The Master Robert Hotel is a 3 stars hotel located at 366 Great West Road traveling towards Heathrow Airport.

It is located outside the metropolis and merely ten proceedingss off from airdrome. It has a sum of 96 good decorated and spurious guestrooms. It has in house eating house, saloon and saloon. It is near to Lampton Park, Twickenham Stadium and the Royal Botanic Gardens. Famous sites such as the Wembley Arena and Hampton Court Palace are besides nearby excessively.

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This hotel largely attracts concern travelers, Heathrow travelers and even London visitants excessively. ( )The cordial reception industry in the UK employed more than 1.96 million people in 2008, harmonizing to latest Labour Force study by Peoples 1st, the sector skills council for cordial reception, leisure, travel and touristry. This represents a 5 % year-on-year rise, with 94,400 more people now employed in the sector than in 2006. Merely contract providing saw a little bead in its work force, which fell by 0.55 % ( or 1,000 people ) to 181,000, down from 182,600 in 2008.

The biggest inflow of new blood was seen in the cordial reception services sector, which grew by 6.9 % to add 27,100 new occupations. However, eating houses ( which employ the most people in the sector overall ) was non far behind with a 5.4 % encouragement to staff Numberss, which increased by 27,000 organic structures.

( )Over 140 new hotels have opened in the UK over the past 12 months – 64 % of which were budget hotels, a study by the British Hospitality Association ( BHA ) has revealed. The study, British Cordial reception: Tendencies and Statisticss 2007, besides estimates that ?3 billion was invested in the UK hotel industry from August 2006-August 2007, in the signifier of re-launches, renovation and modernisation.

London was cited by the study as the metropolis with the most new developments – 19 hotels numbering 2,700 suites – with Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle-on-Tyne and Edinburgh besides seeing new developments. Although such growing within the industry is positive, the study besides mentions that one of this twelvemonth ‘s developments could hold a negative impact on the cordial reception sector. It refers to this twelvemonth ‘s scrapping by the Government of the Hotel Buildings Allowance – an one-year 4 % revenue enhancement grant for hotel proprietors for the first 25 old ages of the hotel ‘s life, designed to promote investing in the cordial reception sector. Bob Cotton, BHA ‘s Chief Executive, explained: “ Tendencies and statistics show that we have a floaty industry but with plentifulness of challenges in front. There has ne’er been a clip when there has been more investing in the UK cordial reception industry, but we must do greater attempts to advance the UK as a domestic vacation finish.

“ Trends show that UK domestic vacations declined in 2006 while abroad vacations boomed ; we must seek to change by reversal this tendency and promote more British people to vacation at place. These new hotel developments will assist us accomplish this purpose. ” The BHA predicts a similar positive productive gait of building taking up to the UK ‘s 2012 Olympic Games.

( )

Manpower Planning:

Well effectual planning is ever needed in any sort of administration to implement the production program by utilizing the available assets. Peoples can be form into groups after fixing the programs and with that organizational aims can be achieved.Co-ordination between employee, actuating them and commanding assorted other things are most of import in effectual planning. Before taking ownership of capital, stuff and machinery clip should be spend on history. Production planning should be managing by director and planed consequently him/her.

By increasing the production net income border can be increased and it is a chief intent of the direction. Prediction for the concern is to be predicted by an effectual director with taking right determinations clip to clip with taking consideration the company ‘s aims, policies and cost public presentation. Support of the all members is ever needed to all sort of programs made in the administration. Plan should be made in progress to acquire expected consequences. Short term ends should be made by direction and step accomplishments. For the benefits of the proprietors long term programs has to be designed to develop a new merchandise, services and the enlargements.

Advantages of Manpower Planning:

Effective work force planning uses the maximal available human resources. It is good for administration every bit good as state.

Peoples can be educated sing administration. Fast development of economic system can be done by it. It gives good developed smooth working to administration. Workers can be encouraged for future publicities. It provides motive to the employees in the administration. Provided preparation Sessionss can assist employees to develope their accomplishments to following degree. It brings chances to the employees for their calling developments.

