisations began taking involvement in salvaging the Trichechus manatuss. Laws and ordinances were set so that Trichechus manatuss might be saved from extinction. This has been successful to a point, but still merely really few Trichechus manatuss live and they must be nurtured in order to boom.

Manatees are besides known as sea cattles because they graze on grazing lands of sea grass. They are air take a breathing animals and most sorts can turn up to thirteen pess long during the mean life span of 60 old ages. Manatees can weigh up to 3500 lbs. An mean grownup weighs between 1000 and 2000 lbs. They range from grey to brown in colour and are chiefly a phytophagic mammal. Sometimes they may eat little pediculosis pubiss, snails, or any other little animate being that clings to the H2O grass. Manatees normally keep to themselves but when migration season arrives, they migrate in groups to warmer Waterss full of rich flora. During copulating season they will besides go in groups.

Copulating season is non held at any peculiar clip of the twelvemonth. However when the females are ready to engender ( about seven old ages old ) they will rub certain parts of thei

R bodies up against stones or other things in the H2O where a matured male ( three to four old ages old ) will follow her. The female will so wait for her suer or suers to get. If there are more than one she will run from the group until she is ready to copulate.

There are four different types of Trichechus manatuss. The most common type of Trichechus manatus is the West Indian Manatee. They swim freely in fresh or salt H2O and utilize their tail to impel themselves and their fins to maneuver. At the terminal of each fin are three or four nails.

Another type of Trichechus manatus, the West African Manatee, has a similar visual aspect. There is non much known about this species of Trichechus manatuss but their population seems to be worsening.

The Amazonian Manatee is found in the Amazon River and swims merely in fresh H2O. It is different from the other Trichechus manatuss because it has smooth teguments and no nails at the terminal of its fins.

A Dugong dugon is another type of Trichechus manatus. It is found in the coastal Waterss of the Indian and Pacific Ocean. It swims merely in salt H2O and has smooth teguments and no nails like the Amazonian Manatee. One thing different about this type of Trichechus manatus is that it has a serrate tail like a mahimahi.

Manatees have ever amazed since I foremost saw one in its natural home ground in Florida. Their humanlike characteristics, soft ways, and unworried attitude have ever fascinated me. I think it is that really combination of great size and soft spirit, which makes the Trichechus manatus genuinely alone.


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