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Marijuana-The Perfect Plant? Essay, Research Paper

Marijuana-The Perfect Plant?

Prior to the 20th century, the marihuana works ( so more normally referred to as hemp ) was the individual most of import industrial works, or non-food bring forthing harvest in America and the universe ( Getpman 1990 ) . Archeologists report that marihuana was perchance the first works cultivated by worlds. They estimate that day of the month at about 8000 BC ( Columbia University ) . Equally early as 4000 BC, clayware with marijuana markers and hemp fabrics were found in North Central China. In those old ages, such things as vesture, rope, fishing nets, clayware, and oils were made from the marihuana works. The early Chinese besides knew about the medicative utilizations of marihuana. 2737 BC was the first recorded usage of marihuana for medical intents by the Chinese emperor Shen-nung. Besides, in 105AD, the universe? s foremost paper, made from hemp, was invented by a Chinese adult male, Ts? a Lon. The first ships to come across the Atlantic Ocean used a batch of stuffs made from marihuana.

To state that America was founded on marihuanas would non be at all untrue. Many historic people and points that, to us, typify freedom are, or were, closely related to marijuana. The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution were both written on hemp paper. Betsy Ross used hemp fabric to do the first American flag. Hemp canvas ( the word canvass comes from hemp, Latin for hemp ) covered the innovators? waggons as they headed West to settle America. Abraham Lincoln was said to hold used a hemp oil lamp to read and analyze by.

In the 1930? s, a corporation called Du Pont and a adult male named William Randolph Hearst were two major leaders in a pursuit to do marijuana illegal. They were both afraid that hemp would vie with certain paper and man-made merchandises of theirs. Since Hearst owned newspapers, he had a perfect chance to compose and print many false narratives about hemp and give it an evil face in the eyes of Americans. When Hearst acquired a patent for the sulphuric acerb paper-making procedure to be used with tree mush, and curiously plenty owned timber retentions in Oregon, he had two major grounds to contend for marijuana going illegal. He used his money and political influence to do a film entitled? Refer Madness? , which falsely exaggerated the negativeness of marihuana. In 1938 the US authorities made marijuana illegal. However, in 1942 the United States Department of Agriculture made it? s ain movie which they called? Hemp for Victory? . This film was made to reemphasize hemp? s utility and promote husbandmans to turn the works because of the demand for stuffs during the War. After the War, nevertheless, when hemp was once more able to be acquired from Asia, American production once more came to a arrest.

There have been many inquiries about medical jobs that marijuana has said to make. The most popular inquiry is if people have died from smoking marihuana. The reply to that inquiry is no. From research done by the US Government Bureau of Mortality Statistics in 1987 the following statistics on deceases attributed to substances in a twelvemonth were found:

? Tobacco? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ..340,000-395,000

? Alcohol ( excepting crime/accidents ) ? ? ? ? ? 125,000+

? Drug Overdose ( prescription ) ? ? ? ? ? .24,000-27,000

? Drug Overdose ( illegal ) ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ..3,800-5,200

? Marijuana? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? .0

The lone deceases from an overdose of marihuana recorded were mice. The ratio that physicians came up with for a deadly dosage of marihuana is 1 to 40,000. This means that in order for person to o.d. they would hold to devour 40,000 times every bit much marihuana as it would take them to acquire stoned or high. Queerly plenty, the ratio of intoxicant can change between 1 to 4 and 1 to 10. Looking at these statistics it is pretty easy to see how about 5,000 people die from intoxicant overdoses a twelvemonth. Many people besides believe that marihuana flattens people? s encephalon moving ridges. This is untrue. A few old ages ago the Partnership for a Drug-Free America ran a Television ad that showed a normal encephalon moving ridge, and so showed a level encephalon wave from a 14 your old purportedly on marihuana. Research workers so complained to the Television webs that the Partnership had faked the 2nd encephalon moving ridge and so had to draw it from the air. Actually, marijuana somewhat increases encephalon moving ridge activity that is largely associated with a individual? s creativeness. Peoples besides believe that marihuana is more unsafe than baccy. Marijuana contains the same sum of harmful carcinogens as an equal sum of baccy. But, people should besides retrieve that a baccy tobacco user smokes more and more frequently than a marijuana tobacco user. That? s because smoked baccy has a 90 % dependence rate. That makes it the most habit-forming of all drugs, marihuana on the other manus is less habit-forming than caffeine ( Hager ) . The lone harmful thing about marihuana is the possibility of bronchitis. The best manner to forestall this from go oning is the same manner you would from smoked baccy. Stop smoke. It has been a proved point that there are over a 1000 chemicals in marihuana fume. The August 31 issue of the magazine Science in 1990 noted that there are over 800 volatile chemicals present in roasted java, merely 21 have really been tested on animate beings and 16 of these caused malignant neoplastic disease ( Hager ) . Even with these surveies java is still legal, has no existent utilizations, and is considered reasonably safe. The populace has been lead to believe that marijuana makes people violent. This statement is untrue harmonizing to the Federal Bureau of narcotics manager Harry Anslinger. He told Congress that merely the antonym was true, that it leads to non-violence and pacificism. He besides said that re-legalizing marihuana could be considered as one manner to control force in

metropoliss ( Family Council on Drug Awareness ) . Re-legalizing could besides airt a batch of the money spent on the battle against drugs to more utile things like communities and kids.

