Marijuana Legalization Essay, Research PaperMarijuana Debate Brief1. IntroductionHow many people in this room have a hot cup of java in the forenoon or smoke a coffin nail on interruption? How would you experience if one twenty-four hours the authorities decided to take away your right to imbibe that cup of java or fume that coffin nail because they were considered to be excessively harmful? There have been many surveies turn outing the medicative benefits of marihuana, but there are besides many societal and recreational benefits that are non as to a great extent documented. We believe there are many important grounds for legalising marihuana. We know that smoking marihuana has minimum wellness effects, particularly compared to bing legal substances, such as intoxicant and baccy. We besides believe that prohibition is an uneffective scheme and, if anything, is merely a waste of taxpayers & # 8217 ; money.

Keeping marihuana against the jurisprudence is taking off our freedom of pick. In fact, the 4th Amendment gives us the right to smoke in the privateness of our ain places, every bit long as no 1 is harmed and there is no leery behaviour to give ground to believe illegal activities are happening.2. Three Touchstone Points with Evidence:a. Smoking Marijuana has minimal unhealthy side effectsAlcohol is a physically habit-forming sedative.

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It is the oldest most widely used and abused drug. Consumption under the age of 21 is illegal in most provinces, but minor usage is widespread, driving under influence and public inebriation are offenses. Excessive imbibing impairs senses, address, physiological reactions and coordination. Problem imbibing or dependence intensifies emotional jobs and causes liver and cardiovascular diseases. Some pharmaceutical interventions, but self-help therapy plans such as Alcoholics Anonymous more common. Alcoholics who do non seek intervention and fail to pattern lifetime abstention normally relapse into habit-forming usage.The National Institute of Drug Abuse booklet For Parents Merely: What you Need to Know About Marijuana provinces, Marijuana does non straight cause mental jobs. But like many other drugs, it appears to convey to the surface emotional jobs and can even trip more terrible upsets.

No grounds exists that anyone has of all time died of a marihuana overdose.Marijuana jurisprudence enforcement is more of a menace to the wellness of marihuana users than the herb itself. In 1994, at least 25 marijuana users were killed by constabulary officers or died while in their detention as the direct consequence of the enforcement of marihuana Torahs.Marijuana s merely clear wellness hazard is respiratory harm signifier smoke, and this hazard is confined to long-run, heavy marihuana tobacco users. Claims of other biological injuries like encephalon harm, sterility and immune system damage are based on animate being and cellular surveies utilizing doses of marihuana up to 1,000 times the psychotropic dosage in worlds.

B. Prohibition of marihuana has non been successfulSince marihuana prohibition started in 1937 the estimated figure of marihuana users has skyrocketed from 55,000 in 1937 to 45-65 million.Marijuana enforcement histories for more than 10 % of the entire constabulary resources nationally.Many officers recognize that marihuana is a benign attractive force and that enforcement generates ill will from otherwise observant users.Excessively much money is spent each twelvemonth on imprisoning non-violent and otherwise observant citizens.

Each twelvemonth the DEA spends $ 1.3 billion a twelvemonth contending marihuana.Overall, federal anti-marijuana attempts have cost taxpayers $ 30 billion, which has resulted in $ 2 billion worth of hemp being seized and destroyed, 4 million people being arrested, and 250 1000 persons being jailed for more than one twelvemonth, but at that place has been no basic alteration in use forms.Former San Jose, California, constabulary head Joseph McNamara compares engaging war on the drugs supply to throwing sand against the tide. A turning figure of his equals agree.

Some 60 per centum of constabulary heads polled in a March 1996 countrywide study believe that current antidrug attempts have been uneffective. Said retired main detective Ralph Salerno after 42 old ages in jurisprudence enforcement, constabulary officers and all other Americans are being lied to by political leaders. As person who has been on the front lines of the war on drugs, I know it will ne’er work.c. Smoking marihuana is non a offense.

Recent medical research has suggested that familial markers and differences in the chemical make-up of some people s encephalons lead them to dependence on mood-altering substances, whether intoxicant or drugs.For the huge bulk of people who use pot, the usage of a restricted substance is the merely witting illegal act they commit.Marijuana is non every bit enfeebling as intoxicant or many prescription medicines.Most members ofsociety who smoke marihuanas are productive members of society, the imprisonment of these members leads to breakdown of households.3.

