Manhattan Project Essay, Research PaperManhattan UndertakingThe Manhattan Project is the codification name for the US authorities & # 8217 ; s secret undertaking that was established before World War II and culminated in the development of the atomic bomb.

The thought of organizing a research squad to make a atomic arm was endorsed in a missive than Einstein sent to Franklin Roosevelt, the president of the United States at the clip. This was in 1939. In 1942, Enrico Fermi, a physicist, successfully controlled a atomic reaction in his reactor called CP-1. CP-1 was located at the University of Chicago under a squash tribunal, The followers was said by a member of the undertaking:When everything was ready, Fermi had the [ control ] rods withdrawn one by one and he was sitting at that place looking at the counter.

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As the counter started to travel up and up, eventually when all the rods were withdrawn, we could hear the counter rrrrrRRR! and off the graduated table. And Fermi said, & # 8220 ; That & # 8217 ; s plenty. Put the rods back, and allow & # 8217 ; s travel to lunch.

& # 8221 ; -Bernard Feld, physicistSubsequently in the undertaking the first atomic bomb was exploded at Los Alamos. This was on July 6, 1945. The manager of Los Alamos said upon witnessing the first trial of a atomic arm:We knew the universe would non be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were soundless. I remembered the line from the Hindu Bible, the Bhagavad-Gita. Vishnu is seeking to carry the Prince that he should make his responsibility and to affect him takes on his multi-armed signifier and says, & # 8220 ; Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. & # 8221 ; I suppose we all felt that one manner or another.

-J. Robert OppenheimerA month after the first bomb was tested ; two atomic arms were exploded over Japan, at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There were many grounds for this. The official ground is that it would instantly stop the war, therefore salvaging the lives of 1000s of American military mans. Immediate deceases from the bomb are estimated to be approximately 100,000.

This figure is amazing. However, it is comparable to the estimated figure of casualties that would holdresulted from an allied invasion of the Japanese place islands. However, the pick to drop the bombs on Japan is really controversial and there are many people that feel they were unneeded, and that Japan would hold surrendered anyhow.Undoubtedly, the atomic bomb is the most powerful destructive force that world has of all time wielded. However, many scientists defend their engagement in its creative activity:At Los Alamos during World War II there was no moral issue with regard to working on the atomic bomb. Everyone was agreed on the necessity of halting Hitler and the Nipponese from destructing the free universe.

It was non an academic inquiry, our friends and relations were being killed and we, ourselves, were urgently afraid.-Joseph O. Hirschfelder, chemistAt Los Alamos we had some conversations on the topic and I must acknowledge that my ain place was that the atom bomb is no worse than the fire foraies which our B-29s were making daily in Japan, and anything to stop the war rapidly was the thing to make.-George B.

KistiakowskySoon after the Manhattan Project became a success, the Soviet Union developed their ain atomic bomb. With these new arms that could destruct full metropoliss and civilisations, the atomic weaponries race and cold war began. First these arms were attached to bombers, but shortly space-based systems were developed. These systems utilized projectiles that could take a atomic payload from one side of the Earth to another in under an hr. Since the 1950 & # 8217 ; s, there has existed an sum of arms on Earth great plenty to destruct humanity and all it & # 8217 ; s achievements. No 1 has used these arms against another state since WW-II, nevertheless.

This is because of the construct known as Mutally Assured Destruction ( MAD ) . If the US were to establish an onslaught against Russia, the Russians would instantly revenge by establishing their missiles, and non merely would the US be destroyed, but Russia would every bit good. Thus, in this game of atomic warfare, no 1 can win. If either side decides to play, they both lose, every bit good as the remainder of the universe.