Procedures in Manpower Planning:

Prediction of work force planning should be done in progress.

It is necessary to plan a occupation description and demands. Many other ways should be found out for choosing right employee. Childs should be putted on higher places to promote them. Promotions for the employees should be done on a regular basis to actuate them. Losingss by retirement or transportation of the employees should be monitored. Death, accidents and dismissals of employee replacings should be filled instantly. ( www.buzzle.

com )

Current Labour Market Trends:

Main labour force indicates that, in last 14 old ages of population there is over 1,991,100. Current labour force is about 1,300,400. Employed labour force is about 1.167,400 while unemployed labour force is 133,000. There is presently 10.2 % is an unemployment rate.

Male unemployment rate is 6.5 % while female unemployment rate is 14.9 % . ( )There will be planetary deficit of skilled labor by 2010 as it is indicated in the current labor tendencies. There is a decreasing in labour supply.

There are largely fixed term contract occupation penchant in the market that is why there is a deficit in labour supply. With diminishing labour supply there is increasing deficits of accomplishment. There is a deficit of skilled labors in market because overall deficit of experient and specialized staff e.g.

chefs, saloon stamps. Even there are skill spreads because of developing issues of staff.

Supply Measures at Master Robert Hotel:

Current employees can be valued by doing new alterations in footings and status, inducements and keeping.

It can be marketed between famous persons and media. By mapping staff communities or endowment pools, advanced accomplishments can be Hunt.

Demand Measures at Master Robert Hotel:

Giving opportunity to internal employees by engaging them foremost and them from outside beginnings. Flexible timing of work and contracts should be at that place. Environment alterations can be a cause to the employees demand. ( www. )

Plague in Master Robert Hotel:

There are four factors of PEST to show, political, economical, societal and technological.Micro environmental factors can be use to depict and analyze the PEST.

A little diagram of PEST is given below:

P E S T Analysis Framework

Environmental Scan


External Analysis Internal Analysis





Political Factors in Master Robert Hotel:

Government ordinance and legal issues decided by the authorities can be included in it, which are followed by an organisation, like policies of revenue enhancement, employment depressions made by authorities, environment affected by ordinances, political stableness and trade and duties limitations. Political factors play an of import function in modulating the concern and the existent money passing power of the concern with proper stable political environment and how this will act upon and modulate the jurisprudence of your concern with proper moralss of marketing authorities policies of cultural and spiritual positions.

Economic factors in Master Robert Hotel:

Organizations capital fund and guest outgo power can be affected by it.

There are few political factors like economical growing, involvement rate alterations, changeless exchange rate fluctuation and rising prices in altering demands. Economic factors depend on the long footings and short footings of a trade economic system. These factors largely target the economic system of international market with the rising prices on employment degree.

It besides calculates the gross domestic merchandise in footings of long term economic factor.

Social Factors in Master Robert Hotel:

Different facets of civilization can be seen in it, market size and demands of invitee can be affected by it. This largely includes growing in population, people wellness concerns, age differences and distribution, increased safety and security attending and development in calling and its altering attitude.

Sociological factors would differ from state to state. They normally deal with the faith and cultural influence of the state. It would include the gender, festivals civilization faith and the different ways of life adopted by people all over the state. Social factor besides considers how environmentally the state population is concerned about.

Technological Factors in Master Robert Hotel:

It largely affect on degree of production, which increases outsource. There are few factors of it like activities done in research and development, freshly introduced merchandises and engineering in to the market and information which should be communicated freshly. Technological factor has immense effects on the selling environment. It shows that how engineering gives boost to the client quality service and how it has affected the consumer and the concern.

The recent betterments in engineering have helped rush up the work process in today ‘s universe. This in bend has dampened the demand and supply for labor.

S W O T Analysis in Master Robert Hotel:

Information provided by it can be used to compare capablenesss and resources of the company with the other competitory market. Following is a diagram of SWOT:

SWOT Analysis Framework

Environmental Scan


Internal Analysis External Analysis

/ /

Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats


SWOT Matrix( )It is one of sort planning tool which helps to concern by happening the involved strengths, failing, menaces and chances. It helps to accomplish organisational aim by placing internal and external factors.

