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Marilyn Manson Vs. The Pope Essay, Research Paper

Marilyn Manson vs. Pope John Paul II

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Would you instead live a life full of sex, holding every sort of sex conceivable, in every alien place, with anyone you wanted, or populate a life of celibacy? Well, if you? re like most people, the first pick sounds a batch more alluring. Marilyn Manson and Pope John Paul II have each chosen one of these life styles, and both are influential members of our society. Although they are both good known, they are really different people. From the personal life to the phase, Marilyn Manson, in general, is a better individual than the Pope.

Marilyn Manson is a longhaired, black lip rouge erosion, tattooed stone star that had his three lower ribs removed so he could execute unwritten sex on himself. Equally far as faith, he thinks that people should be allowed to find for themselves what is right and what is incorrect. Diabolism has made a great impact in his life. He might seek his God by praying or by smoking a fat articulation. He doesn? t concur with the belief that people should set bounds on their lives, and admires Satanism for portraying that quality. Through Satanism, Manson is able to bask anything, from projecting enchantments on his worst enemy, to holding unbelievable sex binges. His virtuousnesss are whatever he chooses for them to be at any given clip. His behaviours may peregrinate from throwing kitties into the mosh-pit at a concert, to being a composure and collected invitee on the Late Show with David Letterman.

Pope John Paul II adheres to traditional Roman Catholicism. He regulations as the leader of the Catholic Church. He believes in taking a narrow and limited life harmonizing to the official Catholic reading of the Bible and God? s will. He opposes all signifiers of birth control, therefore taking members of the church to unbidden gestations. His jurisprudence prohibits Curates from being married, while at the same clip reprobating sex outside of a married relationship. This places the curates in a really awkward place sexually. Often many turn to homosexualism. However, the Pope does non excuse this either. In fact, during a recent visit to San Francisco, the Pope announced to the metropolis that same-sex relationships are incorrect. The Pope expects everyone to populate by margins that are irresponsible, and do non work together. Alternatively, they cross blades with each other. This is the opposite attitude of Manson who has no bounds, and supports personal freedom and pick, particularly if you choose to purchase his albums.

Marilyn Manson is the lead vocalist of Omega and the Mechanical Animals. The set, like Manson, lives by their ain morality. Peoples look to Marilyn Manson for one thing, and one thing merely, musical public presentation. He loves to set on a show for his followings. He even went every bit far as presenting a battle between fellow set members on phase during a recent concert in Australia. Marilyn Manson? s beha

viors may or may non act upon others. He is non a spiritual leader. In fact, Manson views himself as nil more than a normal individual. He doesn? t believe himself to be better than anyone else. To him, what the audience does is their concern. The audience is the most of import thing to him, and he wants them to hold the best clip possible. He works to delight others, and so earns his life.

The Pope on the other manus efforts to command his followings. Bing in front of the Catholic Church, he is a profound spiritual leader. Those values and guidelines, which the Pope sets away, are certain to act upon church members. Anything that is misinterpreted by the Pope is similarly misinterpreted by the church. The Pope believes himself to be & # 8220 ; following to God & # 8221 ; , and even reprobate the behaviours of those who sin. This places him above others both morally and spiritually, but as I recall, all have sinned and fallen short of the glorification of God. If no adult male is perfect, how can one set himself following to the one whose glorification they have fallen short of?

Marilyn Mason has many gifts and endowments. Musically, Marilyn Manson is astonishing. His unique, creepy turn on the Eurhythmic? s Sweet Dreams caught the music universe by surprise. His raving jokes about society in The Beautiful Peoples are energetic and aid to relieve choler. His unworried personality is blatantly portrayed in Don? T Like the Drugs, But the Drugs Like Me. His guitar playing is genius, and his wordss are heartfelt. Manson earns his celebrity and luck through difficult work.

Millions love the Pope. He travels from state to state blessing others. People bow down to snog his ring when he holds out his custodies. They look to him for counsel and way. Members of the church provide everything the Pope demands for him. Rather than working for a life, he lives off of those that do. Abundant offerings of gold and Ag are prepared for the Pope by church members, leting him to populate a munificent life style, non dreamed of by most people. Peoples pay 1000s of dollars to purchase things that he has blessed, and yet he is the 1 who is blessed with their offerings.

Both Marilyn Manson and the Pope are good know and well-thought-of persons. From an orgy throwing stone star, to a sexless spiritual leader, both have the potency for great influence in our society. I have shown Manson? s unworried attitude, and the Pope? s unreasonable bounds. In add-on, I have shown Manson? s humbleness as opposed to the Pope? s haughtiness. Finally, I have shown how Manson supports himself, and how the Pope is supported by others. Possibly people should look beyond the ballyhoo and semblance. What is on the surface is non needfully what is on the interior. I have shown the similarities and the profound differences between these two persons, and through this have so shown that Marilyn Manson, in general, is a better individual than the Pope John Paul II.