Glaucoma is a disease of the oculus characterized by inordinate accretion of unstable causation increased optic force per unit area, distorted vision, and finally sightlessness. In December of 1975, a adult male diagnosed in the early phases of glaucoma was given big doses of marihuana. The consequence was that it reduced the inter-ocular force per unit area to a safe degree for the continuance of a complete trial twenty-four hours. The lone option to holding expensive surgery was to order him to smoke marijuana day-to-day.

Marijuana is said to be a? gateway? drug that leads to more harmful drugs. This is a immense and relentless myth. An existent existent universe illustration of this comes from Holland. In Holland marihuana was partly legalized in the seventiess. Since that clip the usage of more harmful drugs like heroine and cocaine has dropped. I have non heard of any illustrations of the opposite, so people truly can? t usage this as a believable statement.

Marijuana could be a major part to husbandmans. Farmers could profit from marihuana greatly if they were allowed to turn it. The authorities is blind adequate to pay husbandmans around $ 26 billion a twelvemonth non to turn a harvest that would replace something that we import for the monetary value of around $ 100 billion a twelvemonth. I personally could make the math there and see what is being done incorrectly. To believe of all the farms that could hold been saved in the 1980s if they would hold been allowed to turn marihuana. We would besides be making a batch to assist fuss Earth if more were grown. For one thing, and likely the most of import, it does non necessitate a batch of heavy pesticides and fertilisers, compared to cotton. Cotton, which merely yields 1/3 every bit much as marihuana, is the most chemical utilizing harvest in production. This would take a batch of the maltreatment off the land. Another factor is that the roots of the works are much longer than other harvests? ( about 10 to 12 inches long, compared to a 1 inch long root of rye and barley ) . This allows the root system to convey valuable foods towards the surface from deeper dirt beds for the usage by the following harvest, every bit good as interruption up the dirt more expeditiously. Harmonizing to Popular Mechanics, two harvests of marihuana will repossess land from thistles. All the husbandman has to make is reap the chaffs before they go to seed. Making this, one acre can give 3 to 6 dozenss of hemp ( The Free Press ) . Besides the foods in a marihuana works tend to migrate to the foliages and flowers. The good thing about this is when the works is grown for the chaff, the foliages are left on the dirt when harvested and are so able to return those foods back to the land. This brand fertilisers for rotary motion intents unneeded. Marijuana can out-yield trees 3 to 1. Long ago the US Department of Agriculture found that one acre of hemp could supply the same measure of mush as four estates of trees. Pulp is what is used to do paper. Marijuana could take a great trade of the load off our woods go forthing more lumber for things like building and a safety for the wildlife. Hemp is besides said to be able to absorb four times the sum of C dioxide than trees can per acre.

The seeds from the marihuana works can besides be really utile. The oil from the seeds can be used for soaps, ointments, and even lip balms. They contain the most fatty acids of all seed oils. Most of the moisturizing merchandises on the market today are made from saturated oils, which are non absorbed by the tegument and merely surface the tegument and stop wet loss. Fatty acids are absorbed by the tegument and that replenishes wet, vitamins, and minerals. Hemp seeds are about 20-25 % protein and incorporate eight amino acids, soya beans have merely four. The seeds can besides be used for nutrient merchandises such as non-dairy milk, cheese, ice pick, flour, porridge, and protein Burgers.

In my eyes marihuana is aching America more being illegal than it would if it were legal. There are so many positive utilizations for it. Every 90 yearss one acre can bring forth 3-4 dozenss every 90 yearss. Because it is so bulking mills would hold to be set up near the topographic points that it is grown. This could make a really big sum of occupations. The foam-like chaff can besides be used as an dielectric like biodegradable fast nutrient containers. That entirely could take away a batch of the harm done to the Earth. New thoughts and equipment are doing it possible to bring forth strong building stuffs besides. Marijuana was ne’er feared until it threatened large corporations. Arizona and California to legalise marihuana for medical intents. I believe that is a reasonably good start. The battle to legalise it now will convey out even more resistance from companies who? s concern will be effected. The route to legalise marihuana is traveling to be a long and difficult one.


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