( )It is classified into four, strength, failing, chances and menaces.

Strengths of Master Robert Hotel:

There are few strength like trade name name in international market, occupation satisfaction of employees, provided staff inducements and publicities, acquiring repetition concern and most importantly satisfaction of invitee. The adept staffs of the administration prove to be the biggest strength of the administration. If the administration offers the staff with adequate fillip and inducements which would do the staff happy it would in bend satisfy the clients therefore increasing the gross revenues and net income of the administration. It is been seen that the employees working in the maestro Robert hotel are being kept happy by the direction of the hotel and are turn outing to be assets to the administration

Weakness of Master Robert Hotel:

There are few failings like major turnover of labor, restrictions in the budget and neglecting to convey new engineering and systems. It would non be possible to develop each and every employee of the administration to the fullest as the cost of developing them would be truly really expensive. The recognition crunch has forced the employees to go forth their current occupations to acquire a better wage in the other administrations.

Opportunity in Master Robert Hotel:

There are few chances like developing new merchandises and services, belongings enlargement consequently demands in market, growing in calling of staff and their publicity. Opportunities can include the recent technological developments which have increased the velocity and the quality of work turn outing to be profitable to the administration. It would besides include the omission of an bing rival from the market topographic point.

Menaces to Master Robert Hotel:

There are few menaces like competition between same sector rival, governmental alterations in programs and policies, concern goes down to seasonal and economical ruin. Customers believe in assortment and this can turn out to be a immense menace to the administration as they would get down utilizing another merchandise which would hold late arrived in the market.

Introduction of new ordinance can besides turn out to be a menace to the administration. New rivals in the market are besides a major menace. ( www.quickmba.

com )

Labour turnover in Master Robert Hotel:

It shows in and out of the staff within the organisation. There are many grounds why staff leaves the organisation. Labour turnover is majorly affected by enlargements of the industry. There are more grounds for staff to go forth organisation like assorted chances and opportunity of calling growing.

Labour turnover = No of employees left in that period X 100

Average figure employed in the same period

( )

Sometimes it is good for the organisation if there is labour turnover in bound because it gives new and fresh endowment and accomplishments to the company. But if labour turnover happens excessively much so it may do job to the organisational effectual work force and it may increase in staffing and preparation costs.

( )

Bettering staffing utilizing different work agreements in Master Robert Hotel:

Decidedly the staffing can be improved if there are different work agreements are made. It means staffing should be done in proper manners so that it can non be wasted. A director has to understand the busy clip of concern in a twenty-four hours and should apportion displacements and responsibilities to the staff consequently. This will assist organisation to utilize of its staff to the full without compromising in busy times in productiveness.

There are some different work displacements follows in the organisation like, insouciant contract, rotary motion occupations, zero hr contract and occupation sharing.


Hotels normally cater to marrying parties and responses where the staff available would non be sufficient hence they hire casuals merely during that period which is called as insouciant contract.


The employees would be given internal transportations within the administration which would assist them to larn a assortment of occupations which would assist them acquire publicities at a faster rate.


In this type of contract there would be no bound to the figure of hours an employee would be working on a peculiar twenty-four hours.

In this type an employee would non be committed to the company and can go forth the occupation if he feels he does non suit into the occupation or travel on a leave anytime he wishes to. They are non the lasting staff of the administration and would be called by the administration as and when required.

JOB Sharing:

Job sharing refers to the employees who are normally sent to the other concatenation belongingss to cover up for the staff deficit in that peculiar administration.


Due to the recession and recognition crunch the Master Robert Hotel has non been enrolling employees and has frozen the enlisting procedure.

They should concentrate more on portion clip workers than full clip workers. As the concerns have been affected by the recognition crunch they should non take for full clip workers as it proves more dearly-won to them. They should concentrate more on portion clip workers and should name them merely when required. The right individual should be selected for the right occupation as the labor market in today ‘s universe is more elastic therefore non turn outing to be a immense cost to the administration.

The responsibility Rota should be done on regular footing and followed purely to avoid unneeded use of labor.