Mankind has entered the third millennium.

The cutting-edgetime gives an occasion for comprehending past events, forecasting the future,analyzing and identifying trends and prospects. What is the beginning of the21st century for humanity – prosperity, prosperity, a more comfortable andpeaceful life, or will it be a time of new challenges and threats, new crisesand catastrophes, suffering and loss? Obviously, in one way or anothereverything will be present – good, bad, prosperity, and destruction. Life isnot colored in one color, its palette is multicolored.Humanity since the inception of worried about securityproblems.

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Cold and hunger, bad weather and illness, attacks of militantneighbors, natural disasters – all this made the life of a person full ofdangers, forced to seek protection from the gods and idols, believing that theyare the ones who send all the misfortunes. But gradually came the understandingthat a person should be able to protect himself.In the process of development of civilization, people wereable to respond to many dangers of the natural elements and social developmentby changing the way of life and new technologies. So, earthquakes are opposedto settling people and engineering solutions in construction; floods -regulation of river flow by dams; epidemics – vaccination and sanitaryregulations; drought – land reclamation; diseases of plants and animals – theculture of farming and livestock; public order – public chaos; tyranny -liberal values ??and the conquest of democracy.But today, at the beginningof the new millennium, at the next, higher turn of the spiral of thedevelopment of civilization, it can not be stated that the old traditionaltypes of challenges and threats have completely disappeared. Moreover, newdangers have arisen, security problems have become more acute.

Today, thethreat comes from the technologies that humanity created for its ownwell-being. These new threats have increased the risks of accidents,catastrophes and natural disasters so much that security problems have nowbecome priority priorities for the near future. In connection with the factthat in the 21st century it is expected to further strengthen the processes ofglobalization, we have paid special attention to the global problems ofmankind, that is, beyond the boundaries of one state and the concern of theentire world community.