5 Other Main points with Evidence:a. Marijuana is socially accepted in the United States.There has been an increasing sum of available media that glorifies the usage of marihuana.

For illustration films: One-half Baked, Dazed and Confused, Homegrown.For illustration music: I wan na acquire high by Cypress hill. etc & # 8230 ; .B. Legalization of marihuana could cut down the figure of difficult drug users.Harmonizing to the book Smoke and Mirrors the legalisation of marihuana would cut down the figure of difficult drug users from 11 to 2 million.

c. Taxpayer s money is being wasted in the war against marihuanaThe criminalisation of marihuana has cheapened the justness system and crowded the prisons.d. Marijuana has ne’er been the cause of any deceases in AmericaTobacco has caused over 395,000 deceases in the U.S. ; Alcohol has been straight responsible for 23,000 deceases and has caused an surplus of 22,400 deceases on the main road yet marijuana is still illegal.e. Smoking marihuana helps many people cope with wellness jobsCannabis can be used as an appetency stimulation to assist decelerate weigh loss in malignant neoplastic disease and AIDS patients.

4. 3 Torpedo Questions1. Aside from the partial legalisation of Marijuana in Amsterdam, Germany has ordered jurisprudence enforcement officers to halt arresting citizens found with little sums of Marijuana, Italians have voted for drug usage depenalization, and in Spain, marihuana is non punishable. If legalisation is so bad, why are so many states following more tolerant drug policies?2. Why must all of this money be wasted on a war on drugs that can ne’er be won? Wouldn T this money be more utile by learning childs drug bar?3.

Peoples have died from smoking baccy and imbibing intoxicant, How can a substance that has ne’er been documented as killing anybody stay illegal?5. 3 Counterpoints with Evidencea. Using marihuana is harmful to your wellnessBabies born to adult females who have smoked marihuanas during gestation have an increased incidence of leukaemia, low birth weigh and other newborn abnormalcies.Smoking marihuana can do respiratory disease and mental upsets including depression, paranoia, and impaired memory.Today s marihuana is much more powerful and hence much more harmful to the growing and development of adolescents.Marijuana is habit-forming, taking to utilize of other drugs such as cocaine and diacetylmorphine, and is a major cause of accidents and hurts.After utilizing marijuana most people show psychomotor damage.

B. Marijuana is a Gateway DrugUsing marihuana additions your hazard to going addicted to harder drugs such as cocaine and heroine.The hazard of utilizing cocaine is 104 times greater for those who have tried marihuanas than for those who have ne’er tried it.Because it is the most widely used illicit drug, marihuana is predictably the first illicit drug most people encounter.Peoples who enjoy the effects of marihuana are, logically, more likely to be willing to seek other mood-altering drugs than are people who are non willing to seek marihuanas or who dislike its effects.Daily marihuana users are more likely than their equals to be extended users of other substances are.c.

Marijuana usage is related to offenseBetween 70 % and 90 % of all offense is drug related.Because marihuana is an illegal substance anything you do that is related to marijuana is considered a offense.The black market of marijuana leads to gang association and force to protect the illegal substance.6. Shutting RemarksI hope this argument has made you all realize that although marihuana is a mildly intoxicant drug, it is more comparable to the legal drugs of baccy and intoxicant instead than difficult drugs such as cocaine and heroine.

If marihuana has been proven to be less harmful than intoxicant and baccy, than why doesn T the jurisprudence acknowledge these facts. Since initial prohibition of Marijuana in 1937 much more research has been done, but the Torahs have reasonably much remained the same. We have discussed the minimum wellness hazards marijuana airss to its users, the failed drug war, and the neglect of personal pick guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights as defence to our proposal to the legalisation of marihuana.

Sing all the research done we decidedly need a new manner to handle marijuana users, since all other steps to halt the usage of this drug have failed, we need to follow new policies whether it be entire legalisation, or decriminalisation, something demands to alter.334