Many of Today’s Driver’s Have Dangerous Driving HabitsBefore the car was invented, people used to get around by walking, using bicycles, or, if we really want to get back to the basics, used a horse drawn carriage. During this innocent era of travel, the air we breathed was not polluted and there was not much danger in the streets that is caused by speeding vehicles or drivers who are multi-tasking at the wheel. These days, we see cars that are so sophisticated that it can practically drive itself. The problem is that all this sophistication is lost on the driver who is not fully concentrated on driving and is therefore an accident waiting to happen.One of the reasons that driver’s today have bad driving habits is because advances in technology have turned us into automatons who cannot seem to turn of one activity in order to concentrate on another. For example, it is not an uncommon sight these days to see a driver with the cellular phone or PDA in one hand and the steering wheel in another. This kind of driver divides his attention between concentrating on the road hazards that exist and doing his work at the same time. Hence the many collision accidents on our highways these days.

We can also look at the video games as a source of the bad driving habits that most people, most specially the teenagers display while actually driving on a real road and in a real car. It seems to me that they cannot tell the difference between a videogame, where a car crashing simple means game over, and driving a car, where the end of a car crash is either death or disability for the driver. Unless one is driving amongst properly trained race car drivers on a race track of the Indy 500, speed and dangerous over taking maneuvers is not the name of the game.Basically, the reason people today have bad driving habits is because it is encouraged by technology that allows us to set a destination in the on board car computer and just follow the arrow to the final destination.

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We can also blame the existence of cellular phones which constantly keep us in communication with people who seem to always have “urgent” needs that cannot wait and therefore forces the driver to do three things all at once while behind the wheel of a fast moving car. Or, those video games that make driving seem like a cinch without presenting the proper repercussions for the bad driving habits that such games seem to openly encourage.Outline:I.

An introduction as to why people have developed bad driving habits.II. Examples of bad driving habits that is most often displayed by people on the road that is caused by technological advancements.

III. The influence of driving video games on the actual driving habits of a person.IV. The conclusion that technology and video games are most often the reason for the bad driving habits of people and the reasons why this is so.