Marcel Duchamp Essay, Research PaperMarcel Ducamp and the Red Nude The piece that I chose as my topic for this essay is titled Red Nude. This picture was done in oil on canvas. The name of the creative person who painted this piece is Marcel Duchamp. In the following few paragraphs I will be making the followers: giving a description of the picture and making an aesthetic analysis which includes reading and evaluation.This picture which was done by Marcel Duchamp is precisely what it states in the rubric.

It is a ruddy nude. This is a picture of a adult female done in reds ; she is sitting profile on what appears to be a tabular array. The adult female is tilting on one leg. The leg that she is tilting on is dead set up toward her thorax devising her tummy have many folds. The other leg is tucked under so you can see the underside of one pes. There is a picture of some kind in the background. There is a dorsum of a chair lodging up behind the tabular array.

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This picture is done in reds ; the tabletop she is seated on is done in green and bluish. The dorsum of the chair that is situated behind the figure is burned sienna. The picture on the wall behind the figure is framed in burned sienna. The wall behind her expressions like xanthous oaker. Every thing except for the bare s hair is outlined in a blue-black. The elements and rules that I feel are of import to discourse refering this piece are colour, infinite, texture, line, focal point, motion, and low-level country. I will get down by discoursing colour because ; I feel that it sets the temper for this piece. This picture has tonss of warm colourss such as assorted shades of ruddy.

The figure is chiefly done in all reds with the exclusion of the bluish black lineation around the figure. The musculus and fat are done in reds. The reds make me experience warm because they are warm colourss. It makes me experience like this adult female is hot.

Her cheek is really ruddy, about a bright ruddy, this makes me experience as if she has a febrility or is over warming because frequently when people get hot there cheeks will turn ruddy. The warm colourss and the dark out line make her expression heavy like she is exhausted. The leafy vegetables and blues seem fuzzy because of the application of pigment. The chair behind the tabular array is done in burnt sienna which adds heat to the piece it besides makes the chair expression like it wants to come frontward but the tabular array in forepart of it doesn t allow it. The elation of the image on the wall behind the figure is about the same pinkish reds as the lightest value of the tegument of the bare but alternatively of coming frontward it looks like it is sitting comfy in the dorsum.

The reds and the leafy vegetables are complementary and that gives the piece a nice contrast. Without the green I think I would experience uncomfortable hot looking at this piece. The green and the bluish cool the painting down merely plenty to non experience like you re traveling to be ill looking at it. I think it works rather nicely. The infinite in this piece seems really confined ; there isn T much room in the picture.

It seems about like everything is seeking to shut in on the nude. The darkness of the tabular array adds some infinite but non plenty for comfort. I feel like the wall and the chair are seeking so urgently to come frontward. There is no deep infinite in this piece it seems really limited because all of the colourss are so near in value.

The figure comes out at you but it seems like the wall is following right behind her.The texture of the picture is tactile it is the application of pigment. The coppice shots are really outstanding. The coppice shot on the tabular array seems to hold more texture than it really does. The green and bluish coppice shots seem to be resiling around all over the tabular array it gave me a fuzzed feeling.

The pigment is thick but the colourss jump out at you in such a manner that you feel it is giving you more texture than there really is. The figure is the least haptic portion of the piece ; it is soft compared to every thing else in the piece. The wall, the image on the wall and the dorsum of the chair are all really haptic. They all have a really broken coppice shot. They all look really thick and clumpy. The usage of line in this piece is merely the outlining of the figures. The usage of line helps separate where one thing ends and the other Begins. The line besides gives a level feeling when you look straight at it but when you move your oculus further in toward the nude she begins to go three dimensional.

It gives me an uneven feeling like it should be level but it isn t. The darkness of the outline makes everything experience heavy, like there is tonss of emphasis or weight nowadays. The focal point of this piece is the nude.

She stands out because she is done in reds and the come out instead than traveling back. To be exact the focal point is the lady s thigh because it sticks out the most.The motion of this piece begins with the lady s thigh. My eyes follow her leg down to her pes so back up the other leg to her trunk. My oculus so follows up her arm. Then I noticed the low-level country. I noticed the tabular array she is sitting on so, my eyes followed up to the dorsum of the chair so to the wall behind her and so up to the image in the top left manus corner of the picture.

The image was the last thing I noticed. I feel this picture flows really nicely. All of the colourss flow together and do the piece really nice to look at.The low-level country is of import. It is so little and squished compared to the figure.

This gives me an uneasy feeling that adds to the temper of the piece. The low-level country adds to the temper of the picture in the sense that the lady is warm and she is being squished by everything around her. Like everything in her life is shuting in on her. The low-level country is really level but the colourss don T go back far plenty to give the bare room to breathe.The ruddy nude was a really interesting piece. Overall I think this is a really hot, squished piece.

The lady seems stuck or really hot and everything is shuting in on her! Leann J Mudry