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Manual vacuity aspiration: A safe and cost effectual option of crisp uterine curettement in the direction of first spare gestation loss.Complication of abortion and insecure abortion are major public wellness job that threaten the lives of adult females around the universe peculiarly in developing countries1,2. Globally, about 52 million abortions are carried out each old ages, universe wellness organisation estimated that more than 19 1000000s of these abortions are insecure, between one and five of every adult females of these got terrible complications and 68,000 of these adult females die each year3. About 200 adult females die each twenty-four hours from insecure abortion4.

Around 13 % of maternal decease globally is due to abortions, 95 % of their occur in developing countries.2,5,6,7. In Pakistan about 890,000 adult females present with abortion yearly, age 15-49 years8, approximately 197,000 adult females treated each old ages for complications ensuing from insecure abortion9. Deaths are easy preventable by safe, cost effectual method of abortion4.

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Currently available methods include manual vacuity aspiration, crisp uterine curettement, medical emptying and anticipant management5.Use of crisp uterine curettement is discouraged by WHO10,11. Many surveies demonstrated that manual vacuity aspiration is safer, cost effectual than crisp curettement for patient and wellness attention system12,13,14,15. Manual vacuity aspiration is utile in low resource setting5,11,16.Can be efficaciously usage by mid degree wellness service supplier such as mid wives17,18. Have lower cost per process of manual vacuity aspiration12,13,19,20,21,22. Associated with less uncomfortableness, so acceptable for patients5,22.

Easily Perform process, can be done without hold so reduced waiting clip, associated with less hurting, required local anaesthesia instead than general anaesthesia so no demand of operating theatre scene and lessening hazard sing general Anesthesia, shorter process clip and infirmary stay, enable adult females to return place on same day5,11,13,20,23,24,25. Blood loss is statistically found lower with manual vacuity aspiration12,26,27, had fewer transfusion rate than crisp curettement ( 17 % vs. 35 % ) 26.

Equipment is portable, less expensive, and reclaimable after appropriate processing26,28. Manual vacuity aspiration has decrease incidence of complication like blood loss, perforation, cervical laceration and retain merchandises of conception23,29.So manual vacuity aspiration is attractive option of conventional surgical curettement as rate of major complication is two to three times high with crisp curettage10. We will hold the best opportunity to minimise abortion related morbidity and mortality by utilizing manual vacuity aspiration22,30. High efficaciousness of manual vacuity aspiration with success rate between 95-100 % has been reported31,32.Although the technique of manual vacuity aspiration has been used widely in Asian and European states, its usage in Pakistan despite being a low resource state is low, No local information is available to turn out its feasibleness, safety and efficaciousness over crisp uterine curettement in our apparatus.

Hence we will carry on this survey with the purpose of comparing the safety and efficaciousness of manual vacuity aspiration over crisp curettement in first trimester abortion that will take down the rate of maternal mortality and morbidity in term of complication of first trimester abortion.


To compare the efficaciousness. Safety and cost effectivity of manual vacuity aspiration with crisp uterine curettement in the direction of first spare gestation loss.



Manual vacuity aspiration has been used since 1973 for intervention of elected abortion every bit good as self-generated abortions 21, 33. It is 60ml manus held syringe with Flexible cannula to draw out the merchandise of construct from uterus, therefore offering a gentle, safe and effectual engineering, ideal for usage low resource setting11,26,34,35.


Dilatation and curettement is referred to a process affecting a curette and besides called crisp curettement ; it is a curative gynaecological procedure36.

uses a crisp instrument to take tissue from inside the womb. It is seldom performed type of surgical abortion done on first 12 hebdomad ( first trimester ) of pregnancy37, 38.


The first trimester of gestation is the first 12 hebdomads after the first twenty-four hours of last catamenial period.


Manual vacuity aspiration is safe, cost effectual method of abortion in comparing of crisp uterine curettement.


STUDY DESIGN: The present survey will be a randomize control clinical test.Setting: The survey will be conducted in OBs and Gynae unit III at Abbasi shaheed infirmary, third attention learning infirmary in Karachi.DURATION OF STUDY: The continuance of 6 months saying from blessing of outline.

SAMPLE SIZE: Entire 100 patients, 50 in each group.Sampling Technique: Probability, random sampling.



Womans of age between 15 – 49 old ages, Gestational age between 1 – 12 hebdomads, Haemoglobin level 10 g/dl or above with the diagnosing of an embryologic gestation, in complete abortion, missed abortion and infected induce abortion will enroll in this survey consequence qualifiers will be controlled through random allotment. Diagnosis will be made utilizing amalgam of history, physical scrutiny and ultrasonographic scanning.

Exclusion Standards:

Patient with uterine anomalousnesss, unnatural curdling profile, utmost anxiousness, know or expected ectopic gestation, allergic reaction to xylocain, pelvic infection, arterio venous deformity, usage of decoagulants, medically and haemodynamically unstable, will be excluded from survey.


Patients run intoing the inclusion standards will be selected from labour room.

Informed consent and elaborate history will be obtained, physical and pelvic information will be done. Everyday probe including hemoglobin, urinanalysis, blood group and Rh will be carried out. Patient will be indiscriminately allocated, randomisation will be done by opening sealed opaque envelops by staff nurse. Randomization will be unknown to the sawbones.

Abdominal hurting will be graded on a graduated table 0 – 3 ( 0=no hurting, 1=mild hurting, 2=moderated, 3=severe hurting ) . Preoperative vaginal hemorrhage will be recorded as graduated table 0 – 3 ( 0=No hemorrhage, 1=minimal staining, 2=bleeding like catamenial flow, 3=heavy hemorrhage with coagulums ) . Duration of process will be step from paracervical block until the terminal of curettement.

Intra operative blood loss will be step with graduated cylinder after screening off the merchandises of construct. Any cervical hurt or uterine perforation will be noted, continuance of infirmary stay recorded.

DATA Analysis:

Data will be analyzed on SPSS version 13. Descriptive statistics will be presented by frequence and per centum for qualitative variable like cervical and uterine hurts.Chi- square trial will be applied to compare the significance of proportion in these variables.

Quantitative variable like age, para, gravidness, gestation in hebdomads, hemoglobin, pre and intra operative vaginal hemorrhage mark, continuance of process, hurting mark, hospital stay of patient will be analyze by independent T – trial, average criterion divergence will be compared for these quantitative variables. P ? 0.05 will be considered important